FlexibleFlyer.com - Health Equipment - Home Gym - FlexibleFlyer.com poor post purchase customer support

Posted on Sunday, June 11th, 2000 at 9:12am CDT by 5433f582

Product: Home Gym

Company: FlexibleFlyer.com

Category: Stores, Shopping

Flexible Flyer .com better known for the manufacture of "Universal health equipment" will not support their products after the sale is complete. Recently, I purchased a Home gym model 75010 from sports authority. The unit was expensive $599.00. The manual for assembly was missing. I called the Flexible Flyer company to request the manual and to have a critical page faxed to me ahead of the manual mailing. I anticipated no difficulty. This is low lying fruit as customer service goes. After 7 long calls, several hours of waiting and a call to the VP of marketing Bob Lochner I have remained unsatisfied by the Flexible flyer company. NO MANUAL NO FAX. This was the most basic and easily remedied of customer requests, yet absolutely no action has been taken by the Flexible Flyer company to address my valid customer complaint. It is apparent to me that if I am not able to secure a product manual from the Flexible Flyer company, more common and typically more difficult customer concerns will certainly not be addressed. If anyone out there has suggestions for bill boards or places to post my experience with Flexible Flyer company please forward them. There simply is no excuse for this style of indifferent customer service today. I know it is prevalent, but we can use our dollars to vote and sent a clear message to companies such as Flexible Flyer.


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