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Posted on Monday, February 5th, 2001 at 9:28pm CST by f72b6d1f

Product: laminate flooring

Company: Pergo

Category: Home, Garden

Pergo flooring was installed in my home in 4/97. Developed problems with this product buckling at seams within a month of installation. Although this product purports a 15 year warranty, to date (12/97) after numerous complaints, neither the manufacturer nor the retailer has corrected the problems. They are quite good at giving one the run around. This seems to be what they do best. CONSUMERS BEWARE OF PERGO FLOORING PRODUCTS AND WARRANTY SERVICES. January 1998 / Compliments / Pergo laminate flooring / COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65690# We had the Pergo purple sand installed in our kitchen, breakfast room, hallway, utility, and bathroom, and are delighted with it. We have had no problems in 9 months, except that Pergo has now discontinued our pattern and there is almost no available supply. I have contacted them by e-mail and they have not been helpful. January 1998 / Deception / Laminate Flooring / COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65691# Both Home Depot and Pergo told me that when Pergo Flooring is installed, the seams are completely invisible. Home Depot has a sample of Pergo flooring that appears to be three panels wide, and there are no visible seams. I spent over $2000 on Pergo flooring that was installed by Home Depot, and every seam is visible. It looks like linoleum, not hardwood. It is very ugly, and lowers the value of my home. I called Home Depot, they told me to call Pergo. I called Pergo, they told me to call Home Depot. Both Pergo and Home Depot have a "satisfaction guarantee," and both are refusing to honor that guarantee. Both are giving me the runaround in a big way. If you are considering laminate flooring, DONT DO IT! Hardwood only costs a little more, looks much better, and is much more durable. Whatever you choose in flooring, don't buy it from Home Depot. they are not concerned with quality, and don't honor their guarantee. April 1998 / Deception / Pergo Flooring / COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65692# During April '98, we had installed pergo flooring in the kitchen, eating area, and foyer. After approximately 2 weeks, we started noticing puckering on the edges of a few seems. After contacing the retailer where we purchased the product (they also employed the installer)they sent the installer to review the situation, the installer advised it was a problem with pergo in that it tends to "peak" on the edges and there was no problem with their installation. In addition, I 've contacted Pergo on several occasions and they in turn have sent inspectors on 3 separate occasions. In each inspection, they've failed to provide me a copy of the report....I only hear that the problem is not with their product. April 1998 / Awesome / Beech-planked Laminate Flooring / COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65693# I installed pergo myself in 1998 and have had no problems. I installed over 500 Square feet by myself for the first time. I was told that i didnt really need the clamps used to install it, but found that they were quite necessary. After talking to several people including a general contractor, I believe that that most people do not install it correctly. I feel it's a superior product and recommend it to anyone. I would suggest though that you get references from satisfied customers first.You can e-mail me at COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65694# A satisfied customer, Jack July 1998 / Complaints / Flooring / COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_20977#. That complaint you saw has costs Pergo $ since it was registered. I've heard from interior designers, builders, and individuals all over the country who decided against using Pergo because of the problems I have had with Pergo. I also hear from others who have problems with their Pergo flooring. Just last week a lady wrote to me who had already the flooring, saying there was so much glue outside of the seams nothing would remove it. There were also sticky areas in the center of each plank that were there when the materials were delivered. She was told by installers this would come off when she cleaned the floor. She has tried everything, but the glue and sticky areas still remain. Her flooring was " professional installers, trained by Pergo ". She is now involved with the same people I was involved with to get my problem resolved. They tell her the product is defective, but Pergo is doing nothing to correct, the same as they did with me. My flooring was installed by Pergo trained installers, if there really is such a thing.

I started noticing the puckering between planks and buckling where planks joined end to end right away. I went round and round with retailer and Pergo over this. Nobody did anything about it. Pergo sent out an independent inspector who reported to Pergo the product was defective. Nobody did anything about it. I filed an action in local civil court against the retailer for twice the cost of the flooring .

I had to sue the retailer because it is difficult to sue someone out of state in a civil matter. The retailer paid off before the court date. I still have my puckered floor for the time being until I decide what to replace it with. But, I also have the money to invest in a different type flooring.......Probably hardwood flooring. Pergo is out there selling a product to consumers, while the real place it belongs is back at the drawing board. Problem with my floor had nothing to do with water. It was a manufacturing defect. Please don't fall for that "Pergo trained installers "stuff either. They all say that..........Sylvia November 1998 / Deception / Red Oak Flooring / COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65695# i had the flooring installed back in Oct. 98 and i have had problems with it since. the seems buckle as the weather changes. my wife dropped a dinner plate on the floor, and the plate actually took three nicks out of the floor. for a flooring that is supposed to have such a hi dent rating(compared to hardwood) i don't understand why. i've also got an area that the seem looks like it has water damage. the edges are staring to peel, and god only knows if it will continue to spread. i've contacted pergo and received the run around for a couple of months now. the floor looks nice, but after just remodeling my kitchen, then a new floor--the last thing we needed is a $2800 floor to fail us! it's just added stress! June 1999 / Deception / Pergo Laminate Flooring / COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65696# / 7/15/2000. We installed Pergo laminate flooring after being aggravated by constantly scrubbing, sealing, waxing etc, "regular" vinyl flooring. We believed the ads that touted durability. After a years time, the floor is curling on the edges, scratching, and when a glass was dropped and broken, it took a chip out of the laminate. The flooring is impossible to clean. (no matter what I clean it with, it leaves streaks. The only way to clean it to my satisfaction is to damp clean, then buff dry. (This is a hand and knees operation.) My recommendation for this product: Do not consider it. There are other products that are no in the same price range (expensive) that appear to last a lot longer, and with easier care.


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aafc3c20, 2007-12-20, 05:24AM CST

I installed about 1200 square feet of Pergo laminate flooring material about 9 or 10 years ago in a room that gets full afternoon sun until it goes down, a direct west facing 10' glass slider in the center of the wall in this room and still to this day that floor looks absolutely beautiful. As with any product there will always be a handful of consumers that will be dissatisfied. When a product yields a high percentage of complaints as compared to the amount of the product that has sold, then it is time to reconsider purchasing it to begin with. Pergo has sold literally millions of these packages of flooring planks yet only a small handful of complaints actually exist. Do the math. Invest not only your money but your ability to take care of your floor in a way that does justice to the money you've spent. Also... what ever gave you the idea that you could get the look of authentic hardwood flooring by purchasing a product that claims it looks just like hardwood flooring yet costs considerably less than hardwood flooring? Haven't any of you learned by now that in this country you get what you pay for? If it cost more than the other one it is better. Period. Less means inferior. If you weren't such a cheapskate to begin with you would've bought real hardwood flooring and had nothing to complain about, or would you?!

711d3b1f, 2007-12-31, 10:18PM CST

To the business person who installed 1200sq.ft. of pergo 9 -10yrs. ago, I have a question. What product and method are you using for cleaning your pergo floor?


2442cb1b, 2008-10-06, 01:18PM CDT

same problem as everyone else. Lowes did the installation. Buckling at the seams. Pergo said we had moisture, The installer said he put down a moisture barrier and Lowes is doing nothing.

I would never buy Pergo products again and will warn anyone I know to avoid their products. And Lowes is not too far behind them on my list to avoid doing business.

ec407754, 2009-01-15, 08:51PM CST

We bought Pergo and installed it ourselves. Spending close to 1,000 on about 120 linear ft. It's been damn near perfect for 10 years now!

d212b794, 2009-02-04, 12:16PM CST

We recently replaced an 11-year old Pergo floor in our kitchen with new Pergo when we had our home renovated. We loved the old Pergo floor; we did the installation ourselves, using Pergo glue, and the floor was durable, easy to clean (wipe with a damp cloth!) and most importantly, was never damaged by water despite numerous opportunities.

The new floor is a huge disappointment. Within a week, it was badly damaged by a small water spill that swelled the the seams between the planks, creating buckling and warping.

Perhaps I was naive to assume that the new product would be as good as the previous product, but I feel Pergo has done its customers a major disservice by changing this product to the "Easy Install" glue-less installation method. The glue clearly made the old flooring more water-resistant, and Pergo does not even make the glue anymore! If I had had the option of gluing it again, I would have. (The old Pergo product warranty actually specified that the glue must be used for the warranty to be valid) I also feel that the manufacturer needs to be more up-front about the unsuitability of this product for use in kitchens or anywhere it might possibly get the slightest bit wet. As their rep cooly told me, the warranty does not cover damage due to water.

It's a shame; the old Pergo took longer to install, but it was a better product. I would advise anyone considering a laminate floor (and I still think laminate can be a good choice, depending on your needs) to choose a product that gives you the option of glueing the planks together; I think Armstrong makes one. I wish I had done more research, rather than naively being loyal to Pergo, because they sure weren't loyal to me!

223d20fc, 2009-09-12, 07:43AM CDT

There is a major consideration when wanting to use a laminate floor. The sub-floor MUST have certain tolerances of flatness. I had my builder shoot a laser beam across floor to make sure the sub-floor was well within these tolerances-luckily it was. Regular hardwood does not need as much perfection in the levels-Pergo, etc. does.

Check the tolerances before ever putting down a laminate floor.

cb4b2624, 2011-04-04, 02:31PM CDT

Don't buy Pergo! I did and had it installed by Lowes (their "factory authorized subcontractor") in my hallway, kitchen and powder room. From day one, I had issues with transition strips and moldings coming loose -all were replaced numerous times at additional cost to me for material.Their exclusive Pergo Cottage Oak floor came with a 35 year warranty but in just 5 years the flooring has warped, corners are cracking, sections of laminate are peeling, and the boards are loosing color - every joint of this floor moves when you walk on it. If you are barefoot your feet will be pinched by the loose planks. Now the floor is separating at the joints and the color is wearing off at the seams and corners.Pergo won't honor their warranty because I have a slab foundation. But this is the product that Lowes recommended and it is endorsed by Pergo for installation over concrete! I am stuck with pieces of junk instead of the beautiful floor that Pergo & Lowes promised. See Pergo's website and the great dane running across the flooring -it is a pack of lies. This floor won't hold up so save your money. I'm out over $4400 and the floor looks terrible! It will never be functional.Update -Lowes & Pergo offered $1220 settlement (half each) for this although I paid $1500 for the installation alone.

afd91b20, 2013-09-24, 10:04AM CDT

Are there any health concerns, lung problems, reported on Pergo laminated flooring. We have most of our home floors covered with the product and my wife has developed breathing problems. Wondering if there are any ingredients that could cause this. There seems to be something that kills bugs that get on the flooring and we thought maybe this was caused by something in the flooring.

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