McDonald's - Restaurants, McDonalds, Miami Gardens, FL consumer worried about overcharges for recent order

Posted on Monday, January 3rd, 2000 at 12:00am CST by 660a9d36

Company: McDonald's

Location: miami gardens rd., next to miami gardens plaza

Category: Restaurants, Bars

to whom this may concern: this morning at 930 am, on jan 2 of 2001, my fiance and i went to mcdonald's to get breakfast in miami, florida.

the location is on miami gardens rd, right next to the miami gardens plaza. the lady who worked at the cash register did NOT speak ANY english, over charged me for breakfast, AND tried giving me only 1 has brown when i ordered the supersized breakfast combo.

she cahrged me $12-13 when it should have been $7-8. i bought the breakfast combo # 2 supersized (which was supposed to contain a bacon, cheese, and egg on a biscuit w/2 hash browns and a large drink) and a #10 supersized (which was supposed to be contained of a steak, egg, and cheese on a bagel w/2 hash browns and a large drink).

the lady made a #11 for my fiance, which we took it back and the lady gladly exchanged it for us, BUT! she ONLY gave us 1 hash brown for each meal instead of 2 for each meal.

w/each meal, it should have cost no more than $2.50 for the #2, no more than $3-4 for the #10, and i know there's at least $1 charge to supersize both of my meals.

so, how did it come up to $12-13?!

i would like someone to take care of this for me.

so, if someone could contact me, that would be great to tell me what was going on w/the mcdonald's that we went to. thank you for your time and have a nice day. sincerely, marie


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