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Posted on Saturday, July 1st, 2000 at 4:01pm CDT by a86299d0

Company: JVC carmcorder

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Refusal to honor manufacturers warranty.

Beware if buying a JVC camcorder or dealing with Circuit City. On 12/22/99 we purchased a #CRSXM515U model JVC camcorder from Circuit City. The warranty on this camera was 90 days labor; 1 year mfg warranty. The total cost of camera was $822. The camera was used successfully a total of three times between 12/22/99 and 4/19/00. On 4/23/00 upon attempting to operate the camera, the lens cover would not open. We took the camera to Circuit City on 4/25/00 and paid $30 to send it off for repair. On or about 5/1/00 I was contacted by Circuit City and asked to authorize approximately $100 for repairs. I authorized the $100. The second week of May I was again contacted by Circuit City verifying my authorization and telling me that the camera was being repaired. On May 9, 2000 I received a call from Circuit City requesting authorization for $765 in repairs. I denied this request. I asked them to send my camera back to the store (Huntsville, Alabama). On May 9, 2000 I contacted Circuit City to check on status of camera and was again told it was being repaired. I contacted Circuit City on May 17, 2000 and was told the camera was not being repaired, but had been denied repair by Circuit City and JVC. I asked that a Service Center representative contact me to discuss this situation. I received a call from Kerry Wilson, Nashville Service Center, Technician Manager for Circuit City. He told me that JVC had denied authorization to repair this camera three times. The explanation I received was that the "main board" inside the camera had a piece broke. Mr. Wilson told me he would contact Jessee Richmond (JVC representative) for authorization to send the camera to the Lawrenceville, GA service center to be examined for repair. At this point, I contacted Circuit City Consumer Affairs representative Mike Olek. I believe I was getting the run around. No one wanted to repair the camera. Circuit City would not repair the camera without authorization from JVC and JVC would not authorize supplying the parts for the camera. I have been jerked around since 4/25/00. I was told three times that the camera was being repaired. Finally on June 7, 2000 after the camera was reviewed at JVC in Lawrenceville, GA,I was contacted by Kerry Wilson, Nashville Service Center and told that although the camera was in great condition, and had obviously not been dropped or harmed, JVC had again refused the manufacturers warranty on the camera and it was being sent back to the Huntsville, AL store for pick-up. Upon arrival at the Huntsville store, I discover what I feel is the real reason JVC would not repair my camera. This camera has been discontinued and replaced with a model which costs $425. I am stuck with a camera which does not work and cannot get any relief from JVC or Circuit City.


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b8dd8f10, 2008-03-18, 01:24PM CDT

manufactors warrantys are just that through the manufactor. unless you purchase from jvc, sony, samsung themselves, retail stores like best buy circuit city only cove 15 to 30 days. hence the phrase manufactor warranty!!! i have been in retail for 13 years for some reason this is hard for consumers to understand!!

6991193a, 2008-05-07, 11:36PM CDT

It is not Circuit City's fault that JVC did not want to fix the camera. Circuit City JUST SELLS THE STUFF. You are just lucky that they even offer a send off service for you. Otherwise you would have had to contact JVC Directly. Why should Circuit City eat the cost of something that is not their responsibility?

11846c25, 2008-10-20, 11:12AM CDT

You could have avoided all this by buying the extended service plan, you would have received a new camera and saved a major headache. Consumers need to understand that it is not the store's fault that sells the products that they fail or have problems!

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