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Posted on Saturday, January 6th, 2001 at 12:00am CST by d701b4f4

Company: Service at Just Wash It -- 9200 S. Main St.

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From: Joetta Sneed [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_18764#]

RE: Service at Just Wash It -- 9200 S. Main St.

I am writing about an incident that unfortunately occured at Just Wash It on 9200 S. Main st.

Because of their negligence, I now have $525.75 worth of car damage after taking my car there to get it detailed.

They refuse to pay and have offered several excuses as to why they shouldn't pay for it.

None of the excuses are that they didn't do it because they know that they are responsible:

On December 30, 2000, I took my car to Just Wash It at 9200 S. Main to get it detailed. First, the workers there broke off my door handle.

Rather than investigating the entire situation, one of the owners, Keith Bruce, blamed it on normal wear and tear.

After we talked and talked, he reluctantly wrote me a letter stating he would cover the reasonable cost of the damage if the Toyota Company did not (which of course they wouldn't because the handle breaking off had nothing to do with the Toyota Company).

Two hours later, they were still unfinished with my car but I had to leave because I had another appointment.

Before I left, the worker who worked on my car tried to influence me to pay him and he would give me $10 off instead of paying the store. I declined his offer of course.

By the time I reached my destination, I looked down and noticed that my center console had also been severely cracked.

I didn't have time go back to the shop so I sent a friend who lives nearby 'Just Wash It' to get the phone number so that I could try to convince them to stay open until I returned to their shop.

They gave her a phony number because I called that number several times and it was not their shop number. I went back the next day, and the owner very rudely expressed to me that he was doing me a 'favor' by offering to pay reasonable costs for the door handle even though they were the ones to break it off.

He was accusing me of lying about the whole thing, so I told him as a customer, I did not appreciate being accused and would appreciate the situation being investigated.

He told me to give him until Tuesday to talk to his worker. I went back there Tuesday, January 2, 2001, and spoke to the other owner, Barry McDonley, who said he had already spoken with his partner Keith Bruce who was not present at the shop.

He was EXTREMELY RUDE!!! He looked at the damages, said they were not going to pay ANYTHING (even though they previously told me they were).

He said they were not responsible because my car is old. My car is a 92 Toyota Camry, is in good condition, and I don't even have 100,000 miles on it.

I told him that since he wasn't going to pay for damages they made on my car, that I would make sure other customers knew what happens when 'Just Wash It' damages something on their cars.

He told me to 'take that phony thing off my car (I have a Jesus sticker on the back) and get off his property'.

I was shocked by this incident because I have never, up to this point, had my property so disrespected or treated so badly by owners of a company.

They never investigated the situation even though they said they would, and they refused to honor their letter and fix the damage.

I strongly believe that if they would have talked to their employees who worked on my car they could have gotten to the truth of the situation instead of casting the blame on me and the Toyota Company.


Joetta Sneed


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