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Posted on Sunday, July 2nd, 2000 at 11:51am CDT by 0dafd71b

Company: US Airways

Category: Airlines

I was booked on flight 3887 on 30th june 2000 (departure from LGA, ETD : 500 PM) to Phillidelphia. I was to board a connecting flight to SFO (ETD : 745 pm) from there. Due to delays at the airport the flight from New york was delayed. I would not have been able to make it for my connecting flight. I was rescheduled for 1st July 2000 (the next day - arriving at sfo 24 hours later). I spent 7 hours at the airport trying to figure my schedule out with US Airways. Besides wasting time and lossing a day of at SFO, i also had to spend appox 150 USD for the travel to and fro from the airport. I want to undersand from the airlines why ius houls not be compensated for this money and the fact that i wasted my time at the airport. regards amrish address -NY, NY 10017


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