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Posted on Wednesday, June 14th, 2000 at 4:31am CDT by f8c07a33

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Las Vegas has two wonderful things going for it in my's where I resigned my commission in the United States Air Force, after a tour of duty there, to marry my husband and move overseas.'s where my 84-year-old godmother lives. On the flip-side of that is the downside of having purchased a month-to-month membership in their East Flamingo Gold's Gym Franchise which has taken me almost eight months to cancel!!! After returning from overseas the summer of 1999, my husband was transferred to Fort Walton Beach Florida to work as an F-15 Flight Simulator Instructor. As I hadn't seen my godmother in almost three years, and with her health deteriorating--she'd just suffered a severe fall--I elected to go stay with her in her home in Las Vegas. After a month of helping her convalesce, I wanted and needed to find a fitness facility to help me eleviate some of the daily stresses that one incurs while providing full-time care to an elderly relative. My problem was two-fold however, I needed a facility close to my godmother's home in case of an emergency. Secondly, I needed a short-term contract, preferably a month-to-month agreement since I wouldn't be needed in Las Vegas for more than a few months. comes Gold's Gym to the rescue. They were only two miles south of my godmother's home and they offered me a month-to-month contract that I could SUPPOSEDLY terminate, in writing, 30-days prior to my departure. All they needed was a major credit card. Well they got the credit card number alright....and just kept using and using it to the tune of $176 in monthly charges applied to my account 8 months after I resigned my membership. Seems the old, "all we need is a signed letter forwarded to our corporate office" in order to terminate my contract just didn't hold any water. It never happened the way they said orally to me and in writing that it would...the cancellation process was one long, drawn out nightmare. Although I followed the contractual instructions to a tee, just before I returned home to Florida (August 1999), I sent a resignation letter to the Gold's Gym Corporate Office in Palm Springs California. And, every month thereafter, I watched the $22 dues charge consistently hit my credit card. In October 1999, I sent a second letter to the same corporate office--still no change. Those monthly dues just kept adding up. Finally, I called the franchise in Las Vegas and asked what the problem was and could they give me the number to the corporate office so I could speak directly with their billing department. The first shocker I got was the "we are'nt allowed to give out that number per our manager." The second shocker was actually having to call back, long-distance, to speak with the manager after he finished his break. When I finally did reach him, well he started talking about needing proof that I no longer resided in Nevada. Gold's Gym does not allow you to terminate your contract unless you relocate, and can validate that relocation, to an area 40-50 miles away from their facility. That got me going. I told the manager that I signed a month-to-month contract specifically because I had no intentions of residing in Las Vegas permanently...I was only there aiding a sick relative. And, I had always maintained a Florida driver's license to prove that. Then he tells me to talk to the Corporate Office. I said, "I'd love to...that's the reason I called in the first place was to get their number." After speaking with their Billing Dept., I was assured that no further charges would post to my account if I faxed her a letter that same day. So I run to the computer, whip a termination notice out and run to get the thing faxed before they closed for the business day. Next month rolls along, and you guessed it, there's another monthly fee assessed. I called the Billing Dept back and said, "What's the deal? I faxed you a letter just as you requested outlining everything and you still charge me for another month?" And she said, "Why yes ma'am it takes 30-days for the cancellation to take effect." I was flabbergasted! I said, "Lady, it's been 8 months since I first tried to terminate this agreement. I did so in writing and you're telling me that you feels it's fair to charge me yet another months dues for services I don't even receive?" And she has the audacity to tell me that she didn't work there back in August so she has no knowlede of my claim and that she does'nt see what the big deal is all about. According to her, I won't be charged again. So, I should just go and have a nice day. The thing that really burns me is that I had also attempted to have my credit card company intervene and help resolve this issue. And, they said that unfortunately once you devulge your number and authorize someone to use it, you chances of stopping the charges from posting is virtually impossible. So, the only real option was to change my credit card number. Problem is then you have to worry about a bad credit rating being assigned against you by the company for failure to pay. The whole ordeal was a rip-off and a modern-day corporate sham! No company should be allowed to treat its clientele in such an outrageous fashion. After speaking to several other military and ex-military friends, I now realize that Gold's Gym loves your membership so much that they never, ever want to let it go. BEWARE...Don't let them sucker you in to their hype. They should have their contract rewritten to include the statement that "Termination of said contractual agreement is not recognized unless member has joined the dearly departed. And, only with a valid in-state death certificate witnessed by three people over the age of 21 and notarized!" I hope they can hear the smoke


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aba14237, 2007-11-28, 12:12PM CST

I am with you 100%. I joined a Gold's Gym in the Washington DC area. All I have gotten from them is lies. First they tell me that I can use any Gold's in the metro area with my membership. Turns out the gym I can't use is the one across the street from my office! Kinda defeats the purpose!

On top of that, there is almost no way out of the matter what.

c7ff1841, 2008-09-13, 10:56AM CDT

So, maybe what you should have done was just admit that you were a lazy sloth with no motivation instead of pretending to be serious about you health and well being in the first place. Then maybe you wouldn't have signed a contract. Oh by the way, I don't want to pay for my car anymore either maybe I should complain online because I can't just return that either... WOW some people just blow me away with their ignorance. Go sit on the couch and eat a container of ice cream and blame Gold's for driving you to that too!


Joliet, IL

8ddcac4f, 2008-10-27, 01:05PM CDT

Im agree with you 100%. they told me the same thing about having to fax them. the first person i talked to told me id get a refund so i guess i really got my hopes up. i joined the military and have been out of state for 8 months and they're still billing me! they were so rude and im really ticked. but bottom line seems to be that im screwed.

38c0df4f, 2008-11-09, 11:14AM CST

Incredible. I heard they are going bankrupt too. Recently I (having been members at Golds Gym in Las Vegas for 5 years) cancelled my membership and joined the Las Vegas Athletic Club which is 10 times better than the Golds Gym and cancelled it in October. I were told I had to give 30 days notice and would be charged for the entire month of November. FINE! But then we were told we would be charged the entire month of December and that is not fair. We have asked them to credit and NOT charge us for December and they refuse. By the way since we cancelled over 20 other people cancelled and moved to the Las Vegas Athletic Club in two weeks time. The place is like a graveyard now and I have heard from a strong source that the gym in Vegas and California is going bankrupt.

408cffcc, 2009-01-21, 08:33PM CST

I am currently in the same position.

I moved to Hawaii, no Golds Gym here,

and notified the personnel when I left and now getting billed for 3 to 4 months because I did not call all over the world to cancel. It is bad enough to have to pay $50 to cancel something you cannot use let alone to be billed monthly for services not rendered, used, and location not found.

I am very upset and will contact my attorney to see how this can be revised so that noone else has to go thru this EVER again.

Trent Sewell

6878c759, 2009-01-28, 01:23PM CST

Same experience. I moved from Edmonton, Alberta, to Ottawa, Ontario (there is no Gold's gym in Ottawa). I had arranged to ahve my membership switched over to another person, and the Gold's people in Edmonton told me that it was a go, and that I would have to pay an extra two months. I found out months later that the other person reneged on our arrangement, and that I am going to be stuck with a large penalty to terminate at this point. I will never get another membership with Gold's again. I am very dissatisfied with the Gold's in Edmonton--their manager was very curt with me, and showed positively no concern for my situation.

aac19099, 2009-10-15, 11:25AM CDT

Move over I am in the same boat! I moved as well. I submitted my cancelations papers and was told it would take 30 days and an additional charge would be applied to my account, but on the second month after my cancelation additional funds were withdrawn. I did not cancel the add on membership for my minor child. One contract was signed by me. An add on membership is by definition dependant on the primary membership. Now they want proof of age for my child even though he signed nothing. I would love a phone number for corporate headquarters, but was only given the 800 number for customer service. And as you already know know customer service is their title not theIr job description.

I guess I will have to close my bank account to make them stop.

Good luck to us all.

4b113ca1, 2009-12-18, 06:37PM CST

Gold's Gym charged me since November 2007 through December 2009 and I was never there because I had a massive stroke in April 2007. I noticed my bank statement showed Gold's membership since Nov. 2007. I was not able to speak or write for months and typing is getting better. I am thinking about filing a lawsuit because Gold's charged me over $800 because I had a stroke and was not able to respond for year or two. I am still on disability.

23eda242, 2010-02-27, 03:59PM CST

I am dealing with the exact same issue, and I am about to contact a lawyer or try to start a class action lawsuit. Yes, I am about to sue over $30.99. I am fuming, but I absolutely refuse to drive the 50 miles to try and cancel my membership in person after I moved.

I called the corporate number, and they said it would be canceled, but I'll believe when I see it in my bank account!

Gold's Gym also banned me from commenting on their Facebook page after I expressed how I had a had a good experience until trying to cancel. Really, what poor social media practices also.

2e1313b8, 2010-03-08, 06:35PM CST

NEED TO READ THIS. I am an employee of Golds so let me help you understand. Golds is an OK place to work while going to school but if you are looking for a career go elsewhere. BILLING seems to be a big complaint on here so let me tell you why all of you are getting no where when changing credit cards. Some of the employee like the front desk and management get a bonus for collecting money that is past due. So do you really like they are in a hurry to fix your credit card? The only person in the gym making any money is the GM and the sales staff. The Operations Manager, the front desk and the kids club employee could all be on welfair. While the GM and the Sales staff are racking in the money some making 100,000 dollars a year the Operations manager, the front desk and the other staff are making min wage or just a little higher. So, of course they are trying to pick up a little extra any time they can. As to cancelling your memberships let me explain why you are having a hard time. When a gym has x amount of people ending their memberships the GM loses part of his bonus. So, of course they will drag it out as long as possible. Do not get upset at the Front Desk employees or the Operations manager for trying to make a little more money after all they have kids to feed. If you want to get pissed get pissed at the GM or Golds corp. After all those are the ones that not only screw over there employees but they are the ones that have caused this problems. You cannot crap on your employees and expect them to be full of smiles everyday and pass up on being able to feed there kids.

3f2d7f33, 2010-04-21, 10:29AM CDT

same problem here. was told one thing, they did another. won't stop drafting my account even though I have tried to cancel.

fb63d5eb, 2010-09-13, 06:59PM CDT

I am so beyond livid with gold's gym and have had nothing but problems with them as well. I am trying to cancel a tanning membership that Gold's Gym has the contract for. When I signed up I asked what the cancellation policy is which they told me was $100.00 and 30 day written notice. So to my ignorance did not bother to read the fine print. I was on automatic withdrawel which I never had a problem with until May (2010) they sent me a letter saying they couldn't process the payment for that month. so I faxed them my bank statement and proof of funds along with the cancellation notice. They told me that I could not cancel unless I joined the military or moved 25 miles away from any golds gym. I work in park city, UT and found a place in Kamas that is close to work and well over 25 miles away. So I again wrote them a letter of cancellation but didn't hear back from them. Less then a month later i faxed them again with the sublease agreement included with the cancellation notice. I again heard nothing. I received a letter today saying there patience is exhausted trying to reach me and are preparing to report to my local credit bureau and taking legal action to collect. I called Paramount Acceptance (who handles golds gym accounts) on the spot. I spoke to maybe the only decent employee and i explained that I had tried to handle this and that I faxed in the bank statement and he told me that it was a card issue. he told me the last for digits on the account and i said that was correct. He then asked me what the exp. date was and I told him 03/12 he told me they had 04/12. So why is it that for months it went through just fine and all of a sudden my info is wrong? Also on top of that I told him that no one has tried to contact me and he read me off my number which he said ended in 4821. I told him no its 1821. All of my faxes had my number on them so they cannot use the excuse that they couldn't contact me. It just so happens that both the numbers they had wrong were 4?! Seems to me that someone on the inside is tampering with peoples information to get there accounts delinquent and make you pay fees and more money... Also they are now saying that my cancellation request is denied because the sublease agreement is only for 6 months and it has to be a permanent place of residence. I am locked in regardless and this can't be legal! I also found out in april that I am pregnant and I can't even use the tanning pass bacuse it's a health risk and that still makes no difference. I can't afford the contract with the unexpected baby on the way. I can barely manage my bills... There has to be a way to make our voices so loud that Gold's Gym has to listen!! The guy and the corporate office basically said that even if you physically can't use the pass its irrelevant and you have to pay out your contract. What the crap is that!!! Complete entrapment!!! I WILL let my voice be heard everywhere!! This is unfair!!!

832b7a26, 2010-10-14, 09:10AM CDT

If the sales rep for Gold's didn't sign the contract, is it still binding?

8507f2bd, 2012-01-19, 09:05PM CST

I am in the same boat!

However, I am the dummy who paid the collections company the amount due and took them at their word that the situation was resolved.

Its been a year and they are only now contacting me to say the contract was never canceled, I owe a year through march of 2012, and they claimed to have requested a copy of my orders to go into the Air Force last year (i never recall any such request- but a lot of what they say is not matching up)- they stated my orders to go into Basic Training and Tech School for almost 6 months were not adequate.

How is that possible? They were the same orders that helped me get out of my apartment lease.

What am I supposed to do? Allow them to keep stealing my money for services never rendered? So frustrated...

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