Restaurants, Fast Food - Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) poor service, poorer food

Posted on Wednesday, June 14th, 2000 at 1:43pm CDT by ad01e43b

Company: Restaurants, Fast Food - Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) poor service, poorer food

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Poor service, poorer food

Kentucky Fried Chicken

From: Krystal Smith COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_29285#

Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2000 01:43 PM


I have had it with the poor service from Kentucky Fried Chicken, so much so, that I will never return as a customer. Each time that my family and I have patronized that business (no matter the location), over the last twelve months, we have been faced with rude employees, poor service, terrible food and an over all lack of satisfaction. The final straw came last month. We decided to drive thru and order dinner to take home. The lady at the speaker didn't ask what we wanted to order, she simply said "give me your order". Biting our tougues, we ordered and preceded to the window, where we were faced with even more hostility and rudeness. She didn't greet us cordially, she said "$21.76", then proceded to snatch the money out of my husbands hands. When the cashier returned our change, she dropped half of it on to the ground. She wasn't paying attention, she was talking to another employee. She didn't tell us that there would be a wait, she closed the window for us to sit and wonder about our order. When she returned to give us our food, she slung the bag out of the window, then turned and walked away, without saying a thing. We waited to find out if our order was complete. When she returned to the window, she said "what do you want?". When we inquired about the completeness of our order, she said "that's it!". Once home, we found that our order was not complete and the portion of the order that we had was undercooked and tasted worse than anything we had ever eaten. The cole slaw, tasted metallic, the potatoes were cold, as was the gravy. I decided to contact the manager. I called the store that we had just been to, asked to speak to the manager, and was treated even more rudely by the manager. She didn't apologize for the service or the food, she didn't even say hello, she just listened and asked "is that it?". I then asked for the number to the home office, she reluctantly gave me the number. After several attempts to reach a human, at the other end of the home office line, I left a voice mail. No one returned my phone calls, so after two weeks, I was reeling. I went to the KFC web site and left a comment online about the poor service. No one has contacted me about my complaints. I have since chosen to never patronize KFC ever again. Rude service is one thing, but the fact that KFC is less than eager to make right many wrongs, leaves me feeling as though the money that I work very hard to earn, is not worthy of them.


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ebc4612f, 2008-08-05, 12:05PM CDT

I totally agree with this customer. We are truckdrivers and visit KFC at different Services on the motorways (in the UK). Just today I bought a Hod Rod box meal and it was the second time I received my meal uncompleted though I had to pay the full price. It happened several times before with other meals we ordered too. When you go back to complain, the cashiers is most of the time so cruel and unproffesional. I think I have enough now too.

a865c4cb, 2008-09-10, 10:50AM CDT

Their cole slaw is world's best and I very much like the chicken, original recipe. Yesterday I took a coupon to our local KFC "6 wings for $2.99 or 20 wings $9.99" and the girl told me it's only for their hot wings. The coupon didn't say hot wings, it just said wings. Somebody in advertising needs to be addressed. I called to complain and had to first critique my latest visit to a machine before I could talk to a person. I'm furious!

641f3653, 2009-10-31, 12:13AM CDT

I think that out of all fast food restaurant, KFC is the worst! They have lack of Costumer Service and does not have appropriate manners at ALL! There was never once that I was satisfied with the food or service. I will never go there anymore and waste my time & argue with the employees nor manager!

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