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1ea91f8d, 2008-03-08, 08:26PM CST

UPS is the worst company for customer service, I really detest using companies that ship with them, and have now notified those companies that I will not purchase, or accept packages from this company. These guys make the IRS, used car salkesmen, and lawyers look good

92168332, 2008-03-10, 07:13AM CDT

I completely agree that UPS is AWFUL when it comes to customer service. I will NEVER EVER use them if I have a choice in shipping companies. My first choice is DHL followed by FedEX. UPS needs to really retrain their representatives!!!

4e217ffe, 2008-03-21, 08:56AM CDT

I am dealing with UPS right now and am very unhappy. An e bay seller is shipping me a computer( lap top). My new address failed to update on Pay Pal and the shipper said they had my new address on file and they e mailed me the address they had on file so that I can verify. Now come to find out, my computer is going to the old address half an hour away and I am on bed rest. I called UPS since the package is in transit and they said I need to "go to my old apartment and knock on the door and let the new tenants know that I am expecting a package" I told her I can't, I am on bed rest, she started yelling at me. I asked her if there was a signature required and she hung up on me. I am very disappointed. I don't even know when the package is going to arrive so how am I supposed to go to my old place. What am I supposed to do, camp out on their porch so I know when it arrives? I will never use UPS!

7b6db967, 2008-04-02, 09:43AM CDT

I agree. UPS customer service is horrible.

I sent an item via my UPS account 3 weeks ago insured for $1400. For some 'odd' reason they sent it insured for $50,000!!!. A Week later I receive a bill charging me $440 more than it should have been. it has been almost two weeks now, and still no credit. I called again today and demanded a supervisor, who said nobody did anything to credit my creditcard back (even though I was on the phone with them for 30minutes the week prior and was told to expect the money 3-4 days after). Now the supervisor said it will be credited NEXT WEEK, as they only credit ONCE A WEEK ON SATURDAY. So looks like basically they are holding on to $440 of my money for 3.5weeks , and that is IF I even get it next week. I am going to complain to corporate, but I doubt it will do anything. I just canceled my UPS account and will never use them again.

873e61f5, 2008-05-20, 11:17PM CDT

UPS is SUCKS!!!!

I got a infoNotice, so waited for a delivery on next atempt day. Delivery didn't come. then I called to customer, support woman told me She was sorry and don't worry your item will deliver next day.

But didn't com. and called again and told with angly

at 6PM, support said that let a driver go to your place at 8PM... You know result...

I confirmed distination address and checked website for tracking status changed.

I can't understand why they didn't keep schedule.

Do they wany to try to lose their trust????

b9b8c4d2, 2008-05-30, 06:48AM CDT

Same problems. I ordered a product, and it said it was coming and on time. It said this even in the next day. Apparently my product is coming yesterday? So we call up the day after and they tell me OOPS! Its in germany. GERMANY!!! They fucking sent it 370 miles away. Im sitting here being told I have to deal with it, and it will be a week from order until its in my hands. NEXT DAY DELIVERY MY ASS.

13423ca1, 2008-05-30, 12:14PM CDT

I could not agrre more. The same thing happened to me. UPS is unreliable.

0979ede0, 2008-06-04, 03:06PM CDT


1. They lie

2. They are not willing to work to resolve the problem

3. They became so fat, thus don't care about customers anymore.

4. They are rude.

5. They should be out of the industry

c673c18a, 2008-06-05, 02:29PM CDT

I agree, I'm so sick of UPS, everytime i ship something ground, 4 days later i received the package, and all i get from them is "Oh its the providers fault" then when i personally contact them they show me proof that it was out of there hands, im so sick of UPS i swear

433c7fd0, 2008-06-05, 02:42PM CDT

I'm so sick of UPS, everytime i ship Ground i get the package 3 days late, even when the delivery date is set 3 days before, when i call UPS oh of course its not there fault, its the providers fault, when i go out of my way to find proof that UPS was lying and i get paperwork from the provider showing the product was shipped out at the correct time, ups only says "oh im sorry sir", Sorry...there sorry?!, like sorries is going to help anything, "Oh there sorry!, ok great atleast there "sorry" Listen, UPS is a garabge organization, i've worked there, i know what goes on first hand, if they arent making $ from you, and u dont send the package 2-3 day delivery, they wont ship the package at the correct time, its that simple, maybe next time you'll make them some $ and you'll get your package on-time, bunch of garbage ups is full of lies and decete.

1aea8d18, 2008-06-19, 05:49PM CDT

I have never had an account with these people. I have an internet parts business and Fedex has served us well for 6 years. I have one customer however who insists that I send his orders by UPS using his account number. Today I went to the nearest UPS Store # 5745 (as I always do) with his order. I was told they no longer provide waybills!! I was told if I wanted to ship his order I needed to pay for it and recoup my money from him directly or go to the hub at the opposite end of the city and ship it with them. I thought maybe they just didn't provide paper waybills anymore but instead wnted me to fill out the waybill online but he condescendingly explained that they "No longer have waybills paper or online" and I "should either pay now to ship here or go to the hub". Have they lost their marbles? They will definitely lose marketshare with this attitude.

f42fbe0e, 2008-06-20, 11:26AM CDT

On Tues 6/17 I waited all day in my apartment for a SCHEDULED delivery from UPS, after several so called attempts had failed. After 8 hours, I went down to check my mail and found a delivery attempt ticket ON THE FLOOR. I had not left my apartment and NO ONE rang my bell! They had placed the ticket without ever ringing my bell! This is apparently what the drivers do if they DON'T FEEL LIKE DELIVERING. Several people have told me that they have observed this behavior. BIG BROWN-you can say that again! This is a company that you can SCRAPE OFF YOUR SHOES. Everyone from the drivers on up has lied to me about the timing of "deliveries". They really want you to pick it up yourself. Customer service is just another 2 word phrase- they don't care. I will now NO LONGER DO BUSINESS with any organization that uses UPS. If enough people do this, they will have to get into the 21st century or, hopefully, go out of business.

0fa99581, 2008-07-03, 03:56PM CDT

I Totally agree with every one's comment, not only does it happen in US it walso happens in CANADA too!!! I was charge a searching fee of $8.00 which is fine if they say I enter the wrong info or selected the type of payment and that they had to do a search. That's fine but on the 2nd time around they charged me for the freaking shipping charge of $50.00!!!! instead of the searching fee... I spoke to the guy and basically he said, it's too bad and depend on who you get, or what they feel like to charge you.. so I said I want to speaking to the billing manager and he said sorry no one will answer and I said I want to persue this further and he said I CAN"T!!! I can't my *(&^#*&#^@*$&^!!!!! so I think we should petition or do something because a big corp like UPS should hear their client voices!!!! at the end we pay!!! never them!!!! :(

4697aba3, 2008-07-09, 07:11PM CDT

Absolutely agree!


4976826f, 2008-07-11, 07:23PM CDT

This is what happened to me! Im with you!

I ordered some things from a nursery... 3 trees... I get delivery here all the time by UPS and often they screw it up. This time, the idiot couldnt find my address. No calls for directions from him or anything! I called the office 3 TIMES and gave directions.. Still a no show. Last call to them they said they would re schedule delivery on Monday.. that waould 4 days from the supposed delivery date. These are LIVE trees! and cannot be in a box that long. I told them to foget it, I would pick them up myself. I paid 50.00 in shipping charges and then have to pick them up myself? Well, the next day I drove out to get my trees... This is in Sallisaw Oklahoma. What do I find? Locked doors. So I walked around to the back loading dock. No one. I started calling out hello!! Finally I found a guy hid out in a small building. He took my shipping statement and went to find my parcel.You wont believe what we found there at the Sallisaw UPS Depot. There were packages strewn everywhere around laying in the dirt, tossed under a picnic table and even out in the parking area (gravel and dirt in behind the UPS depot where they load trucks.) I picked a couple of them up, and they were full, taped, and addresses on them for shipping. And here they were tossed in the dirt, gravel and hot sun, just laying out there. Anyone could just walk off with them. Not stacked up, not in a neat pile... I'm saying it looked like they just threw them out and left them lay where they landed. No wonder UPS is always losing packages for people!! Its probably stuck under a bumper or a wild dog drug if off somewhere. I couldn't believe it! These people need put out of business and they have lost me as a long time customer. I have always shipped UPS and I do alot of shipping with our business. No more!

S. Gardner

dde05890, 2008-07-22, 04:39PM CDT

ups is the worst carrier provider. acouple years back they lost my ladder rack. its a freaken ladder rack for a truck how can you lose a package as big as a truck?? this time i am 3 days late and still waiting for a package singature required .. dont bother using them dont bother calling them fed ex from now on

4ca2ed10, 2008-08-19, 08:10AM CDT

Here is what happened to me:

UPS promised to deliver a tub by 5:00p. I called around 3:45p to just make sure, and I was told that it would be there. 5:30p still no tub. Called again, and learned that the tub never left the terminal!

Delivery had to be next Monday between 8:00-11:00. Called again in the morning to just make sure, and learned that it would be between 11:00a-3:00p.

All the while, the contractor was charging me a flat fee for just coming out another day, and every hour that he waited. Called and asked UPS to cover this cost because this was their fault. Learned that nobody could authorize to pay for anything. Quote: "It is not our policy to cover this type of cost, we are sorry."

Numerous phone calls were made to their headquarter, transferred back and forth, every time was told a different story. Their terminal manager even told me that someone from UPS called me and got me authorized the next Morning delivery, a flat out lie.

In the end, I finally got them agree to write off the freight charge. But then, since it's the tub company who used UPS, they could not directly reimburse me for the shipping. I had to call the tub company. See how much fun this is?

I've been dealing with all kinds of customer services over all kinds of issues, UPS IS THE WORST. I will never ever use UPS. If you have a choice, use someone else, and do not take the chance.

6177d908, 2008-09-23, 05:13PM CDT

I hate UPS too.

I think we should get UPS the hell out of the world.

They have bad service plus bad attitudes towards customers.

I have experienced many failure of delivery from the god damn UPS. And what I got from their customer service was just the same bad answer.

I think we should all fight against UPS. Let it go to hell!!

1482daa7, 2008-09-26, 11:01AM CDT

long story made short.i ordered a pair of shorts on line from oldnay.uexpected date was on tuesday nd today is friday.the tracking number says it is in new jersey and its been there since monday.i call and the lady said "O ITS PROBABLY LOST".wow so i guess this has happened many times before.UPS YOU SUCK

12ad528f, 2008-11-06, 04:57PM CST

ups sucks ,last time i order a gps online ,ups driver delivery the package to my house ,the door was close so he left a notice on my door without even knock on the door.this time i check online , it saids they make two attemp already, but they didn`t even left the notice. don`t use ups.

e46b07a2, 2008-12-01, 04:49PM CST

I have been waiting for a phone to be delivered from rogers. It was scanned and put on the truck on november 25th suppose to be delivered on the 26th. I called UPS customer support serveral times before one of them told me I had to get some sort of IMI or IME number from the shipper because that is their responsability. NO ITS YOUR RESPONSABILITY BECAUSE YOU ARE IN POSSESION OF THE DAMN PACAKAGE. YOU SHOULD HAVE EVEYTHING YOU NEED TO TRACK A PACKAGE IN YOUR NETWORK. Next time I call and you tel me something you have is not your responsability im going to reach through the phone some how and smack you in the face. I will never use UPS again until they fix their customer service and their tracking procedures. Take more responsability for your actions. You have the phone its your responsability until the receiver gets it. OH yea I still dont have my package ad it may be 8 damn business days to track it and do all this mumbo jumbo in the 8 business days and if they cant find it which I will tell you were it is exactally.

It was one of the first things to go on the truck so ever day or ever night when you reload the truck it stays at the back. ding ding ding I found it thats probably where it is, because thats something lazy people do and thats the impression I have been getting from every UPS customer service agnt and every person I Hhave seen at the ups delivery center which i paid a visit to when I thought there was something up.

Thank you an have an excellt day...

98ab7937, 2008-12-28, 01:02AM CST

I am furious with UPS, they are the worst! They are lazy, inefficient and they don't do their job! We had a little bit of snow in Seattle area this Christmas, and because of the shitty UPS services a lot of people were left without presents this year. Mind that the regular, USPS trucks were comimng in and I could drive my car in and out, but UPS couldn't drive their trucks in the snow! What a bunch of BS!

2695cab4, 2008-12-30, 01:16PM CST

I will also never use UPS again. They have had a package that I could've driven to pick up in an hour or less for 7 DAYS just sitting in their warehouse. And when I called to find out if we could pick it up ourselves, they told us it was inaccessible in a trailer somewhere. Compeltely incaccessible. They also refused to contact the depot until we demanded to speak with a manager. Then, they told us it would ship out yesterday, which, package.

They claim this is due to weather. USPS managed to get all pakcages out, and we saw a FedEx driver shovelling the road to get his truck onto our street. There is no excuse for ths lack of competence and service. Absolutely ridiculous!

f6cb9c01, 2009-02-20, 09:44PM CST

Two common complaints about UPS that I also tend to agree with:

Fake delivery attempts (they log that they tried to deliver, but didn't actually). I believe these are often when they are getting close to quitting time and just would rather get on to their weekend - as I have the most trouble out of Friday deliveries.

Second is insane delivery times. Often a driver's area puts him/her in a particular area at about the same time each day - give or take. But sometimes they it may be earlier, and sometimes startlingly late. 3.5 hours of time for each block they check for the notice they leave. But they may or may not get there in that window. So plan on a whole day, and hope you are not one of the last packages to be delivered - especially on a Friday!

This all being said - AT my former address, for about 4 years, we had the same UPS driver. He was awesome and went out of his way to get the job done. He knew where I worked, so would often leave my home delivery packages with me at my work. And I even was able to get some important work packages with my name on them delivered to my home on occasion - all without ever having to call UPS. But when a sub driver was on the route - look out... there was no telling what (or if) you would get.

I also had a package (contained several semi-valuable items) just "disappear" at a UPS facility. It was scanned in, no problem. But then just quit moving in their tracking system. After starting an investigation (with that great local driver I mentioned above helping greatly), they finally just about a month later left a package on my door step when I wasn't home. The box was in pieces and had a bunch of UPS tape all over it. all but two items were gone from the box. No explanation was ever given, though my local driver said that someone probably opened the box and took what they wanted, then threw it in a corner of one of their reject rooms (rooms that screwed up packages, those that are missing mailing labels, and those that are damaged are put into for later sorting and disposal), and that someone finally got to sorting the room and sent the box on its way - complete with about 50 yards of UPS tape to hold the box together. He apologized profusely and said he wished he could do something about it. He finally got fed up with them and quit. Service was never the same again... his replacement was really good at the no-knock stop and the fake delivery attempt game.

d349abba, 2009-06-16, 06:59PM CDT

here is what happened to me,ups driver delivery the package to my house, the door was close soo he left a notice on my door without even know on the door, soo I would pick them up miself.soo the driver is their office and tell my wering for 20 min...after 1 hour they see,,the driver is left,,soo I need came agein after 8 pm...UPS IS SUKS!!!!


23dd8430, 2009-07-31, 04:40PM CDT

UPS has done me wrong many times, I am currently waiting for a package that was "out for delivery" yesterday. Rescheduled delivery today, yet truck has come and gone and driver knows nothing of my package. The fourth person I talked to at UPS tells me the package is lost. But I can't do anything, the shipper has to initiate a tracer on the package to find out where it is. Obviously it is somewhere near me if it was out for delivery. And the best part, Contacted the shipper--->there contract with UPS will not let them do anything yet(have to wait even more). So at this time I am out of the money paid for the item, have no item, and have no idea of when I may get the item. Or for that matter if I will even get it. If they really lost it, I will just cancel the order, have them refund my money and purchase from another merchant that ships FED EX or DHL.

f23d148f, 2009-08-25, 08:30AM CDT


4e40e270, 2009-10-13, 10:45PM CDT

Yes.. Don't use UPS.. many others courier is better than them.

I have submited all necessary import permit on 30 sept and after one week only they called me say i need to submit company ROC. After submited ROC, i wait another week still no update...

Called them many times, just reply we are waiting customs. The worst is they even rushing to hang up the phone.

Talked to senior person, replied me, say you can only talk to the handle person.

I been using fedex for a year and every time clearance is only took 1 to 2days.. how come UPS?

So, Choose the right courier before your shipment. You have many others to choose. Thanks.

45cd793d, 2009-12-03, 10:27PM CST

UPS is worst service i have experienced among any other company. My package was suppose to arrive today, so i was waiting for it and checking online every half hour. after 5:30pm their tracking system updated showing package was missed at the delivery location. so i called customer service and asked what happen, and rep told me that package wasn't on the truck so they couldn't deliver the package.

I asked rep that if i can pick up personally at the UPS location ,rep told me that it is ok for me to pick up and she can make arrangement and some other rep will call me back in an hour.

after 15 minute later another representative call me from 104-01 foster ave facility and told me pick up hour is 08:30pm to 10:30pm and package is there to pick up, when i ask for location she scream on the phone with very impatient voice 104-01 foster ave. and slammed the phone.

when i went to pick up my package at 9:00pm they couldn't find my package and excuse was it was on the truck, so i explained to them the package was never on the tuck and which is why i was there. they told me to wait, and took approx 1 hours and 15 minute. finally one employee called me and give me a phone to talk with "supervisor", which was same female i talked to earlier, she states that my package is on other truck , and i won't be able to get it. so i explain her i was there for over hour, and drove approx about 1 hour to get there, and she started to yell and tell me she never said that i have to come down, then slammed the phone again. i am surprise what kind of people ups been hiring for customer service and after all they are selling service and this is the kind of service they are offering to us. my package was from and they have very good customer service and using very bad delivery service.i wish i have a way to tell newegg to use different carrier.

b34f7688, 2009-12-04, 07:06AM CST

I bought a computer from Ebay and the UPS suppose to deliver it to my home on 12-03-2009. But they never deliver it to me. At night, they send me an email saying "The custumer did not want the order". And it said my order was return.

That is actual lie. :) UPS is really funny and unreliable.

43d37750, 2009-12-16, 06:22PM CST

I totally agree with you, I've 99% bad experiences with the slum dogs they use to deliver. They will ring the door bell for delivery and leave the note and run away. Isn't there something called "ring-the-bell-and-wait-a-minute?" Not with UPS, they train them very poorly. Fedex is so much better in that context, I have had 99% good experience with them. We have to do something to make those UPS to listen up. I am sick of them. Today they just dropped a furniture way out in the alley no where close to my entrance, no signature and ran away. what do you call that kind of delivery men? I am furious and disgusted with them.

d7bb1b14, 2009-12-17, 09:46PM CST

I totally agree. Twice in the last year I have had a company use UPS to send something to me. The first was a computer part that was over $400 and UPS delivered it to the neighbor's son, who has a record. Needless to say, I had to "take it up with the company who sent it" after calling UPS 3 times and the local police. I didn't even get a "We're sorry."

Plus now the neighbor hates me.

The second time, I ordered med.s in mid-November. I was wondering why they were taking so long to get here so I checked the tracking number with UPS tonight. Said the package was delivered 3 days after the order, to my back door. I don't have a back door! They had thrown it over the back fence and not even left me a note. There the package sat in the weather (more than 5 days of heavy rain included) and me non the wiser. And can you actually complain to someone. No!

I absolutely hate this company.

I'm moving, so hopefully the UPS people in the new city are better trained.

80c6dc4a, 2009-12-18, 02:09PM CST

Friday 18th Decemeber.

City link delivered two parcels today where as UPS could not deliver due to adverse weather conditions in London!

Bottom line - Will never use UPS and will not buy from Merchants that ship using UPS.

ccfa241d, 2009-12-18, 10:51PM CST

UPS is great when it works like it's supposed to and totally unaccountable when it doesn't. I paid the big bucks to overnight a credit card to my son and it isn't going to get there until four days after it was guaranteed to get there. You can't file a complaint online and the customer service lady told me they didn't have a complaints department. She did say however that I would get my money back if my son called the UPS store that I shipped it from and make a request and then the UPS store would call UPS and request a refund and UPS would review it and get back to the UPS store and tell them whether or not my son would get the refund and if they said yes then he could send it to me. I asked her how many people jumped through those hoops and she said, "well, not many. Most just use another service." Which is the route I imagine I will go. I just don't see the sense in spending 30 hours trying to get 60 bucks. So UPS, you don't run the tightest ship in the shipping business. You suck.

15a5ecae, 2009-12-23, 09:25AM CST


This is what happened to me on 18.12.2009 too...

I was about to go for a trip and UPS mistake my address that wasted whole of my days... I called them 6 times but just encountered with rude ppl.

I go down to UPS in London. It is worse.I told them that I would like to see someone to tell about my experience. Then they even said that they are not free.

I am so upset and the address is not updated forever. I have to collect my laptop again to their office :(

I hate UPS and SONY VAIO.

72554ace, 2009-12-23, 04:29PM CST

My boyfriend and I ordered two things on the same Friday (Friday before) Christmas this year. I was at work for the first attempt so I received an Info Notice thing on my door saying they tried to deliver at 9-12. ok I was at work from 7-3...that's fine i understand. I'm off today and it's Wednesday...I literally stayed in my living room all day so I would hear a knock on my door....What?! No knock? So I got online to Track My Package...It said they made a 2nd attempt to deliver at 3:18 pm....I was on the couch chilling listening to the rain...So I called the UPS people and they were like...Dude, No way, you didn't get an InfoNotice for today's attempt to deliver? I'm sitting there worried as crap that his gift wont be in on time...Last time I went through UPS they left in our apartment office...Why can't the ladies I trust in the office sign for me?!!! Way more convience for us! Now I have to go to their sub-station between 8p-8:30p tonight....gosh!!! grrr!!!

1aacaf69, 2010-01-26, 10:23AM CST

UPS just generally sucks, i ordered things before with 3 day delivery from them multiple times with tracking information and all. Only to receive my package like a week later after ups picked up the package from the shipper. In fact right now I'm waiting for a package with 3 day shipping once again and it's on the fourth day. It's still in Kentucky and i live in Jersey, no way in hell it's getting here today.

585d3aa4, 2010-02-01, 04:38PM CST

UPS is the worst company ever. I have been waiting for three weeks for a package to large for me to take myself to be picked up. the stupid driver keeps coming at the same exact time and then the one time he changes the time he arrives three hours earlier. This company is shit and i hope that their whole operation goes to hell.

53efe014, 2010-02-06, 01:34AM CST

Yes, an email for a fake delivery is what I received today 02/05/10. I have been looking for this package since Thursday the 4th. The notice said that an attempt was made on the 5th at 12:51 pm. This is a complete and out right lie!!! I live among a population of about 800 at the most. I also live in the only apartment complex one way in and one way out. The complex is right beside the main Hwy that runs from town to town. When there is any type of delivery into our little complex it is always seen because it is such a welcomed sight..LOL It's like seeing the ice cream truck on a hot summer day. Our area is truly rural. The email said a notice was left..You guested it, another lie, no notice was left because no UPS delivery truck came into this complex today...I am soooooo upset and angry because I literally sat by my window for two days anxious for my package arrival. The email said I have to go to a post office to retrieve my package and that the information and location was on the so called notice...Also, on the email is a link for additional information if I have any questions concerning the attempted delivery...Well, I clicked on the link and you guessed it, it doesn't work.. I receive an error message each time I click on the link...One last thing, yes, it's Friday and no post office in or around this rural area is opened until Monday!!!! UPS YOU SUCK!!!!!

4d4c921f, 2010-02-24, 02:06PM CST

And I thought I was the only one having issues with UPS!!! They used to be a half assed decent company but now as far as I am concerned not only are they not half assed, but they also suck ass! I have had to go out of my way and out in the rain to meet the drivers who are a bunch of lazy whiny candy assed momma's boys and still they would not show up. Hell a carrier pigeon could do better.

9dde2ed8, 2010-03-04, 11:15PM CST

Is this seems like it since the two recent orders I made are very similar. I ordered a computer from a company and they chose UPS to deliver it. This was just before Thanksgiving and I should have had it for the Holiday. When I checked on line it said it was delivered. I called them immediantly and they said it was. The next day they dispatched the manager to my store where it should have been delivered and was not. They admitted a mistake was made and it was deliveres somewhere else but the delivery guy couldn't remember which business he delivered it to. I didn't find out until after Thanksgiving where it was delivered and upon delivery to me I refused it and ordered it from another company. Since they used Fedex I had no problem.

Now I ordered from the same company again only this time they require a signature. I thought this to be a plus since my more expensive item didn't require one...hmm go figure. They made an attempt when I wasn't home. I called them and asked that they deliver it after 3:00...their response "They will put that request in but couldn't promise anything. They have since come twice and now I have to go to them and pick it up. Still attempting to deliver it to me late morning. I called them yet again and they suggested I send someone to pick it up for me since I won't be able to get to them before they close... What a pile of crap. I will never do business with any business that uses UPS... I am done. If they tell me that UPS is their choice for all their deliveries I wont do business with them.

e3f33959, 2010-03-16, 12:48PM CDT

I concur. 2nd event in 6 wks. Driver will not come to home 400' from main road. FEDEX arrives, knocks and hands you the parcel.

The 1st time I notified UPS that the driver dropped off the parcel at the garbage PU site(due that day). Happened to see him and retrieved the parcel from DISH.A lady called and immed. left a voicemail. Could not call back - number is such to not accept incoming calls--she never called again.

Today, driver dropped a 31lb parcel at garbage PU site. Spouse with heart condition had to go retrieve the parcel.

I Talked with 4 random UPS drivers and they all commented that they know this dude and "that's the way he does it". Now that's a helluva way this driver does his route. The others say they go to the homes even if in country cause most folks are elderly or have health issues. Why cannot UPS be customer oriented PLUS their rates are much higher than FEDEX for crappier service?????

294dc371, 2010-03-17, 12:19AM CDT

UPS sucks, some drivers are very rude. I had a package that worth about $500 and I asked the driver to scan it , as soon as I asked him to scan the package he got upset and almost throwing the box at me and telling me if I don't trust him to take my package back. I was politely explain him that it is not about trust just wanted to make sure that UPS got my package. He would not calm-down...I was vary upset and had a headaches from that stupid driver. All day I was just thinking about UPS.. and trying to calculate how much business I gave to ups. Sometime it is very hard to believe how these people get a job in such a company like UPS...

43d37750, 2010-03-29, 11:16PM CDT

Totally agree on this one, it has happened to me so many times in Miami and in Chicago.

37e0c180, 2010-04-15, 07:53PM CDT

So, I am not suprised after I read all these complanits.

I was very angry becuase I did not know this is normal and happend to everybody.

I just wish I knew before, so I did not have to deal with them. I think I just waste of my time..

Well, I will never, ever use UPS again. And, I hope we can spread all of these story to, at least, people we know to make them use either Fedex or USPS..

a539a23d, 2010-04-21, 05:12AM CDT

My experience with UPS is similar, they basically want you to come to their office to pick up packages. They also lie about the amount of attempts. One time they put down that I was going to pick up the package which I never said. They are miles away from my home, not open on weekends. I live in PHILADELPHIA. I hate when I find out a company is using UPS. Usps or fedex mostly always have delivered on first attempt and if not, i don't have to go to far to pick up package. COMPANIES PLEASE STOP USING UPS!!!!

96fcf0cb, 2010-05-23, 01:42PM CDT

UPS can be a waste of time when things don't go right. For instance. My company's HR department ships a very important letter parcel to me on Friday 5/21/10 via NEXT DAY AIR. We all know NEXT DAY AIR isn't a cheap option. Logged onto website the following day with tracking# provided by my company. The site stated that the parcel was scanned and out for delivery ON-TIME for 5/22/10. Waited ALL day Sat. 5/22/10. Site says they deliver up to 7pm (EST) ... and sometimes later. So I called customer service at 6:30pm to be sure all was ok.

Rep. assured me that parcel was on truck and out for delivery....and NOT to be worried. Now, it's 9pm. Called customer service again ... they now do NOT deliver at that time on a Sat. You can only imagine the words that I wanted to let off on those assholes.

Seriously, I needed the package for a job engagement before flying out to Chicago. Guess what NO package!!! So my company's HR dept. just wasted NEXT DAY AIR fees for something that will actually ship past several business days.

UPS you are crooks and will be reported to the Better Business Bureau!!!

No one cares about your fancy TV commercials for service that actual sucks.

9ae508e0, 2010-06-03, 11:45PM CDT

UPS has basically become a lying, incompetent operation. When a package is not delivered when it is supposed to be you can talk to 5 UPS customer service reps and so called "supervisors" and they will give you 5 different excuses. They will tell you that someone from the distribution center will call you within an hour but you will end up waiting until hell freezes over for someone to call. You can spend a week on the phone with customer service trying to find out where your package is, why it hasn't been delivered, etc., etc. and the bottom line reply you will repeatedly get is "gee we're sorry mf'er, have a great day". Save yourself a lot of grief and stay away from UPS. Better to pay the few extra dollars to the postal service and at least get your package delivered.

0bedf676, 2010-06-04, 07:52PM CDT

I know I had the exact same problem. They left a 1st attempt on my door while I was at work the other day then when I left for work I signed the back that said to leave it with my neighbor. When I got back home it wasnt touched and they said that they had made a second delivery attempt at 9:45am when I was home until noon that day. I called and explained to the woman that there had been no second attempt she contacted me to the service and then they wanted me to go down to their station, miles away by the airport that wasn't even near my apartment and get the package there. He was very rude about it and I said fuck no, they could deliver the package. They still haven't.

516aeb51, 2010-06-11, 03:10AM CDT

UPS SUCKS! I'll never use them again, they tried to overcharge me for a transfer of location (across the street) I'll never use them again, I called customer service, wasted over 3 hours of my time trying to talk with incompetent people over a simple package, (oh btw dont have to sign for) and they wanted me to drive 40 miles out of my way or pay 46 dollars rather than just simply taking it across the dang street! Done!

a5a6bcba, 2010-06-19, 03:37PM CDT

BE AWARE OF THEM thy are THEIFS .i sold a computer on eby with $69 and shipping was $29.99 as the price of USPS . i took that pc to Arlington,TN UPS for shipping . I found the price of the box <$4 they offered me to pack it for me . after packing it the lady charged me $40 shipping and $51 for PACKING !!!!!!!!!!!


40811b4a, 2010-07-15, 02:06PM CDT

I ordered something and they say they delivered it and I say they didn't. As it turns out now, I have to go pick up all packages cause we live in a place that is questionable. It is for a stupid toy for $24. I tried to call and settle the matter but to no avail. The toy company refunded my money and I thought it was settled in March but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

d8e195ca, 2010-08-06, 08:52PM CDT

JUST FACTS: Sure enough, UPS does it again! On first delivery "attempt" on Thursday--while I'm at work at a normal job, of course--driver marks notice, 'A', signature required. He/she also marked will try again FRI After 5:00. SO, I signed the back of the notice (and the front, just in case he forgets to turn it over) and attached it to the front door (magnet clip). I also made sure I got home at 4:45 on Friday to be doubly sure to get the package (professional books). Upon arriving home at 4:45 Friday, yep, you guessed, it, there is another notice on the door--less than 20 inches from yesterday's SIGNED notice, which is still on the door!!--that says a second attempt was made an they still need my signature and will attempt again on Monday (time unspecified this time).

Problem is, I start a two-week (15-day) vacation on Saturday, so that is not satisfactory!! Their driver missed my signature that was on his/her OWN notice, AND chose to come three hours early at 2:18!! What's wrong with this picture? I immediately called UPS of course, but after talking to the phone center's supervisor's supervisor, they can only tell me, "Sorry," and, "We have only 3 choices: 1-send it back right now if you want, 2-make a third delivery attempt on Monday, and hold it for five days (that will be the 7th day of my out-of-state vacation) and then send it back, or 3-schedule a deliver attempt in ten days or less (on the 12th day of my vacation), and then send it back if you're not there." "SO, Mr.Y, when do you want us to return it to the shipper for you?" "Oh, yes, one more choice. You can go to the warehouse (40 miles away) before it closes in a few minutes, and pick it up there." REALLY? These are my excellent choices from the "Brown" company? They can't figure out a way to get me the books I paid for using the shipping service I (unfortunately) also paid for. No way to deliver it to me today, or wait for 16 days until I return from vacation? "Nope, Mr Y, so sorry. Have a good evening from Brown."

HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE ON MY EXPERIENCE WITH UPS: UPS has no desire to please this customer, at this end of the shipping line, just the big shipper. Apparently they do not care about me, the small consumer, or even about delivering every package--which I thought was supposed to be what their business is all about. All UPS really appears to me to care about is making money for the company, small fry home buyers like me be d***ed. (Nevermind that I paid the shipper in the first place.)

Oh, did I mention that this is nearly an exact duplicate of a scenario that happened last December, too! In that case, I eventually had to go to the warehouse (40 long miles from where I live) to pick up a package they promised to hold for me, and when I arrived THE SAME DAY they had already shipped it back. ("Oops, when the driver arrived with it, we forgot you were coming, and it was put on the truck to the airport." Instead of kept in the warehouse. "So sorry. Have a good day with Brown.") By way of apology they refunded the cost of shipping to the shipper--who tells me they got the credit, but never received package. Therefore, of course, they could not resend it to me. SO, Meanwhile, I paid out for the pans (and the shipping) which I have still never received THANKS TO THE UPS SCREWUP!!!

Does UPS care that they've lost my business? Of course not! I'm small fry. And it's my bad for not making sure this most recent shipment of books was NOT coming UPS.

SHIPPERS--USPS AND FEDEX are always able to deliver my packages with little or no fuss.


I am personally resolved to A: Never order ANYTHING from ANY company that oinly uses UPS and does not let me choose a different shipper, and B. to make sure that ____ never uses UPS again -- but then again, that's only about 120 packages a week so it won't make much difference to UPS, will it.

51dd43e4, 2010-08-11, 01:08PM CDT

Tell UPS to ring my bell after delivering a package and not just leave it by the door. Also, tell them to use my walkway and not walk through the grass.

What the heck is wrong with these people.

40e580da, 2010-08-16, 12:10PM CDT

UPS sucks. It took one week to get to the state next to mine and still not deliver. I can believe this.

d6132fd7, 2010-08-31, 02:22PM CDT

I call it harassment. I also have the similar experience where i am waiting for the delivery at my door step and same time I was tracking the pkg on the computer where the message was "CUSTOMER NOT AVAILABLE". I did not see any UPS guy coming with pkg. No door tag left. I made several calls and sent emails to UPS but pssed off. Next day I received a phone call promising to deliver my item at 12.30.

It is 3.15 and still unsure what problem is going on.

Why we consumer cannot have any right to file a law suit against them. If you have avalid reason and you feel these have caused you problems please file a law suit aginst UPS. I believe many people are going to support us.

19434a16, 2010-09-03, 09:35PM CDT

I didn't realize how horrible UPS was in contrast with FedEx until the last couple days. First, the UPS site is a nightmare for registering. The interface substituted an incorrect zip code, so my credit card didn't work. After I realized and fixed the problem, it wouldn't take my card because of too many attempts. Customer service said to try back in an hour. I used the hour to sign up with FedEx.

Also, I paid $6 for a change in a delivery date because I didn't want to use up the attempts. But UPS won't give me anything to confirm the new date. It's supposedly in the system but on the interface it just says a change is made but no date is there. What other business thinks it can take your money without proof of the service they're providing???!!! I also will be asking businesses to stop using UPS.

3c31bfe8, 2010-09-03, 09:35PM CDT

I didn't realize how horrible UPS was in contrast with FedEx until the last couple days. First, the UPS site is a nightmare for registering. The interface substituted an incorrect zip code, so my credit card didn't work. After I realized and fixed the problem, it wouldn't take my card because of too many attempts. Customer service said to try back in an hour. I used the hour to sign up with FedEx.

Also, I paid $6 for a change in a delivery date because I didn't want to use up the attempts. But UPS won't give me anything to confirm the new date. It's supposedly in the system but on the interface it just says a change is made but no date is there. What other business thinks it can take your money without proof of the service they're providing???!!! I also will be asking businesses to stop using UPS.

4890a891, 2010-09-10, 07:52PM CDT

On Tues 3/22/2010 tracking Number: 1Z7639X0036595**** , and 03/15/2010 Traking Number: 1Z20379EPT1804****, 03/29/2010 tracking Number: UPS1ZA0T586034776**** , 04/17/2010 tracking number 1Z4A662R032980****, I waited all day in my apartment for a SCHEDULED delivery from UPS, after several so called attempts had failed. After 8 hours, I went down to check my mail and found a delivery attempt ticket ON THE FLOOR. I had not left my apartment and NO ONE rang my bell! They had placed the ticket without ever ringing my bell! This is apparently what the drivers do if they DON'T FEEL LIKE DELIVERING. Several people have told me that they have observed this behavior. BIG BROWN-you can say that again! This is a company that you can SCRAPE OFF YOUR SHOES. Everyone from the drivers on up has lied to me about the timing of "deliveries". They really want you to pick it up yourself my previous address at **** n walrond ave apt ***, I was located at 3rd floor and by that time I am diagnosed with multiple crosses from my savior sickness and muscles pain and weakness I couldnt pick up heavy weights . the drive made several excuse to not handle my orders up to 3rd floor apartment and he drop it off at Apt office and even happen to my neighbor same thing. Customer service is just another 2 word phrase- they don't care. even the driver share rumor and unauthorized intrusion, via UPS from Driver r?mor common talk; related to indicating i was naked! unappropriated dress-ware.. etc which is BS

1b21a9b9, 2010-09-15, 08:42PM CDT

Doing business with a company that uses UPS services? Big mistake!!! In Toronto they have 1 centre for the entire city (!!) which is located outside the city limit but have hundreds of UPS stores. Of course they say they can't leave your package to one of the stores for you the pick it up. Why not?! Why is it possible with Canada Post but not UPS? They are retards!

2a92c91e, 2010-09-30, 02:57PM CDT

I've used UPS for anout four years at the same address (mine) but since they lost one of my packages, the local manager is forcing me to sign for all my deliveries, rather or not a signature is required. Since, I have options in the delivery of my packages for most purchases. I will be opting for another shipper. This is a pure examples of how not to keep your long-term customers. I suggest that collectively, we let UPS know that we're firing them and their poor management and let our shippoing money flow to their competitors. I find their frivers to be OK but their local and regional managers sucks and their top-level management completely unqualified to run an international shippping company.

5aee33c2, 2010-10-02, 11:48AM CDT

I had exactly the same experience. I stayed home to get the package. However, at 7 pm when I called about waiting all day and still no package. They told me that my only alternative was to pick it up in their office -- 30 miles away. I have to pick it up on a business day (taking even more time away my work). I'm furious. When I went to their website to file a complaint -- surprisingly there's no way to do it.

9007cc77, 2010-10-20, 09:19PM CDT

I am being bullied by UPS.

t started when a UPS driver attacked me at my front door 7 months ago! The police had to get involved it was so bad. Ever since then my packages have either been returned to sender "at customer request", which of course is not true. I, the customer, did not request this. OR the packages have been broken. (Olive oil from 2 different companies had to be returned before it even got to me.)

The best defense is a strong offense in UPS's case so they are lying about me in order to justify their actions. I'm told the original bully driver is "very popular" down at the center. He now has a buddy saying he too had a problem with me. Not true. At all. And I will take a lie detector test to prove it. In fact I insist! They are now telling me that they refuse to deliver to my house!! The 2 people I've dealt with (Terry Miller, customer relations manager at corporate in Atlanta, and Mike Beckwith, Hillsboro, Oregon center manager) are rude and nasty and very unprofessional. It's like dealing with a little kid mouthing off to her mommy. It's unbelievable! They're saying I even threatened the driver with a gun! NOT true. I'm a vegetarian, animal rights activist and anti-gun activist. To say I would threaten anyone with gunfire is a joke of epic proportions. I DID say that if he attacked me again I have the right to defend myself. I do. How is that statement threatening anyone with gunfire? The very antagonistic and rude Terry Miller even told me that security said there was a 2nd driver that had a problem with me. Well security just knocked on my door to deliver a pkg and pick up another one and she told me that that's not true. They never said there was a 2nd driver. Terry Miller has been an aggressive nut job from the beginning of this fiasco. Is she too friends with the original driver? This feels like collusion to commit a felony to me. Harassment, denial of paid for delivery, soon denial of medication needed to save my life! I already have one local news crew interested in the story. Do I really have to go that far?

I'm telling you, they are abusing me something fierce. And out of fear for their jobs, they're attacking me and blaming the victim.

73932549, 2010-10-28, 02:10PM CDT

I am shocked by the service of UPS. They are a global company and they seem to be fooling people around so we call customer services everyday and pay on a 08 number! Seriously, this is the worst company delivery I had to use in the UK!

7833b05a, 2010-11-16, 08:40PM CST

I can relate to your problem, UPS Is a shitty company full of criminals, lairs and people who don't give a shit.

ec71ac61, 2010-11-17, 11:30AM CST

Packaged Stained Glass Butterfly for Granddaughter's birthday. That was her request. Packaged beyond belief by the way. It was going from Canada to Texas. Spent 5 days in Kitchener Ontario because they said a paper was missing. Took 5 days for them to call us. Complained and they sent it overnight. Great. Required signature of receipt. No signature, they threw it on the front Porch. Broken in 3 place. Granddaughter very upset about as is Grandpa. They just say "oh well"

Believe me this thing really had to be manhandled to crack anything.

07887927, 2010-11-18, 11:47AM CST

My Normal driver was not my delivery man on 11/17/10. the driver i had was very rude. package was heavy, he was on his cell phone.I went out to let him in the gate, he dropped the package outside the gate and never said a word.just threw his hand up and was gone.I'm a disabled person and as i said it was heavy, had to get it in by myself, was difficult.

6bdee2ac, 2010-11-22, 03:39AM CST

I totally agree that UPS sucks ! Globally !!! I have a shipment from USA to Singapore and they made me wait from 9am to 1pm, no delivery ! call again and they say will send by 6pm , period. Wasted my whole day!

3a2dc10a, 2010-11-22, 10:49AM CST

I scheduled a pickup for a package at my store today and the driver refused to take it because there was no call tag. That's ok but when I called customer service they said that I only paid to have the driver come to the store and not pick up the package. Then he said it was my fault and that they wouldn't refund the money I paid for nothing. I'm willing to accept that I didn't do it right but telling me that I'm wrong and charging for the driver to come and not pick up my package is total bull. The first rule of customer service is you try to satisfy the customer. Apparently $5 is worth more than a repeat customer to UPS.

e32db084, 2010-12-14, 02:14PM CST

The same thing has happened to me 3 times, I bought stuff online and UPS was the only option for delivery, I always end up getting my items 5 days after the delivery date thanks to their freaking service...I can not believe that they can even afford to get a GPS for their drivers. the USPS service has always been great, i've been using it for years and never gad a problem with them, I have used FedEx once and was a good experience, UPS SUCKS, DON'T USE IT IF YOU HAVE OTHER SHIPPING OPTIONS.

a9f0249d, 2010-12-14, 02:15PM CST

The same thing has happened to me 3 times, I bought stuff online and UPS was the only option for delivery, I always end up getting my items 5 days after the delivery date thanks to their freaking service...I can not believe that they can even afford to get a GPS for their drivers. the USPS service has always been great, i've been using it for years and never gad a problem with them, I have used FedEx once and was a good experience, UPS SUCKS, DON'T USE IT IF YOU HAVE OTHER SHIPPING OPTIONS.

1c7a664d, 2011-02-09, 11:11AM CST

So it isnt just me!! UPS does not deliver "on front porch" as they report but throw it down at state highway gate in the snow. If I see that UPS is the only way to deliver I dont order.

I did report this to officials and 6 months later it happened again today but to my sister . With temps below freezing (low 30s) she is walking to the drop off site not "on the porch " What a waste.

bf799f61, 2011-03-01, 05:50PM CST

While visiting a friend in a gated apartment complex I attempted to leave and found the exit gate blocked by an unattended UPS truck. The driver returned to the vehicle after about 5 minutes and then put in reverse and started backing up. I had to back up as well as another vehile behind me I know this seems petty after many have had numerous hours wasted by UPS but it was annoying and I'm sure that had I confronted the driver it would have ended badly. Anyway, all of this was happening at 9:00 p.m. what the hell are they doing delivering packages in residental areas at that time anyway...

70b8c357, 2011-03-04, 09:17PM CST


cc03b520, 2011-03-16, 08:56PM CDT

I am absolutely fed up with this sorry ass company! I filed an insurance claim for my mobile phone and it was supposed to come next day. Well guess what its 2 days later and I have yet to receive a package. EVERY SINGLE TIME I use ups I have this problem. They never knock, instead they put the sticker on the door and pull off. Yesterday the delivery man actually sat in his truck in front of my house watched my brother walk into the house and still stuck the damn notice on the door. Sickening!

7f05f9a2, 2011-04-26, 06:41AM CDT

I'm currently awaiting a package for my 21st birthday from UPS. They apparently tried to deliver on 21st April and said my address didnt exist. Rang the company twice on 23rd and they said the courier will call me to get directions as it is a new build. Rang them at 8am, 10am and 11am today (26th) as no one had rung me and they kept saying I'd get a call within an hour, especially as the guy I talked to on the 23rd promised me it would be delivered today as I have been waiting for over a week for this package. So fed up!! A manager rang me about an hour ago and I finally changed the address to my work address and the lady said they would give me a call on arrival as the shop doesnt open until 11 but I can open the doors for a package. It's ridiculous! Not only that, but I was given two different websites to track the package which don't even have the same statuses even though it's the same tracking number! One said it was still in the warehouse awaiting delivery instructions and the other said it was out on delivery! Never had an issue like this with any other mailing company and it's extremely frustrating, especially when I have to pay extra to chase them up on the phone! Let's see if this package arrives at all!

54279650, 2011-04-26, 12:36PM CDT

I did not think UPS was bad until I placed an order with Sprint. I am deaf and where I live, people tend steal my doorbell flashers so I do not have one installed. On first attempted, I understood. Paranoid, I put a request to have UPS have office sign for me and leave it there. They called me the same day and said they got my message. The UPS came the same day. So that was second attempt. I decided on 3rd attempt they said they would be here between 10:30 to 5. I got up and plan go outside my apartment to wait at 9:55. They came at 9:30. So I called them and yelled. They said they would come back. I told them I would wait outside all day if I had to. I did not care if I smell bad or what. It is now 12:15 and I am still waiting. I will never use ups again!

9a5ceea4, 2011-05-23, 12:06PM CDT

My package was sent out to me on thursday 5/19/2011 it was suppose to be here by 5/20/2011 UPS stopped in front of my door and went to another house about time i came outside to stop the driver he drove off. I called UPS and told them about what happen an tried to get my package re-delivered they said the sender put the wrong address, I tried to correct it and the customer service said I couldnt the sender has to correct it. So I called the seder and he corrected it and then I called back and corrected it myself. They said the driver would re deliver he never did. So I talked to another customer service agent and they said I can pick up my package on saturday at the local service center. I went and I couldn't get the package I was told it was on the truck and they do not have acces to it over the weekend. She then pulled up my account and read me the address to see was it the correct address. She told me customer service put in a idaho address remind you I live in Arizona how they got an Idaho address I have no Idea I never lived in Idaho a day in my life. She corrected it once again and said that UPS isnt gonna get the update until Monday. I called the customer service center again like I was told to do so to correct it with them again. They lady told me there is nothing she can do I have to go to the center which I was calling from the center I was standing in. SHe told me someone will call me Monday to confirm my address correction. After I got that resolved I left went home and now today Is monday UPS called but they let the phone ring 1 time I thank god for *69 cause thats how I got they number I called back and told them "they can't let the phone ring 1 time and expect someone to answer that fast, and im calling to confirm my address". The lady pulled up my tracking number and told me my package was in another location and I cant pick it up and they cant deliver it to me today. Now im pissed off cause its been since friday that I was suppose to have my package and they telling me I should have it by tuesday cause they fail to enter the right address for my house. I fuckn hate UPS they shouldnt even exist fedex is way better they have their faults but at keast they can deliver to the right damn house they might not always be on time but you get your shit. I need to call and make a real complaint on UPS do anybody know where I can get the number to do so?

a91a370c, 2011-09-10, 07:59AM CDT

UPS is a joke! Customer service is null! The service person I spoke to didn't speak English - I have no idea what he was saying other than pick up package before 6 pm. They could not leave the package at the office for a signature. Previously when receiving this package at a home address - they just dumped it on my sidewalk while I was at work. When ordering in the future if the only option for delivery is UPS - I will not be doing business with the company. This company is a huge waste of my time.

a1bdc9e1, 2011-11-19, 04:03PM CST

UPS is a lousy company and management could care less about the customers. I complained about their delivery drivers not delivering my packages & then the drivers started harassing me and threatening to return my packages. UPS just told me to call if they continue. I called constantly because I received packages at least 2-3 times each week. They never did anything about their "thugs in brown."

I wrote this letter to CEO Scott Davis, but probably won't receive a response.

408b3c77, 2012-02-10, 05:51PM CST

I was told by the USPS Postmaster to go the Department of Agriculture with your complaints on postal services. It seems odd, but he said that is where to go.

Nate R., 2012-08-08, 03:42PM CDT

My complaint is different from about everyone on this board. My former neighbor called me on 8/6/2012 about a package that was sent from Oregon to New Jersey which is where i live on July 7, 2012. She said there was a lot of personal effects from her family because she had just lost her baby sister. She herself had just gotten back from Oregon. However the package was sent to my 3 apt complex. I told her i never received a package. She knows that whenever mail is delivered to my door if they are still living next door i either put it in their mailboxes or if they no longer reside here i take it back to the post office. I asked her did she put a tracer or have UPS track the package? She said she did.

Anyway. Tuesday the next day when i go out of my house i notice a UPS tag on the door stating there was an attempted delivery of a package on July 27, 2012. How strange i thought that the day after i talked with the tenant about her package a UPS tag is on the outer door. I called my former neighbor immediately and told her that a tag was on the door about her missing package. She went on to tell me some of the items in it and she was very upset.

Fast forward to today. This is where things started to get funky. A UPS driver knocks on my door and says 'a package was delivered to this address can i have it back." That was a bit stunning. I told him i had not received nor seen any package. I signed a form the driver had that stated 'i certify that i have not received a package at this address' as i had nothing to hide.

What really galled me was there are two other tenants that live in this 3 family dwelling yet he did not go to them. He asked me to put the tag on my neighbors door i told hin 'no, you do it.' Which he did. I even told him the tenant was home and he should knock on her door and question her as he did me. He declined. Why? If he could talk to me about this missing package why would he put the tag on my neighbor's door but decline knock on the door to talk to her when i specifically told him that she was home?

When i asked him what about these other tenants he said "we'll take care of that' and left. Why was he giving me the third degree without so much as talking with the other tenants? Yes i took the tag from the door but that didn't give him the right nor did he have any first hand knowledge that i had received any such package.

Furthermore the apt he was looking for is on the side of the building, apt A. I live in Apt 1 and another tenant in apt 2. According to the former tenant when she was still at this address she received a package from the same company before, delivered to 'her' apt door. Instead of this UPS guy saying something to the effect of 'a package was delivered to this address on this date do you have any knowledge of the delivery or do you remember seeing a package on this date' he says 'can he have the package back' as if he knows for a fact i was the one who signed for it and received it.

I am extememely upset that he framed his statement as if i was the one who took the package. I called the former tenant and told her of this encounter. She knows me and knows my character and agreed i should file a complaint with UPS.

The only thing i can add to this situation is about two weeks ago A different UPS driver knocked on the door and said that he had a delivery for the same tenant (though i am not 100% certain he mentioned her name i am 'almost' sure it was her he was referring to than another tenant who used to occupy the apt before her) who's package was lost.

I told him that they used to live in the apt on the other side of the building but they had moved months ago. He said okay and then left. I am seriously thinking of complaining to UPS about the first driver; and if i am eventually falsely accused of something i did not do i'll take legal action. I don't want to be charged with something then file a complaint after the fact. Does anyone think i should file a complaint while this situation is still brewing?

01c81570, 2013-03-09, 07:42PM CST

UPS is unreliable and they have lousy delivery men. From the online tracking, I knew that my parcel was coming and I waited at home all day. But when I checked the status again at 1.35pm, it said "delivered" at 12.47pm and the delivery man had supposedly left it at the front door. I was very shocked because I waited at home with my dog and nobody came! I checked my front porch and there was no package. I verified the recipient's name and address and they were correct, so it's not the sender fault. So I got UPS to have them communicate with the delivery man and let me know exactly on whose front porch did he left my package on. But the stupid guy said he couldn't do that and told me to wait until the next working day which is Monday, where by then my parcel would either have been stolen or kept by a dishonest person (owner of the front porch where the parcel was left on).

I really don't understand how the delivery man could see the wrong address under broad daylight and why the stupid UPS rep couldn't do something as simple as contact their delivery guy. Is there no communication between the customer service team and the delivery team? Or no communication at all in all departments?

11e40830, 2013-10-01, 06:50PM CDT

I purchase a backpack from Ebags on Aug 18 and it was to be shipped and left no signature needed. I waited all day and I left it was 7:15Pm and I left a notice to leave the package and shortly after I left the UPS came and did not leave the package. So I called and complain about it was not left. The UPS Supervisor told me the company wanted a signature and when I told UPS i called the company and they did not want a signature then UPS change the story to it s the driver digression. And I said it's okay for the UPS truck to drive fast up and down the road and up and down my drive way to drop a package to another house. So a complaint was issued for the driver. And A supervisor from State College PA called me and left a message and never a phone number to call back. I have been waiting for my package and now another package and I have called and ranted and rave for the past week now. So today I saw a notice in my email the driver came I went out and saw no notice except my sign info notice still there so I called UPS. spoke to a Melissa ID:TPA9MMK 9:23pm on 30 aug 2013 to see why my package was not delivered and no notice left on door by driver. I told her left a notice sign to leave package. Supervisor Brandon. The last info notice states final attempt when in fact only 1 can be final the other has until 8/31 to be left since that was only 2 days tempt. I have been tracking my packages and getting updates on delivery status and I receive one last night that state I refused the packages I have been waiting for and I can prove I was never home when this driver came. So tell me how could I refuse a package. And I have proof where I was all day and night.

Colm M., 2014-04-28, 02:22AM CDT


I have had a very disappointing and shambolic service from UPS over the past few days.

I was to have a parcel delivered to my home on Thursday 17th April.

My wife who was home at the time missed the delivery and a UPS InfoNotice (missed delivery) note was put in my post. That?s fine as all parcel delivery companies work that way.

I rang the number on the notice for ?Service Information? to arrange a pick up at the local depot. The automated service told me to collect my parcel at their local depot

between the time of 8am-8pm on Tuesday the 22nd April. The place was closed Friday and Monday of that weekend for the Easter Break.

I arrive at the site around 11.30am on Tuesday and find the gates locked. So I ring the number on the notice again and get through to an operator who informed me that I could only collect my parcel between 6pm -8pm on Tuesday the 22nd. I was annoyed as I was sure I was told between 8am and 8pm. So I drive home again and plan to come back later.

I arrive at the gates yet again just after 6pm to find the gates locked tight.

I immediately ring the number and speak to an operator, put me on hold to try and find out why its closed. She came back on and told me the place was open between 8am-8pm and didn?t know why she couldn?t reach anyone. I was put on hold again as she tried to find an answer. After being on hold for over 28 minutes I was informed that she didn?t know why the place was closed and she was sorry. While I was on the phone another happy customer arrived and tried to get through the same gate. I had to inform him that they are closed. He said he spoke to someone and they told him it was open.

I then received a phone call this morning from UPS telling me that ?Your parcel is ready for collection today as we were closed Mon-Tuesday for Easter?.

I asked were you open on Friday and she informed me yes. So I could have made the collection on Friday and avoided this whole mess.

She did offer to have the parcel delivered to my house again. I had to laugh at that offer and sadly decline it.

It seems like your UPS's left hand didn?t know what the right hand was doing. A shambles.


33928fa1, 2014-12-18, 04:21PM CST

Recently tried to stop a package from being delivered. I was told that it was in fact intercepted and would be returned to me. I paid extra for that also. Package was never returned. Time of call to intercept was at 12:00pm, had plenty of time to intercept, package was delivered at 5:00pm. Sent from las vegas nv to sacramento calif, Not Overseas!!!

173f3932, 2015-04-03, 07:48PM CDT

I have been having problems with my mail and deliveries from UPS. This involves an issue of "Community Stalking" that I am being subjected to by AT&T. AT&T involves other business such as the UPS, and the United States Postal Services, and FedEx. I called UPS and told them specifically that I needed to pick up my package today 4/3/2015. They assured me that my husband could pick the package up as long as he had his I.D. with the address on it. I know that this is UPS policy because this has been done several times. My husband drove 40 minutes to the location and they refused to give him the package stating that they could not use his Identification. That I had to pick up the package personally. I know that this is a lie. Basically, they want AT&T wants me to leave the home so they can intimidate me. So we did not get our package that we needed because they kept him there for an hour only to tell him that he could not get the package. By the time he made it home, it was to late for us to get the package. This has become common-place with businesses that are involved with "AT&T". So, we will not get our package until Monday 4/6/2015. AT&T is trying to prevent me from getting my package because it is a cellular phone from Cricket and they are refusing to cancel our services. This is very unethical of UPS to become involved in this form of harassment and intimidation.

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