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Posted on Tuesday, February 13th, 2001 at 9:13pm CST by e12b3423

Company: Forbes Chevrolet

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You'd think purchasing 4 new cars in 6 yrs from Forbes Chevrolet in Camp Hill, Pa would warrant a little customer service. Instead we were treated rudely, our integrity questioned and they refused to repair the very car they sold us less than 3 yr earlier.

we had our 1999 Chevy Malibu (77,000) towed to Forbes Chevrolet after It had lost all its oil and the engine seized. My husband asked how it's handled if it's the result of faulty service from a third party. He was told, if there is any question, they stop, call us & have the car examined before proceeding, but they don't want to be in a legal battle over who's paying .

We told them, it's our car, out of warranty & we know Chevy is not at all liable, we were paying the bills, and if there was some liability, that would be a separate matter between us and the other party. My husband asked if he needed to sign anything to get the work started & was told no.

A problem was found & they reported it to us. The other company sent someone in to examine the car on Mon. Feb 4, and then returned on Tues and removed the part in question.

I called Forbes, I was civil but angry they let this company remove the main evidence without our permission. Forbes said they didn't know who was paying for the repairs, & didn't want to get in the middle, & for us to have our vechicle towed out of their garage.

I couldn't beleive this. I then spoke to a sales manager who told me he didn't believe we would pay the cost & they refused to do the work. It infuriated me to have my integrity & word doubted, he said we could pay $2,500 up front and they would proceed.

I told them I needed to check with my husband but it shouldn't be a problem. Before I could get back to them, they called & said no they still wouldn't do it.

Since it was in our best interest for them to do the repairs, since they saw the problem firsthand, and took pictures & we had no other evidence. I went in & spoke to Mr Forbes the next day.

After I finished telling him the details, he literally sat staring at me for several seconds & told me "He had a bad feeling about us" It seems our money was good enough to buy a car, but not good enough to repair it. We have an excellent credit rating & guard it fiercely.

We have been married 30 years, own our home for over 20-yr, and served on various school and civic committees. We have purchased 10 new GM cars, the last 4 from that dealership.

Mr. Forbes said he didn't care if if cost him our business, that our business wasn't worth the hassle & to go ahead close him down, he'd just go to Florida & retire, he didn't need the hassle.


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109ee84e, 2007-11-15, 09:25AM CST

Well, it looks like enough people must have taken their business elsewhere, because Mr. Forbes closed down and retired....Leaving those of us who had recently purchased a vehicle from him to find other means of getting service and warranty work. I wish he had said something before I purchased from him, because now my car will sit and wait to be serviced at another dealership since i didn't buy it there.

d99e80df, 2008-01-09, 02:26PM CST

I've been a customer there for years, and I've never seen anyone treated badly. You have to question some who grumbles about a car that was almost 40,000 miles out of warrenty. Also how did you let your engine seize up, were you not watching your oil pressure gauge, or warning light. Do you even check your oil???? maybe you should have stayed there for service, and you never would have had that happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cfdd17a4, 2011-01-21, 09:09AM CST

Mr. Forbes did not just walk out on his customers but was going to retire so he was selling the dealership to another one when gm desided they had to many chevrolet dealers in this area and that sutliff wanted our location closed gm screwed not only the techs but also the customers. think and find out all the information before you open your mouth

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