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Posted on Sunday, July 2nd, 2000 at 10:43pm CDT by 8212ca0e

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To whom it may concern:

I have a pool only 3 years old. i spent $32,000. to have this pool built. i assumed that when i needed a repair or service, i would be helped without a moments hesitation. WRONG!!! my spa light needs to be replaced, it keeps tripping the breaker, thus my pool light will not work. i called three times and was assured that an electrician would return my call to set up an appointment. 4 days pass, an unreasonable amount of time to wait. i call again, only to be told "we will check to see if the light is still under warranty" "if it is, we "HAVE" to come out to repair it!:(" "if it is not under warranty, then we do not have the time now to do it". now this is customer service, isn't it? would you want to spend thousands of dollars to have a pool built by this company and then when you need them to service or repair, they are TOO BUSY! what on earth kind of business practice is this? i thought word of mouth was the best advertisement. well guess what? it is..... i do understand that summer is a busy time for the pool companies. but my pool does not have a warning light (like the one in the car that tells you the gas is low) to tell me that my spa light is going to short out soon, so call the pool comany to make an appointment before they get busy. i am sorry that it did not happen in january when it is slow time. this is your business and it ALWAYS gets busy starting in april with pools, so HIRE MORE PEOPLE to help you out and you will not have SO MANY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS!!! debby


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