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Posted on Thursday, June 15th, 2000 at 10:38pm CDT by ebe07b78

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The Dispute Process

American Express

From: D. Richard COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_29315#

Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 10:38 PM

I do not work for American Express or claim to know all of their policies, but I do have a working knowlegde to the credit card industry in general. As a cardholder you must realize that the credit card company works for both you and the merchant. Therefore any dispute has to be handled to the mutual satisfaction of both you and the merchant. If a charge is placed with a company and merchandise is delivered or a service performed the merchant deserves to be paid. It would not be prudent to cease payment to a merchant based only upon a verbal request from the cardholder. If the service promised was not performed, the merchandise damaged, or just simply returned (provided the custmer complies with any return policy disclosed by the merchant) and a credit is not issued then further action must be taken. The first step is for the cardholder to attempt to contact the merchant, many times this resolves the issue without further incident. If this does not help or is not possible for some reason then a dispute claim can be filed in writing with the credit card company. Most of them give you 60 days from the date of a charge to file a dispute... but the sooner the better. The company will then have your side and can present it to the merchant. If your case holds, which many do, the merchant will either credit the account or risk having the amount charged back to them. Now I'm sure I'm leaving out a number of details, but this is the the process in short. There's even a big federal law written about it and many other aspects of comsumer lending, Regulation Z. I'm sure the Chargebacks manager at any credit card company is quite familiar with it. If you're really ambitious you can read it too... but make pot of coffee. Anyway, I've rambled enough. Just please, next time instead of making a demand that payment be stopped on a charge, ask how you can file a dispute. They'll probably have the form mailed the next day. It really does work in your favor. And it makes the service reps day when a customer understands the process .


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560fddc3, 2007-10-02, 11:19PM CDT

For someone who claims to not understand all the ins and outs, Mr. Richards understands a good portion of the dispute process. I wish I understood American Express better, but I do work for a large financial institution and I do understand a lot about both VISA and MasterCard (although I do not claim to know everything). If one were to sit down and read the "Regs" or federal regulations, that person would actually be well prepared to dispute a transaction on their account. For credit cards please see REG Z, and for debit/check cards please refer to REG E. The "regs" define what can be disputed and many of the time frames involved. I can tell you right now, that if you understand the ins and out, it makes your bank's job a lot easier, and the chances of getting your money back are even better! :)

0d67ebc2, 2010-07-16, 11:08PM CDT

I am a Amex merchant who has had $4600 deducted from my account even when the merchandise was never returned by the purchaser. What is more, the purchaser claimed the unit was defective some six months after taking delivery and using the device during that time. I have an expert tech report that was obtained three weeks out that indicates there was nothing wrong with it. As far as I can tell, Amex has converted the money from my account without cause given that the purchaser made no attempt to return the alleged defective item. Neither myself or any agent of American Express has had any opportunity to inspect the unit for evidence of wear & tear or damage. I just don't see how this can stand. I intend to sue in small claims court for the statutory amount which is close to the amount owed.

6117a529, 2011-01-26, 12:45AM CST

Please advise of the best address to submit an AE incorrect cardholder disputes.

I have a similar name to a couple of other (distant)family members and many other folks of a similar ethnic persuasion. I went to purchase a home recently and voila...Credit report says wrong first name, SAME middle name ,SAME last name, BUT the Birthday is TWENTYY years off! T would have been less tham a year old when "I" opened this account - not likely...Any Ideas? Where do I send my dispute, what do I say; I want to buy a house and it's making me (and my parents) crazy!

a269a869, 2011-09-27, 05:12PM CDT

American Express just took $2,550 from my business - and the customers did NOT request a refund.

American Express wanted us to validate our business information. We did.

They wanted us to prove the customers signed the receipts. We did.

They wanted us to show what the purchases were for. We did.

On September 11, 2011, they sent us a statement stating they had deposited the $2,550 in our account. They DID NOT.

On September 13, 2011, they sent us a letter stating they had released our funds, however, we had a $2,550 debt, so they were not paying us...

Today, I called and asked where my stolen funds were. They said they gave them back to the customers. I said prove it. THEY HAVE NOT.


They took 60% of our August sales. I think I am going to sue American Express for 60% of its August sales...

7ccbf15e, 2012-04-23, 02:31PM CDT

I have tried many many times to have American Express "unsubscribe" their e-mails to me. They are sooo annoying and I am seriously thinking about cancelling our card. PLEASE just take our name off your e-mail address list or we will cancel our card!

Gigi R., 2012-10-22, 08:06PM CDT

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