American Airlines - Airlines - American Airlines minor children uncared for

Posted on Monday, July 3rd, 2000 at 7:04pm CDT by b542eec3

Company: American Airlines

Category: Airlines

I am the mother of a minor child and when I trusted American Airlines to safely fly her to Arizona from Texas ,I found out how little the A A staff cares about its passengers. When my child failed to call on time announcing her arrival, I contacted A A and was told that no-one knew if she even made her connecting flight. When they began to search for the paperwork that had to be signed by the party picking her up, they couldn't tell me anything except someone saw a flight attendant pass her to a man, but no-one knew what man since the attendant could not be found and she had the paperwork with her. It turnes out that the attendant was on another flight and they had to send a message to her to please inform them of who picked up my child. Thank God my child is fine but what about the next child they fail to care for or keep track of???????? A A Needs to implement a way of any and all information being logged onto a central computer so that any personell can access the correct info upon demand of the proper authority. Delia ( a disgruntled ex-patron )


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