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Posted on Sunday, February 4th, 2001 at 4:51pm CST by b5be5c31

Company: Fossil, Inc.

Location: Crystal Court, Bear Street

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Fossil, Inc

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From: Janna Armstrong COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_20992#

Date: Saturday, February 03, 2001 04:51 PM February 3, 2001 TO:

Kosta Kartsotis, CEO

Fossil, Inc.

P O Box 853914

Richardson, TX 75085-3914

Dear Mr. Kartsotis, I have a complaint that I want to bring to your attention. It concerns exchanges and returns with the clothing at Fossil, Inc., and I hope someone can resolve this. The particular store I'm writing about is located at Crystal Court, Bear Street, Costa Mesa.. This experience has left me furious. Here's the problem: I purchased a Fossil Watch in February 2000 at Macy's. I took this watch in to the new Fossil store at Crystal Court, South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA), to have the battery replaced prior to Christmas. I was told that the watch would need to be sent to your repair facility, as having someone else do it would "void the warranty", and could result in water leaking inside the waterproof seal.

I reluctantly agreed. Three weeks later I received a call from the store to let me know my watch was back. So I went to pick it up, paid my $5, and went on my way. I wore my watch the next day in the shower, which I had done EVERY DAY prior to bringing it to have the battery replaced. To my dismay, I found that water had accumulated inside the crystal. I returned to the store, where the manager explained that he would send it back to be 'fixed'. Two weeks later I received another call- my watch is back, but could not be fixed, and I had a store credit for $105.

I went to the store, hoping to find the same watch. I was told it was no longer made/sold. I asked if it would be possible to have a gift certificate/credit valid at any store- not just Fossil (ie Macy's) NO. Could they try to find the same watch somewhere? NO. So, I ask for my old watch back...NO!! I ask for my money back..NO. The manager told me that he didn't know of anyone else who would offer a 'whole new watch' in this situation...I didn't WANT a whole new watch- I wanted the one I had brought in to have the battery changed.

As far as I'm concerned, your company (or the person representing your company who 'fixed' the watch) is responsible for it being damaged. He also basically accused me of lying/trying to defraud the store, by implying that he had no way of knowing that there wasn't something wrong with the watch to begin with. This is absolutely ridiculous! HE was the one who checked the watch in, and the one who returned it to me, working, after the battery was replaced!! And he has the nerve to insult me??

I now have a watch that I DON'T LIKE, in place of a watch that I LOVED, and that had sentimental value (a gift from my husband)

Here's the particulars:

The original watch:

SKU: 796483730915 Steel $105.00

The new watch:

SKU: 796483751309 Steel $95.00

Store number 307

Cashier: David. I was speaking with the manager, whose name I don't know..he asked one of the sales associates to process the return- I think this was David.

Here's the info from the bottom of the receipt I have:

STR307 RO2 Tran8305 01/31/01 1:51 PM

I may have the original box and receipt from the watch purchased at Macy's, if needed..I was not expecting to have to deal with all this just to change a battery! I bought 4 watches from Fossil, as well as a purse, and manicure set as a gift. I have never been so disappointed with a company and its' service.

Here's how you can help me:

1. Find me the same watch that I originally purchased, and I will gladly return the one that I have right now. I really don't care for it, and only accepted it as I felt I had no other option. OR

2. Refund my money. ($95.00) I accepted 10.75 as a refund in cash at the time of the return.


3. Repair the watch that was originally damaged by your company.


4. Apologise, and find some way of making amends for the poor service I have received. No-one even apologised when I went to the store- they acted as though they were doing me a favour.

I frequently shop with your company, so I hope you'll be open to my input. When I have shopped with you in the past, I have spent and average of around $80.00.

Based on my overall experiences with your company, I am extremely unhappy. In the future, I will not do business with your company. Also, I definitely won't recommend your company to others. Thanks for listening to my complaint. I hope it is addressed.


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0828fe09, 2008-01-07, 04:16AM CST

get over it

a2ac4ec3, 2008-03-11, 01:30PM CDT

Wow! After reading how the company and manager treated their customer, I will not purchase from Fossil any longer. Who would if they knew they would be treated like that ?!? What an incompetent manager and what a shame she was put in this situation. Hopefully, the company will not only rethink their customer service policy, but also do itself a favor and fire that manager!

546efc7b, 2008-10-06, 09:50AM CDT

Ok..So first of all, I worked at a Fossil store in Texas for over a year, so let me just say this. Because you bought the watch at Macy's, technically the store has absolutely no responsibility for it. There was no way that they could have given you a gift card for both that store and Macy's. It's just not realistic.

They gave you credit for a new watch, which is the policy. Maybe your attitude had a lot to do with the way that you were being treated.

We do not have any control over which watches we keep in the store and which ones get sent out to the outlet stores. Try finding your watch in one of those.

Why did you even pick a watch you weren't happy with? It feels as if you're just looking for something else to complain about.


079bb6d2, 2009-02-13, 01:21AM CST

I'm having the same problem with Fossil in Australia. Took a watch in to be fixed under warrenty, they have replaced the battery which is not covered by warrenty and now want me to pay for it. Fair enough except the watch still doesn't work (completely dead) and they won't fix it. Will swap for another watch (a different style as the style of my watch has been discontinued) but still want me to pay for the new battery into the broken watch they they are swapping. Maddness.

I won't ever go there again for anything.

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