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Posted on Saturday, July 22nd, 2000 at 10:04am CDT by 54b8cfaf

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To those of you who are even thinking of making a major purchase at Lowe's, please put those evil thoughts out of your head NOW! Back in June, I purchased an interior door at Lowe's. I paid for delivery and install of the door. They said they would get the door about 3 weeks after a sub-contractor comes out to measure. I would be roughly another week for them to get the door and actually install it. 5 weeks total. I can live with that. After 7-8 days, I decide to call Lowe's to find out why nobody has called to arrange a time to measure. After being on hold for 20 minutes, I finally get a phone number of the sub-contractor. By this time, it's too late in the day, so I had to call back tomorrow. Eventually we arrange a day that the guy forgot about. He (the sub-contractor) called up and said he would do it the next day, and apologized like crazy. No real big deal. He measures, we get the ball rolling, and after 3 weeks, not one word from Lowe's. I call to find out what's going on, and they tell me my door is in and ready to be picked up. They also said someone should have called. Now the old blood pressure is rising. I get in an argument with the person saying that I've paid for delivery and installation, and they tell me that I haven't! Eventually, this "helpful" customer rep says she will get things straightened out and will call me right back. Yeah, right! I get a call from a different customer rep the next day asking me how I like my door! I didn't even bother replying, I just asked for a manager. After talking to two different managers, I get two reasons why things were getting screwed up. They said they would fax the work order and call the sub-contractor to put a "rush" on the install, which they actually did, because I got a call from the sub-contractor first thing in the morning! However, since this is now considered a "new" order, the earliest they could install the door would be the middle of July. Keep in mind, this was supposed to have been completed by the end of June, or the first week of July at the very latest. We arrange a date, the guy shows up with the door, and says, "You may not want this door". The reason? A big dent right in the middle! Now I begin the process of getting a refund. I call the manager, complained until I was blue in the face, and he said give me your credit card number and I'll refund you. I did, but later realized I paid with a check. I called back to see if I had to come to the store for the refund, and someone else said that I had to. I go there, and after 1 hour and 5 minutes of waiting, I find that half of it was credited to my Visa! Why they didn't do the whole thing, I'll never know. I got the remainder of the cash, and the credit actually showed up, but I lost a whole bunch of time dealing with these morons, and money that could've been earning interest in my account. I hope this experience saves other people from making the same mistake


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61125dae, 2008-01-10, 04:17PM CST

Purchased Lowe's Service Advantage extended warranty on a Frigidaire Affinity washer. I have been 25 days with a broken washer! Their service tech support is SLOW and awful. No one seems to want to help on getting my issue resoved in a timely manner.

561debe8, 2008-07-01, 09:39AM CDT


339d1d35, 2010-07-15, 08:54PM CDT

I am currently filing a claim against Lowe's Service Advantage for a breach of contract. They do not honor their Extended Protection Plan.

2ab4fa9c, 2010-08-27, 06:40PM CDT

We bought a GE profile refrigerator at Lowes 2 years ago. It has had to be repaired 4 times, since then. Four times in 2 years, we have had spoiled food, water all over the floor, and an average of a week without a refrigerator. In researching it I find that GE has had something like 2 recalls on their refrigerators, so I shouldnt be surprised I suppose, and yes we should have done our homework better. The real disappointment has been Lowes. We have shopped at Lowes a lot because we thought they had good customer service. With the refrigerator, it has been an ordeal. First they delivered a refrigerator that didnt work, had cut wires inside, and had stains on the shelves. The repairman said Oh yes, this is the refrigerator that those other people sent back. We returned it. Then they delivered our current refrigerator, which of course has died 4 times. The good news is that we bought the service plan, which includes a lemon law. The bad news is that lemon law doesnt seem to mean anything, in reality.

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