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Posted on Wednesday, July 12th, 2000 at 12:00am CDT by 54140bd1

Company: Monitor, Compaq

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From: Carrie Sommer

To: Geise, Kellie


Sent: Monday, July 10, 2000 9:33 AM

Subject: Monitor

Kellie - I am choosing email over a telephone call because I am so angry and upset over this issue. I would like an update on what you are doing to arrange delivery of my missing monitor. This purchase has been the worst experience of my buying life. I cannot believe how disappointing the service and even level of customer care has been. First, the computer I received on Friday IS NOT what I originally ordered two months ago. I ordered a system specifically configured and tailored to my business needs. The system I received is not even configured. I specifically asked you if my CDRW and Backup Tape Drive would be internal - meaning already installed. You assured me that the Backup Tape Drive would be, but the CDRW would have to be installed. The Backup Tape Drive was delivered separately! Secondly, I can't believe that after everything that has happened and gone wrong with the order, and your assurances that you were "working the issue" - that you did not check the bill of lading to assure that EVERYTHING that was promised was included, installed and configured properly. I have had to turn down several new clients because I am unable to assist them. My business has experienced considerable downtime due to Compaqs' negligence.The system I finally did receive, besides not being what I order, is completely UNUSABLE without a monitor. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and whatever other consumer complaint and protection agency I can find to report this terrible and egregious practice that you call "customer care".

Carrie Sommer


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