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RE: Complaints about Christmastime flights - ATA

Hello, I flew with ATA over Christmas weekend, and am appalled to say that I still have not been able to get a Customer Service representative on the phone to try and get some kind of compensation for the immense troubles that I incurred.

This issue needs to be resolved.

Complaint One --

outbound flight I flew on December 22nd on flight 133 from Chicago to Washington, D.C., which was scheduled to depart at 6.35am.

This was the day that the president of the airline had to fly into Chicago to settle all of the numerous flight problems that ATA had.

My flight left an hour late, and we boarded the plane EARLY. We were therefore on the plane for over an hour and a half while only being told they were "finishing paperwork."

Not only that, but there was NO HEAT on our plane the ENTIRE TIME we sat on the ground.

While it was 45 degrees below zero outside, we were forced to sit in a sub-zero temperature airplane for nearly two hours.

It was actually a good 45 minutes before the flight crew even closed the doors to the plane, which was letting in wind the whole time.

Why couldn't we have been let out of the plane when it was below freezing inside and the crew knew and acknowledged that we had no heat?

Why were we forced to sit on the plane with nothing more than a tiny blanket to keep us warm? On top of that, it was a good half an hour after we finally took off before the heat started working at all.

Complaint Two

-- return flight I flew back to Chicago on December 26th, on the flight that leaves Washington, D.C. at 12.25pm (I can't find the flight number).

The flight itself was fine, however once we arrived into Midway Airport in Chicago, we waited for ONE HOUR for our luggage to arrive at baggage claim (from a gate that was 2 minutes walking distance from the baggage claim--not a gate that was at the opposite end of the airport even).

5-10 minutes isn't unusual, but an hour is absolutely unheard of. (I've never been forced to wait for luggage for more than 20 minutes in my entire life.)

Passengers were stacked up from subsequent flights who were also not receiving luggage, and it was a zoo. It was at least half an hour into our wait before an ATA representative even mentioned that "we'll announce baggage claim info for other flights when we know."

Not a single person could be found who could tell us why we were forced to wait for an hour for our luggage. These two problems that I had are unacceptable.

Not to mention that I have called your Customer Service number (877) 617-1139 several times, and on not one occasion, even after holding for over half an hour, have I been able to get a human on the phone!

In the several days following Christmas, I called several times a day. Half the time the number automatically disconnected me or else transferred me immediately to voicemail.

When I finally did leave a voicemail (I believe on Friday December 29th), the recording said that I would receive a call back within 3 business days.

Two weeks later, and my call has not been returned. I've spent a total of probably over three hours of my time over the last few weeks trying to get in contact with a Customer Support representative to resolve this issue.

I am extremely disappointed with your customer service, and I want to know how I am going to be compensated for all of these problems and all of the time I've lost due to trying to get this issue resolved.

This has really been unacceptable service.

Thank you,

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