Pulte Homes - Home Builders - Pulte Homes consumer feels like discrimination has prevented home purchase

Posted on Monday, January 8th, 2001 at 12:00am CST by 2bfcaed6

Company: Pulte Homes

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On December 22, 2000 we signed a purchase agreement with realtor Donna Cox of Pulte Homes for our new home and signed over a check for $2,000.00 in good faith.

We then were instructed to go to the interior design center to make our upgrades of which we did. We were required by the design center to leave an additional cash amount $5,747.00.

We ordered $10,000 in furniture, contracted for a pool in the backyard and gave notice to our landlord. In January 2001 we received a card from Pulte homes congratulating us on the purchase of our new home. The problem arouse when the plot plan of our home did not met the actual lot itself.

We only noticed this because the pool would have to be made smaller to accommodate the lots size. We also noticed the 25 foot driveway was actually 40 feet.

The home had been pushed back onto the lot but our purchase agreement plot plan did not reflect this.

On January 04, 2001 we asked to meet with the builder, Rick, and we were told the changes were still within the required building departments regulation so we were relieved and continued on with the placement of a smaller pool. Everyone seemed happy upon leaving the lots sight.

This very same evening we received a call from Pulte Homes realtor Donna Cox stating they were now refusing to sell us the house.

They felt we had to many concerns with the home and my stepfather had accompanied my husband to the site that day and Donna did not like him, was the reason given.

We explained we had questions due to the pool not conforming with the rear yards plot plan and that had been resolved and we looked forward to our January 29, 2001 completion.

Realtor Donna Cox said Caryn Pollock was the sales supervisor in Irvine for Pulte Homes and had also felt we were not happy with our new home and would not allow us our home.

We called Caryn Pollock and were told not only would they not sell us that home but they would not sell us any home. I feel this is discrimination.

We went down to the Pulte Office in Murrieta again to ask for a meeting. Many people were coming and going and able to buy homes there and yet we were refused any home and were asked to leave.

I asked what were we to do with two children, no home, $10,000 in furniture and a deposit of $5,747 in the interior design center and all the loans on the money we had to borrowed for the home.

They were unsympathetic and told us they were told by their attorneys they were within there legal rights to do this.

Their brochure reads Pulte Home Corporation has built an unparalleled reputation throughout the United States as a master builder and has dedication to customer satisfaction.

Pulte also invites you to experience for yourself Pulte Homes' traditions of value and quality.

Taking money for a home, signing an agreement, requiring choices to be made at the design center and then pulling out of selling a home after sending a thank you for purchasing the home is not what I fell is reputable of a master builder or a traditions of value and quality.

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b427606a, 2010-05-23, 04:05PM CDT

DO NOT BUY FROM PULTE THEY WILL CHANGE YOUR CONTRACT TERMS AND STEAL YOUR DEPOSIT. Apparently the economy has finally caught up with this company. I notice that the volume of complaints has escalated dramatically in late 2009 and early 2010. I am currently a Pulte home owner. I bought my present home in late 2006 after it was built for me by Pulte. I paid somewhere around $320,000 for this home which is in the Chicago area. Due the current real estate market Pulte has dropped prices to almost $200,000 for the exact same house because they have chosen to stop developing my community. This will cost me way more than just $100,000 when you factor in the interest on my current mortgage based on my purchase price of $320,000. This could very easily happen to you. Fortunately I was able to sustain this loss and I actually made the decision to buy a 2nd home in Florida in late 2009. I found a community in South Florida and Pulte happened to be one of the builders. I looked at their homes and was quite pleased. I decided to purchase 2 of these homes for just over $200,000 each. Over the next 6 months I had problem after problem with the Pulte Group. First they did not honor the terms that were agreed upon, in writing, within the contract. They promised a gated community but failed to disclose that the gates are kept WIDE OPEN for the majority of the day every day eliminating the entire purpose of living in a gated community. Secondly they misplaced the foundation of my home by over 8 feet. When I brought this to their attention they acted as if it happens every day to them! I work in real estate and construction so I suppose this should have been a big red flag but I was so busy with my own work I still continued with these purchases. They relocated my foundation but did so in such a quick time period that they failed to allow for proper settling, my own construction experts have confirmed that the land would need substantial time to re-settle after being disturbed in this manner. I inspected the property mid-way through construction and noticed cracking all over the concrete exterior walls of the homes and other signs of poor workmanship. I asked the sales manager about this and he never responded. Within another few days the Pulte Group had applied the Stucco so you could no longer SEE the cracks instead of actually FIXING the cracks and other areas of shoddy workmanship. On top of all of this they agreed to provide a mortgage for one of the homes under certain terms with a written approval more than 60 days before the scheduled closing. Then just 8 days before the closing they contacted me and completely changed the terms giving me no option but to accept their terms or lose my deposits of over $40,000. When I expressed that this might be a problem with less than 8 days before the closing they sent me a letter telling me I was in DEFAULT and they would be taking my entire deposits if I did not close on their originally scheduled closing dates.

These people are not professional and they apparently have significantly reduced their construction standards. I am not sure if they are just scamming people for the deposits so they can re-sell the property for a better profit or not but I can say with certainty that they are completely unprofessional and NO ONE should do business with these people. These were my 2nd and 3rd Pulte Homes so I was previously satisfied with this company. Something has seriously changed and I would be very wary of doing any purchases with this company. Don't risk your hard earned money. Avoid The Pulte Group at all cost.

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