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Posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2001 at 12:00am CST by 15351289

Product: Facial exercise Treatment

Company: Dermal Tone

Category: Health, Beauty

The Dermal Tone Facial Exercise Treatment does not work!! It is distributed by Dermal Tone 6255 Mcleod Dr. Unit #9 Las Vegas, NV 89120.

It is advertised on TV and does not work even after following directions. The company will not return my money because I am over the 60 day period. However, this is false advertising and AND THE ITEM COSTS 179.00.

Please alert other potential buyers that this is a scam!

Thank You.


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1c7b2329, 2007-10-22, 11:52PM CDT

I beg to differ with you regarding the Dermal Tone Facial exercise treatment. I have used this machine on and off for the past few years. Whenever I am consistent in using it, I get amazing results. I can actually see a big difference when I am using it. I am trying to purchase another dermal-tone, but I cannot find their website anymore.

2421bc71, 2007-11-07, 08:07PM CST

I purchased a Dermal Tone more than 5 years ago, and it got misplaced in a move. I have now found it but I cannot find the instructions, and I want to be sure that I use it properly. I would appreciate if someone could direct me to a source for the instructions.

Thank you. ST.

764cdbc7, 2007-12-25, 01:03AM CST

I would like to say that the Dermal Tone is dangerous. I used it several years ago for 3 months and had life-altering damage done to my face. It pulled and tugged my face when used as exactly directed and caused my facial tissues to redistribute and are also deteriorating. I have been living with nerve damage since then and constant pain in my face from the Dermal Tone. The company has NO clinical studies and NEVER offered any interest in the distruction and pain in my face. I know am under the constant care of a doctor because of the damage it has done to my skin...Do NOT use it please.

Anonymous, 2007-12-27, 01:27PM CST

The dermal tone if used properly will give you excellent results, it is non invasive and can tighten up your skin and tone your muscles. It is not an over night miricle but then it has taken years for yor muscles to get the way they are...but stay with it. I am 67 and I have been told I do not look a day over 50...I am looking forward to the new dermal tone's that will be on the market in aug.2008

52a08378, 2008-02-05, 10:19PM CST

I purchased Dermal-Tone years ago. I had my doubts. After using it I was thrilled. I am 68 now and I am sure Dermal Tone has helped me. I misplaced Dermal-Tone and had not thought about it, I had better things to do with my time.

Now I see a little sagging here and there. I did a search of places it may be. I found it in a bedside table drawer. I was so happy I desided to try it. Well it has been a long time and ofcourse I did not find the instructions. So I put a new battery in it and I got the first lotion I had handy( Nivia Body lotion) I used just any lotion when I used it before so here I am again the handiest works for me. I am so happy about finding this handy dandy Dermal-Tone. I am going to tell a couple of my girlfriends to take note of the appearance of my face & neck. Than I'll have them tell me if they notice the difference. I am sure they will be purchasing soon. I do believe I paid $49.00 or maybe $59.00 for it. Yes it has been a long time ago.It was one of those ads on TV that got my attention. I would like to get the instructions if someone could tell me where to get them. Happy Yvonne

e1155b64, 2008-02-28, 07:46PM CST

I have a Dermal-Toner Facial Exerciser, and even tho I have heard good & bad about it, I would like try it for myself, but I cannot find the instructions for it. Is there anyone out there that can help me?

I would really appreciate if someone could please mail or e-mail me a copy of these instructions. My name is Toni, and my e-mail is [email protected] Thanks in advance for your attention & help with this.

Hope to hear from someone soon!

39114851, 2008-03-10, 01:00PM CDT

I also can't find my instructions on the device,could you send me another

cf2b9221, 2008-06-09, 12:02AM CDT

I'm not sure what you meant by, "It does not work." It depends on what you were expecting. I had a sagging left eyelid. It runs in my family. I was considering eyelid surgery, but opted to try Dermal Tone. I have now used it every Saturday and Sunday for 7 years, and it has saved me from having to have cosmetic surgery on that eyelid. It has also tightened and brought up the lines around my mouth. I have used it since 2001, and have used the 1-year warranty service twice in that time to have two brand new ones sent to replace old ones. I think it is wonderful for what I was expecting, some muscle tightening. I am 55 years old.

26be6661, 2008-07-16, 12:50AM CDT

I have the instructions still. If anyone needs them please email me at [email protected]

73eea3d1, 2008-08-08, 02:15PM CDT

I had to say something about this,

I am a 50 year old male using this

device for 5 years, I have 3 machines,

I want to buy another, I use 2 at a time

one for each side of the face.

Got to say, never have I been more

satisfied with the results, I look about

35 now, and I will buy any machine I can

get my hands on just to have them in stock, as they are hard to find.

MH in Toronto

821ef249, 2008-09-15, 04:09PM CDT

I have used the DermalTone for at least 7 years and absolutely love it. Whenever I use it consistently, I get amazing results. I look 15 years younger than my current 61 years. It is so easy to use and it can be done while watching TV. It's well worth it!

fa344356, 2008-10-13, 03:43PM CDT

I have had a Dermal-tone for many years and have always gotten results when I used it consistently. It's a great product and my sisters are always commenting on how come I am not wrinkling like they are. I am almost 43 and have been told by most everyone I meet that I don't look over 30. That's all the proof I need!

e221bd7a, 2008-10-26, 05:56PM CDT

There is just no way that this could be true...Not if you are using it correctly. I bought one many years ago and believe me it does firm up facial muscles and prevent wrinkles. I am now 61 years old but look to be in my early 40's. They don't make these devices anymore. The company does make a new device that does the same thing, but my old one still works fine, and I haven't bought the new one with 2 prongs/balls on the ends. The only complaint that I have about mine is that the adaptor cord quit working a long time ago. I just keep a fresh battery in it. I lost the directions to it but still have the video to it. The principle is the same as if you were exercising any other part of your body...IF you work the muscles, then they are going to be firm. You 'can' get the same results with facial exercises which consist of contorting your face into all types of very funny looking positions and holding for several seconds, but this is so much easier!

Yes, according to my firm and wrinkle-free face, it DOES WORK!!

1e3bbd29, 2008-11-21, 03:17PM CST

Dermal tone is fantastic!!! I am 62 and look like I am in my 40's. My husband still is chasing me around the bedroom.I feel good about myself when I look into the mirror and knowing that I didnt have to have surgery at this age, is unbelieveable!I want to purchase another unit but can't seem to find one except on EBAY and I am sure that they are used.HELP!I would like to be a distribulator I totally beieve in this product!!!DERMA WAND is a rip off-does not work!!!!!!!!!FYI

147d1dd3, 2008-12-13, 01:31PM CST

Well, apparently you are NOT using it correctly! If you do it the prescribed instructions, eat a balanced diet, it does work. The Doctor that did the demonstration could not have faked that. When I am CONSISTENT with the product it WORKS! you mentioned you use it off and on - well dear - that's YOUR PROBLEM. It says to use it EVERYDAY!!! Take time in your schedule for yourself. It takes at least 20 minutes to do your face. Watch a timer for minimum 1 minute each exercise, and LOOK in a mirror. I am 48 years old and look 30 and I'm about 30 pounds over my desired weight; however, my face doesn't show that. Good luck! Oh and I bought 2 now, to have one as backup!

aa6c139f, 2009-01-13, 02:49PM CST

I have had great results from the Dermal Tone. My only problem is consistency, but when I do use it on a consistent basis, according to the instructions, I get lots of compliments, "you don't look that old"! And I'm still getting carded! I'm sorry you had bad results, but this product is easy to use and is effective. It doesn't reverse the damage of sun and deep wrinkles, but it does lift my sagging muscles around the jaw, mouth and eye region making me look less tired. And it improves the shape of my eyes and gives me back a little of the 'apple cheeks' I used to have.

bfc07e13, 2009-01-30, 01:21PM CST

I can only respond from my own experience, of course. I have no other interest in the Dermal Tone, beyond owning one.

That said, I do like my Dermal Tone. I have had no physical problems related to using it.

I believe it works exactly as promised. If mine broke, I would purchase another.

I am in my 60s, and have been told many times that I look like I'm in my 40s. I have to be a little careful because my husband sometimes feels bad if people think I am his daughter. I also am questioned about qualifying for a senior discount from time-to-time.

While I do not give all the credit to Dermal Tone, I do believe it helps in my quest to appear more youthful. I can see differences when I use it and when I do not. If nothing else, it makes me appear rested and alert. However it also lifts my brow line, helps lift sagging around my jaw and nose, and "opens" my eyes by lifting the skin between my brow and eyelid.

On the other hand, I have never smoked, have never taken drugs. Both of these factors seriously impact the appearance and aging of our skin. Smoking reduces important oxygen from our bodies that promotes cell health and regeneration. Especially now that I am older, I am eternally grateful for parents who did not smoke, making it easier for me to not begin. I believe this is one of the biggest factors when it comes to old-looking skin. I wonder if those who have been disappointed with the Dermal Tone might have this working against them. It might be something to consider.

Bottom line is I have not been disappointed and have no regrets for having purchased the product. Based on my own experience I am compelled to recommend it.

(It does seem terribly overpriced, though, considering how little there is to it.)

416d426f, 2009-02-03, 10:16PM CST

If you need the written instructions please email me at Jennifer at

My old email was Jennifer at but I recently had to change it.

9de52af8, 2009-02-15, 05:46AM CST

Having spent 20 years recovering from the effects of breaking every bone in my body, I know for sure that its absolutely insane to perform any routine of exercises ( using a device or otherwise ) if you're not 100% sure you know what you are doing.

If you dont know what you're doing, or if your physiotherapist is inexperienced then the results will be horrific( in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put in).

I have the written instructions. They are well written. However in view of the number and complexity of the small muscles in the face, and the functions they perform, I am not prepared to proceed without more precise guidance than can be conveyed simply by words and some fairly basic pictures.

My video instructions seem to have gone missing.

So I'll be trying to track down the video instructions from somewhere before I think about using the dermal tone.

9bb25cda, 2009-07-09, 03:29PM CDT

I have used this machine for several years. Unfortunately, it stopped working this morning and I have discovered it is no longer in business. I used to be able to send it in and get repairs done for a small fee. I credit this machine for keeping me looking young and helping with tense facial muscles and I am going to be very distraught if I lose this machine. As I face another birthday, I don't know if I can live without it.

1412f228, 2009-07-20, 04:41PM CDT

please help!

Dermal Tone is out of business

I lost instructions in the move

any way at all to get them somewhere?

thank you in advance


de9b5f77, 2009-08-22, 01:49AM CDT

Come on - don't believe a lot of these comments - they are obviously the same person pretending to be NEW posters - 67, 61 with the exact same grammatical/punctuation patterns - especially the "..." poster. Notice the "DIFFERENT" people the user is claiming to be - but it's strange that the style of ... with no trailing space before the next sentence!

I just wish that there were some honest people around - it must be a rep for the company who stands to make a buck!

PS. My wife has one and loves it! At least here is ONE positive post that you should know is real!

ce645c61, 2009-08-30, 07:17PM CDT

if any one does not want their dermal tone, then may i have your electrical cord to it!! mine only works by battery now. my cord no longer works.i am paralyzed on my face and it keeps my muscles toned there!!!

e289fb9f, 2009-12-20, 02:00AM CST

they don't make them, i did have one and it worked but quit before i did the right side of my face as good as i wanted, therefore the left has always been better looking for the past 10 years or so, i recently found something that works just like it, it's a little gadget my hubby was using you can get it for 15 bux at wal mart around where the hair clippers are and take the top off and the little electric thing at the top vibrates and does the same to your facial muscles, if anyone wants to know what it is email me.

b7aa01bc, 2010-01-02, 02:48AM CST

omg i have had the thing for over a decade and it does so work. i have used it on and off whenever i get the urge and it ALWAYS workd immediately. Where is the scam. I have had it for 10 years ad it works like a champ.

d181e040, 2010-01-22, 12:30AM CST

How long did you use it each session. I found I it took me one hour every time I used it! I did it pretty consistent for at least a month and didn't see anything.



d60641b0, 2010-01-31, 12:57PM CST

Maybe I am the only one who have experience a positive effect from this gadget. The Dermal Tone has done wonders for my face. People tell me how different and better I look. I have not used it in a while because my adapter has a short in it. I would like to know where can I purchase a new adapter for my Dermal Tone. I have seen a big difference in how I look as well and I love it.

fb3d83fa, 2010-02-02, 10:03AM CST

The Dermaltone definitely does work. I used it consistently and it made a world of difference in my face.I am 75 but look much much younger or so people say. However the cord broke.I went to radio shack and purchased a general cord which works just fine. However now only one head works. So if anyone has a Dermaltone that they don't want and would like to sell I will gladly buy it from them. My email is [email protected] or 9165081668. Also someone said that they make a new one with prongs on the end. Who does? I thought the company was no longer in business.Would like to hear more about the new one. Jodi Swain or is there still a company that handles or repairs them?

69abc4df, 2010-02-02, 07:13PM CST

I have one and I love it. I have before and after pics and the difference is wonderful.

3ca2e63a, 2010-02-11, 10:47AM CST


I would love to know what devise your husband uses that works the same as a Dermal Tone and you can purchase at Walmart. Please email me at <[email protected]>

I love my dermal tone and have used it for years. I know that it has taken years off of my face, it is an amazing exercise routine that certainly has worked and continues to work for me. I am sad to know that they are out of business.



558ddcef, 2010-03-01, 12:51PM CST

I have used my Dermal Tone Facial Exercises for nearly 7 years. I definitely noticed a difference, and it was not my imagination. My skin was firmer and my face had better color. I could see when it was time to use it again. Mine broke last week and I just found out they no longer sell them. Does anyone know of another machine that works like the Dermal Tone?

dc424c09, 2010-03-19, 09:00PM CDT

If anyone is looking for the dermal tone - follow this link to see if maybe this is why they went out of business -

I have a new one in the box and have never used it. I only came online in hopes of seeing it done since I no longer have a VCR to play the instructional video.

Good luck.

b2bf83d3, 2010-04-04, 11:10AM CDT


db1270ee, 2010-04-29, 01:16PM CDT


764cdbc7, 2010-06-02, 10:38PM CDT

The webiste doesn't exsist because the FDA closed them down for false advertising and selling an illegal product.

284b76fd, 2010-06-15, 08:27PM CDT

I have a Dermal-Tone with written instructions and the instructional video and lotion. I used it may be twice.

Are you interested in this product?

461be0eb, 2010-06-22, 10:26AM CDT

I have used my dermal tone religiously for 10 years and I look 10 years younger than the girls I grew up with. Just went to my 40th highschool reunion and the comments I got proved it. You have to use it properly and often if you want results. For the first 2 to 3 months I used it everyday for 1 hour when I would watch TV at night. Now I do it 3 times a week.

Mine broke and need to buy one so anyone selling theirs PLEASE contact me ASAP.

035cf0c2, 2010-07-02, 07:05AM CDT




035cf0c2, 2010-07-02, 09:32PM CDT

This is a question to the e-mail below.

What is the name of this gadget from Walmart?.

they don't make them, i did have one and it worked but quit before i did the right side of my face as good as i wanted, therefore the left has always been better looking for the past 10 years or so, i recently found something that works just like it, it's a little gadget my hubby was using you can get it for 15 bux at wal mart around where the hair clippers are and take the top off and the little electric thing at the top vibrates and does the same to your facial muscles, if anyone wants to know what it is email me.

04b4676b, 2010-08-20, 10:31PM CDT

This is totally untrue. Dermal Tone did work wonders.

It did not cost 179.00. Much less expensive.

The new products don't even compare to the high quality and longevity of the machine by Dermal tone.

a21549b0, 2010-08-31, 02:47PM CDT

When I used my dermal tone it worked great. During a recent move I have lost the instructions. If anyone has a set of them could you please email me a copy? Thank you so much!

7be7c387, 2010-09-01, 11:26AM CDT

Sorry - but you are an idiot. Did you even TRY the product? IT WORKS FABULOUSLY!! The only way it wouldn't work on you is if you were dead. I LOVE MY DERMAL-TONE!!!

77ce0dca, 2010-09-09, 08:26PM CDT

I used Dermal Tone for a few years and it worked for me and very well. Maybe you didn't really need it could be why is didn't work for you. I was starting to have saggy chin muscles and the Dermal Tone made me look 10 years younger. However, mine quick working. If you still have yours I could be it from you if it still works properly.

4d944428, 2010-09-22, 11:37AM CDT

Does anyone know where to get more of the lotion?

808091ea, 2010-09-28, 05:24PM CDT

I also have seen results using the Dermal Tone, but am in need of a new electrical cord/adapter and have lost my instructions, and would like to order some more of the conduction lotion that came with the kit.

3be950da, 2010-10-09, 09:05PM CDT

You can use any lotion with the dermal-tone...I even use water. Great machine. I've used it for fifteen years and just bought another one on ebay.

0b513e6b, 2011-01-04, 05:02AM CST

Anyone who is looking for a Dermal Tone Facial Exerciser should check out Ebay or Amazon. Also you may be interested in Connie Stevens Time Machine on her website foreveryoung. The Time Machine works the same as the Dermal Tone. It massages and exercises your facial area.

9b6434ed, 2011-02-14, 08:15AM CST

I just read a comment that someone lost their instructions, I lost my instructions as well so if anyone can email me a copy I would really appreciate it.

f609e805, 2011-03-15, 08:27PM CDT

Wrong. I've used Dermal-tone for ten years and am looking for a new one because I mistreated it over time. I felt and watched my facial muscles move and I saw what happened when I stopped over time. It's like any exercise. You use it, it works. Don't expect a face lift, expect hard work through deligence and realistic evidence. I'm still searching and I know exactly what to look for in choosing the right seller. I've also reviewed the TUSO, or whatever its called and spoke to their distributor. He was scarey and sounded as if he were on a cell phone while in the john. He didn't know the product and he didn't know his competitors accurately such as Dermal-Tone. I'd buy 10 of them to give as gifts if I could find them. A key to buying anything is a warantee. I paid for one for 2 years, 3 times and the company sent a new one out promptly without question. The company somehow got tossed out of the picture by politics of the more empowered and greedy. If someone told 100 people who knew who you were something bad and wrong, you'd find a pretty high return of believers. Believing is faith and faith is truth. I'm telling you the truth. One more thing. I have an involuntary facial muscular movement caused by a medicine by a reckless Doctor who didn't know his products interaction. Would I be willing to buy this product with the possibility of worsening it. The answer is yes because I will be in control of that unit, and I feel pretty sure those muscles will respond in building up what atrophy takes away. I've put my faith in God. He'll make sure I find one if I should. But don't be deceived by anyone. Trying to improve is good and this product slowed m aging down incredibly while using it. So do sit ups.

0f1ac89e, 2011-03-16, 02:21PM CDT

The company went out of business in 2006. It had nothing to do with whether it works or not. They didn't do a certain requirement of the FDA prior to advertising the device and they were closed down according to eHow. I have the machine, never used and would be happy to share information but I don't have a scanner. I think it takes longer than stated to work on certain individuals. I also think results vary depending on the person and their skin type. This is only MY opinion. One size doesn't always fit all. It doesn't make the device less useful but different results for some and I am sure they had a line on the screen probably stating results may vary. Exercising any muscles will tone them. It can be done by hand but takes a long time. I have been doing facial exercises since in my 20s and I have wrinkles but not around my mouth and my neck is not sagging and I am in my early 60s. I don't have very elastic skin which helped. You only need to put water on your skin or use any water based lotion. You don't have to use the one they supplied which was stated in their original commercials (that you could use other lotions).

77ce0dca, 2011-04-04, 06:00PM CDT

The Dermal Tone does work and works great. It made me look ten years younger. However, mine quit worker after a few years and I can't find another one.

Anonymous, 2011-04-30, 03:12PM CDT

I think you probably didnt use the product consistantly, and for long enough. I noticed a bit of improvement after just one month . I used it faithfully every day. So I at least saw enough of an imnprovement to be confident to not return the product before the 60 day money back guarantee. And... a deal is a deal. They gave you 60 days to try it out and of course they cant just give money back after that.

Ive used this product for about 10 years (off and on)and it is the best skin care product Ive used. It really gets down to the root of the problem which is the muscles. And as you can see from most of the remarks to your response , most others agree that it really does work. Although they are no longer in business, I hope another product will come out that is as good, and I wouldnt want others to get the wrong idea from this complaint. It is really an excellent product and its too bad they are no longer in business

7b36ce55, 2011-07-06, 02:49PM CDT

I too would love to know what device your husband found for$15 at Wal-Mart that vibrates the face. Please email me at [email protected]


77ce0dca, 2011-07-09, 03:24PM CDT

Dermal Tone does work. I am looking for another, because mine quit working.

d7140a38, 2011-07-30, 12:05PM CDT

Yes the facial excerciser works!!! I've been using it for 10 years. Uou have to follow the instructions for it to work. You can't just use it once in a while for a month or so and expect it to work! I used it 5 days a week and it took an hour a day. I did this for about 6 months. After that you can maintain on 2 or 3 days a week. It's not a quick fix buy using it as instructed WILL get you results. Lazyness and not following instructions will result in failure. I'm 57 and People think I look much younger than my age. Follow instructions to the letter and I guarantee it will work!!!

10410101, 2011-08-16, 12:33AM CDT

If you get a copy of the instructions, I will pay you for a copy. Thanks Please e-mail me at [email protected]

10410101, 2011-08-16, 12:33AM CDT

If you get a copy of the instructions, I will pay you for a copy. Thanks Please e-mail me at [email protected]

2acf5c58, 2012-01-11, 07:50AM CST

I have the instructions and will gladly email or photocopy and mail them if those of you would like them. You can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

ad93b9cd, 2012-01-22, 05:57PM CST

I love my Dermal-Tone. Works so well. You can use any lotion you love to use on your face before your treatment, and just dab a cotton ball soaked in water on the face when using the tool. My face is always firm and toned as I continue using it. I have instructions if anyone needs them. I hope my tool will never break, if it does, I will be happy and willing to buy another one. I wish the manufacturer is still around for fixes, though I don't need it for right now.

65bf6a86, 2012-02-23, 12:45PM CST

Just pulled mine out of storage and plan in using it again. Nice to hear how well it works for you.

I lost the instruction sheet. Can you provide a copy for me.

c4b99089, 2012-03-23, 03:45PM CDT

I would love to buy it. Contact me with the price and condition.

[email protected]

Joyce Swisher


Looking to buy the derma tone facial excerizer.

50a3f811, 2012-04-18, 11:25AM CDT

The Dermal Tone is the best thing that ever happened to my face. I misplaced mine in a recent move and bought ANOTHER one on eBay just so I wouldn't be without it. When I found my old one, my mom asked me if she should try it, because, as she said "Every time I see you, it really looks like it is working for you." She hasn't put in enough time to see a difference, but if she does, I have no doubt she, too, will look 10 years younger, like I do. I'm only sad they went out of business. The FDA needs to worry about important matters and no collude with plastic surgeons to keep us from safe and inexpensive (relative to surgery) options.

ff7f0029, 2012-07-16, 12:20PM CDT

Yes, it does work. If I stop using it, I can tell the difference in my face. The only thing is it doesn't have enough power on battery and the adapter stops working after about a year. Something comes loose inside. That's happened twice to me, but I'm still looking for another, because it works so well.

pinkfootballplease, 2012-08-19, 12:44PM CDT

original instruction video for the dermal tone facial exerciser:

(ps. i have been an absolute fanatic about skin care since the age of 12. i distinctly remember having a random conversation with my mother and she mentioned that tina turner was a grandmother. with my 12yr old thinking and using my own grandmother as a reference, i said that there was no way she could be a grandmother. my mom asked me why i would say that and i frankly said "she doesnt have any wrinkles or look pruney". now i loved my grandmother like crazy and i wasnt trying to insult her by any means, (looking back im very glad she wasnt present for THAT particular conversation!) i was just stating what i thought was fact...all grandmothers are old and wrinkley. well my mom (who baked herself in the sun with baby oil in her youth and became quite conscience of her own skin in her early 30's) told me the perils of not taking care of your skin, etc. from that point on, i was determined NOT to have wrinkles especially after seeing my mom and her sister have plastic surgery on their eyes together. at 12yrs old, i began using oil of olay and while the products i use have changed over time, my diligence has not. i began using the dermal tone when i was 26yrs old and am proud to say that while i may not look 18yrs old anymore, i still get carded regularly and i still have not had one wrinkle invade my face! this product has been a terrific addition to my skin care routine and i have the pics to prove it really does work!)

a9b2e643, 2013-05-15, 11:14AM CDT

I own a Dermal Tone. I used it years ago - lightly, sparingly. Although I am African-American, (albeit "light-skinned",) I have what my dermatologist called, "thin Irish skin." I didn't think that I noticed a big difference with the Dermal Tone, so I stopped using it, and packed it away. A few years later, deep lines, almost like grooves, started to appear around my mouth. I couldn't figure that out. No one else in my family has deep lines in their face. No one. Light-skinned, dark-skinned, in between. It doesn't matter. My parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents all have great skin. They are living proof that "black don't crack." But I have these deep lines. I believe that they were caused by using the Dermal Tone. When I would use it, the contractions of my facial muscles would cause movement right where the lines are. I honestly think some damage was done to my facial muscles that didn't manifest itself until now. I was VERY careful to follow directions. I watched the video every time I used it because I was a little paranoid. I always used it less than recommended. I never over used it. I'm sharing my story because the same thing could happen to someone else.

Randi, 2013-09-15, 04:45PM CDT

My Dermal Tone just broke! And I started searching on line to find a new one but learned they are no longer in business!! Help!! I've been using this product off and on for over 12 years. It is THE BEST skin care product out there by a long shot. If it didn't work for you.... well, you REALLY were NOT using it as directed. It's time consuming and you need to put the time into it. I wish there were more products like this out there because there is nothing better from anything else I've personally tried. I tried the 'mask' and .... no... it was not good. I'll be buying whatever I can on Ebay and 'stock up' since I don't want to ever be without this product!!

8572fcbb, 2014-03-30, 11:03AM CDT

I purchased the Connie Stevens Time Machine before the purchasing the Dermal Tone and the metal electrodes in the Time Machine made me break out because of the nickel in them and the Dermal Tone had stainless Steel and I have had no problem.

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