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Posted on Saturday, July 1st, 2000 at 11:51am CDT by 3e549b0d

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unsafe motel on myrtle beach

This complaint is in reference to the Pelican Motel located at 2310 North Ocean Blvd. North Myrtle beach, SC 29582. My children and I made reservation at this motel (after checking with the chamber of commerce) and was told that it was an excellent family motel. When we arrived it was everything but. First complaint was security. They gave me a key, yes a key with the name of the hotel and the hotel room number on it. The owner said that they had never had any breakins in 30 years. When we went to get into the room, we found that the lock didn't work anyway, (you could open the door without the key). Upon entering the room we were immediately faced with a horrible smell of mildew. The window was broken (glass was cracked and it wouldn't open). The refridgerator had rust all over it, their were paint cans and brushes left by the door, nails sticking out of the railings and stairs. When I addressed these issues with the owner, I was told that I was imagining things and that there was nothing wrong with the room that their was something wrong with me. Proceeded to scream at me telling me their is no crime in Myrtle Beach, and that he was so sick of Northeners coming down and expecting the hilton. He refused to refund me my money even threatening to charge more to my card. (I immediately contacted my card company and stopped that from happening, but he had did already take $75.00 for that nights stay). While I realize the money is gone, I don't want other unsuspecting families making reservations here and then getting screwed. This hotel is in several tourists flyers and it surely is more dumpy then it looks. They even braggged in one of these flyers about a great kiddy pool. It was about 2ft by 2ft. Thanks for listening to my complaint.


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7033af4f, 2008-03-19, 06:11PM CDT

i have stade here 5 times and love it the people are nice and made service is better thank you a northner from bergholz ohio

8088d079, 2008-07-07, 09:10PM CDT

It is now 2008 and I am just hearing of this post so please don't think me tardy in my response.

Issue by issue:

We do use keys to open our rooms.

The locks are activated from the inside before you close the door, not by the key. Many of our families like to leave their rooms unlocked for the kids to go in and out.

Our keys have numbers on them but not the motel name.

An older oceanfront motel with 90 to 100 % humidity year round will likely have a musty smell.

The window probably did have a crack in it and the frig surely had some rust on it.

Paint cans and screws? I don't know, maybe we were doing some maintenance at the time.

The actual dimensions of the kiddie Pool are 4'2" X 6'7" (almost 26 sq. ft.)and it is adequately sized for our 37 unit motel. It is used by mostly infants and toddlers 1 to 3 at a time. The older children use the full sized 640 sq. ft. with depths from 3 to 8 ft.I don't know of any flyer which brags about a great kiddie pool although we do list one as an amenitie.

It sounds to me like this person had some legitamate complaints but has exaggerated them to a degree.

Even though this person regretably had a bad experience I should point out that some of our families reserve their rooms up to a year in advance and that our nearly 100% summer occupancy rate is comprised of about 70 % repeat business.

32a8a911, 2010-08-09, 08:20PM CDT

I stayed at this motel while my fiance worked in the area and we were there almost a 2 months. These folks were great and the place is very clean and nice to be an older beach hotel. I was very pleased with the upkeep of the place and the fact that all of the staff was very hospitable. Living out of a hotel can be hectic at times but they made our stay as comfortable and homely as possible. I feel like this complaint should be removed from this website because I feel it was very much an exxagerated experience. No it's not the Hilton, but they don't charge like the Hilton either. Remember bigger and fancier isn't always better.

78ac576f, 2010-08-22, 10:10PM CDT

Well it is now 2010 and I strongly agree with this complaint that was made in 2000, i've never seen something ran so poorly. Let me just start with a complaint about the owner, he complained about his receptionist was not suppose to be booking rooms for just one night, and that if it would have been him taking the reservation then we wouldn't have been staying. We were charged differently than we were told by the receptionist, it was 30$ extra, which left us paying 97$, I told the receptionist anyway that it was 3 people. Some older lady, I suppose she was the reptionist, she complained about us asking for extra towels for 3 people. There were two towels and two wash cloths hanging up, the lady asked what we did with our other ones, and we told her we had to dry off from the beach, she replied "the towels are to be used after you shower". We were given "clean" towels which also looked a bit less-whitened. Yes people know it isn't the Hilton looking like that from the outside, but at least have to have some respect and some kindness around there. No other complaints, it's in the midldle of Cherry Grove and walking distance to anything. If you can bite your tounge from little gestures then you would probably enjoy yourself, we did at the BEACH.

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