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Posted on Saturday, January 6th, 2001 at 12:57pm CST by bca98c70

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From: Azileretsis * COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_18775#

Date: Friday, January 05, 2001 12:57 PM

Update - 1/4/01 -No Supervisor above sup, Address given: Dell Home Systems, PO BOX 149261, Austin TX, 78714-9261 Supervisor can't do anything. Melinda wasn't helpful, she terminated the call without fully assisting me. Spent 40 minutes.

Update - 1/4/01 -waited 20 minutes (You'd think with computer sells down (,1643,500295841-500471013-503185156-0,00.html/body/0,1634,coFILE), Dell would treat their customers better, NOPE!) Going to try to go up the ladder now. Cory (Sup: Melinda)

Update - 1/2/01 - New Year. No computer. Called Dell CS. They don't have a clue why it's not shipping. Eight more days till it's been a month since they told me they would exchange my useless system. Talked to Cynthia Jones Supervisor of Returns Department. Waited 30 minutes for CS, wasted another lunch hour.

Update - 12/26 - Called Dell, spoke to Kathy, sup(Erin). Told I would receive my system by 1/3 or 4, maybe tomorrow (who are they kidding). This time asked, if I would like an email confirmation.

Update - 12/22 - Called Dell Support at 9:00, listened to the elevator music for 40 minutes before figuring out I wouldn't get through. 12/20-Just got off the phone with Dell customer service - Harriet, sup(Kelly). I was told that my system is in "production" with parts on backorder.

Story: In September, I bought an overpriced XPS B800 after 6+ months of research from the Dell refurb. As a web developer, I thought I would appreciate a solid system.

Since it was my "first" computer, I submitted to my friends' advice concerning tech support. I bought the whole package, extremely nice sound system (HK), VideoCard (GeForce) 19-inch Trinitron monitor. Like any computer people out there, I didn't use much of my computer since I use computers all the time at work.

Basically, I used it total of 50 hours, maybe, in the last three months. I should have known I had a crappy system when the power wouldn't stay on on my system when I first got it.

I gave Dell a chance, talked to them nicely and went through the whole 12 step program and they gave me an answer, sent another power supply.

Well, took time off work to get my system fixed, the tech guy was really nice but while he was changing the power supply, he messed up my floppy drive. Stupid me, I took a month to get back to Dell about the floppy drive.

I wasn't using my computer much anyways and finally when a friend told me horror stories about tech support, I called. I only used my computer to watch movies and not much else during this time. I started to notice though my system was really slow.

I had hard time typing because words wouldn't show up and programs were taking forever to start. Anyways, finally called beginning of December. By then, I was just upset but politely went through the 12-step program.

They wanted to send me a new floppy drive and then was about to hang up on me (Tip: Tech support cannot not hang up on you, you could and can talk forever.) when I asked again about my system. Finally, talked to the Sup and he told me to look it up on a website.

After telling him, i had no access to the Internet and wasn't required to (another broadband nightmare) when I bought the computer from Dell.

By this time, I was upset because I was treated like a fly, someone to be brushed off. He went through the steps with me with my Startup and Defrag and my computer was just as slow. He then blamed it on my OS (W98)and my 3 programs (Web Dev programs BTW, just as warning to web devs out there). He told me to call CS.

Next morning, I was talking to Dell CS. After trying to give me the round-about, I finally convinced them to give me another system.

They told me it would be shipped right out. I called the week after and was told that b/c of an icestorm, it would sent out that day or day after.

I called a few minutes ago and was given excuses about being the holiday season and backorders. Basically, I was NOT told when I would get my system.

Do I have anything good to say about Dell?

They have a okay website.

Screwed and Sincere,



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