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Posted on Saturday, February 17th, 2001 at 12:00am CST by 4ded7375

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RE: Valentine's Day Blues - courtesy of FTD -

Dear Editor, I ordered my bouquet of roses from FTD this year for 2/14/01 on 2/3/01. FTD

validated the order with an email on 2/3/01, the date of order.

Come 2/14/01, I asked my wife not to leave the house, cupid might drop by. The

morning of Valentine's Day came and gone and cupid was late. The afternoon

came and gone, and I just figured FTD was pretty busy. By the time 2:30pm

came and gone I got concerned, I try telling myself the beautiful red roses

would be there by the time I got home around 5pm. Believe it or not, 5pm

came, I was home and no FTD flowers. I tried calling them and there line was

busy. Naturally, the computer voice said if you try to order Valentine

flowers on the 2/14/01, FTD couldn't guaranteed deliver until 2/16/01.

Of course, I didn't worry I had a FTD confirmation email from 2/3/01. The phone

line was busy and the only voice I got was from a machine with no chance of

leaving anyone a message. I quickly redial 6 times and couldn't get through.

I went to FTD website looking for a way to cancel the order. I canceled the

order requesting a reimbursement to my bank account.

A form letter came from FTD with my Order Number and Reference Number and

stated deliveries in my wife's area wouldn't be delivered until 2/15/01 or 2/16/01.

Naturally Valentine's evening around 7pm and FTD sends me my first possible late

notice. I tried calling again and FTD's phone was still busy! I wrote

another cancellation to FTD from their WEB Site indicating I couldn't accept

late delivery of 24hrs to 48hrs of Valentine's Day flowers when they were

guaranteed to be delivered by them on an 2/3/01 email notice.

No additional communication from FTD! I have finally reached a point in my life where I

can buy $100.00 roses for my wife and all I get is a rip off and late delay

notice after the fact and Valentine's Day had come and gone! Appreciate any

help. Sincerely,

Larry and Joan Carder



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