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Posted on Sunday, July 2nd, 2000 at 11:54pm CDT by 415b71e0

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Upon arriving at Vancouver Airport the morning of June 24 to catch TWA's flight #10, we found it was running late. We sat for well over an hour before we could board and the pilot said he would try to make up the time en route. We were served a sandwich, chicken salad, I think, that tasted awful but since we hadn't eaten since 6 am and it was now afternoon, we ate it anyway (this proved to be a wise choice when that, I later found out, would be our last meal of the day). The flight attendants served free drinks to make up for the flight being late but offered no "freebies" to anyone who didn't drink alcoholic beverages. A free movie would have been nice but we were told they couldn't do that. We were advised that when we deplaned in St. Louis there would be a bank of monitors to tell us what gate our connection was leaving from. There were no monitors in sight! One lone person was there with a sheet of what flights were leaving what gates and she became rude when everyone coming off the plane had to ask her where they should go to make connections. Anyway, upon arriving in St. Louis, we found our plane, flight #400, was not even on the ground yet, even though we thought we might have missed it since we were so late arriving. We had to rush to our gate and consequently had no time to get supper at the airport. Once in the air we were served a couple cookies and a soft drink. Being worried about a friend who is a diabetic not eating, I asked the flight attendant if there was some food on the plane as I was concerned about my friend. She advised me that on short flights a meal was not available (not taking into acccount that because of the delays encountered at both Vancouver and St. Louis we were already several hours past supper time). However, the flight attendant said, she was specially trained to handle it if my friend went into a "diabetic fit" (her words). I don't believe diabetics have "fits", they go into comas! Gee, preventitive measures would have been nice! By the time we arrived at our destination, Cincinnati, all the restaurants in the airport were closed. Luckily my friend did not have a bad reaction to not eating and we were able to get to her home and finally eat supper (after midnight Sunday morning). It was a horrendous day, that made me never want to board another TWA flight in my life, caused by flight delays and personnel who did not seem to care about their passengers' welfare.


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