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Posted on Friday, July 21st, 2000 at 11:31am CDT by 871f81ed

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On July 9th, I called 1-800-377-1000 to order airline tickets from Newark to Phoenix for our vacation. I spoke with "Brenda". Since we wanted to leave in the AM, she quoted us various prices that were a bit "high." She then advised... if we left in the afternoon that day, there was a $233.00 per person round trip that would work out for us. Last year we took the same trip with this company and paid $276.00pp for am flights. Sounded reasonable and I booked this offer Brenda gave us the flight numbers and times and read back everything to us All with Delta Airlines From Newark New Jersey to Phoenix AZ - Return to Newark Intl from Phoenix AZ... Dates, times ETC. and gave us A conf number and I paid $710.95 on My Mastercard. She advised if there were any discrepancies, once we received the tickets to call Cheap Tickets within 24 hours of receipt and they will fix it. I have all this documented .

The tickets were received on 7/13 and when I reviewed the Itenary I saw a "mistake". Instead of flying out and landing in Newark International Airport, She booked us flying out of Laguardia Airport and landing at Kennedy Airport. We live a few minutes from Newark. We would have no reason or DESIRE to fly out anywhere else. Especially 2 different airports no where near our home arriving at 10:30 at night!!!

My husband , who listened in on the 7/9/00 call, called Cheap Tickets and spoke to "Chris" who brought on supervisor Patty .... After hearing our story they looked up the information and each read from the call notes that "Brenda...On 7/9/00 DID book our tickets to and from Newark Airport... But somehow it changed..... They could not fix the problem and we were stuck with the tickets. My husband escalated the issue to their main office in Honolulu Hawaii and spoke with "Sherry" a supervisor. Sherry offered her apologies and offered us a flight (same days) for $67.00 more each.... non stop from Newark to Phoenix ... Although they acknowledged the mistake and it would cost more (poor customer service to begin with)...Arriving and Departing Newark airport is all we want and we were willing to compromise. We were told to keep the same confirmation number and our mastercard would be charged $210.00 extra. Within 20 minutes, Cheap tickets called back to tell my husband there has been a "mistake".... ITS AGAINST COMPANY POLICY FOR THE SUPERVISOR "SHERRY" TO HAVE OFFERED US THAT NON STOP FLIGHT AND THEY ERASED THE RECORD AND AGAIN, WE WERE STUCK.

My husband called the 377-1000 number and tried to negotiate with supervisors, team leads and their reps to no avail. One rep mentioned that its possible there was a "sale" on the offer we received and that Delta Airlines may have switched airports because 1. Newark reservations were full for that time period 2. What was and was not selling She called Delta (or said she did) and they did not "care that a customer was in this situation. We were unable to obtain any names of people allegedly spoken with. We contacted Delta at 1-800-221-1212 and spoke with Debbie Foxberry. She stated that no one called on our behalf (nothing noted), The reservation came in for the wrong airports and Cheap Tickets COULD call their "ticket Support" and take a penalty and rectify the problem Debbie said the price w/o the help of cheap tickets is $460.00 round trip per person , plus a 75.00 penalty per person. This would have made the price $1605.00 without tax. (This sounds EXACTLY like what "Sherry " from Hawaii was trying to do for us!!) We were never informed of a sale on 7/9/00 by "Brenda" or anyone else. We were told that we should have known that the airline flights quoted were to Laguardia and Kennedy How would a consumer know this ??? I placed my trust and faith in a company to book me on a flight to and from Newark.....with a representative of this company who read back..."to and from Newark Airport? I did everything I was told to do, worked with this company and now.....

I called Cheap Tickets and spoke to Mavis, who called her self a "lead" and identified herself as a supervisor. She was the most uncooperative and rude individual I have ever spoken to. She denied that any notation was ever made that I placed an order for tickets to fly out of Newark She told me that i was stuck and i should get a cab out to LGA and JFK airports. (We've priced them - up to $200.00 or more each way) She told me I could not cancel the tickets but she would give me 100 .00 towards the purchase of new ones $1200.00 for 3 tickets to Phoenix - and who knows if they would get my airport right this time (I have been lied to and decieved twice...Why would I trust them now? I feel I have been the victim of lying ,deceptive practices and a bait and switch operation by what I thought was a reputable travel store.

To summerize: All we are asking is for Cheap Tickets, Inc. rectify the situation We ordered 3 tickets to Phoenix for 10/14/00 flying out of Newark We want to return to Newark on the 22nd of October We would like someone to help us...Does anyone at 1-800-cheap tickets care about their customers? Why would we be baited not once but twice? Does anyone in this company have the authority to help us? I hope you can help. All I am asking is for the correct departure and arival airport, which was confirmed and what we paid for in good faith


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