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Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2001 at 11:22pm CST by 904b0049

Company: Suncoast Motion Picture Co.


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The Suncoast Motion Picture Co. is a retail video outlet. The location I went to was in Fayette Mall on Nicholasville Road in Lexington Kentucky. As a longtime fan of Martial Arts movies, I was very pleased to see that Suncoast's Martial Arts section included a film I had been looking for for years ... a spectacular extravaganza called "The 36th Chamber." This film is set in Dynastic China about the time of the Manchus' rise to power and features Gordon Liu as a young novice who joins a Shaolin Temple to learn fighting skills that will enable him to resist the Manchu warlords who are terrorizing the common folk of the area. The film is well plotted and contains many exceptional combat and training sequences. The 36th Chamber concludes with a spectacular 3-sectioned staff fight. The price was $9.99 plus tax ... very reasonable. The box that the video cassette came in included four pictures of Gordon Liu on the front ... and four pictures of combat scenes from the movie as I remembered them on the back, including one of the 3-sectioned staff fight. The title on the box was "Enter the 36th Chamber of Shaolin" When I got the movie home to watch, however, I found that what was on the tape was not the movie depicted on the box.

This seemed to be a loose collection of outtakes and comedy relief secquences from one or more martial arts movies all spiced together into a confusion of pointlessness that lasts 90 minutes or so. Most of the sequences made little if any sense, involving characters we are never introduced to. There was one fairly entertaining combat sequence in the whole thing, between two guys we don't know and never see again. Gordon Liu does appear in three or four scenes ... he even has lines in one of them ... maybe two. This certainly does not justify his being regarded as "the star" or this sham, and certainly does not warrant his being broadly shown on the box. In short ... while the packaging clearly intended to suggest that I was buying a cult classic ... I was actually buying scraps from the cutting room floor strung together and falsely labeled. When I took this back to the SunCoast outlet, I explained this to the staff ... that I had been taken in by what was clearly false advertising by whomever was distributing this junk as if it were really the 36th Chamber. I fully expected, under the egregious circumstances, that I would receive an apology and my choice of refund or exchange for something else. Instead I was told that they couldn't give me a refund ... but they could let me exchange it for another copy of the same thing I was bringing back to complain about, as if another copy of this obvious case of false advertising would be more agreeable than the one I had already bought. I tried to reason with the fellow at the counter, but he ultimately assured me that unless I wanted another copy of the same thing ... I was stuck with this 90 minutes of crap deliberately packaged to look like a cult classic. I've noticed that they have five more copies of this scam on the shelves waiting to steal another 9.99 plus tax from another unsuspecting Martial Arts movie fan.


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