Stores, Computer - Computix, Anaheim, CA problems with order, which is late, wrong item, etc.

Posted on Thursday, February 1st, 2001 at 2:03pm CST by c7d8bfca

Company: Stores, Computer - Computix, Anaheim, CA problems with order, which is late, wrong item, etc.

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Computix from Anaheim, CA are losers!

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From: Aaron Wittenberg COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_21012#

Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 02:03 PM

_____________________ This is a rather late complaint, but I wanted to make it public. I believe the company MIGHT be out of business. Good riddance to these losers. Back around April of 1999, I needed a new AT motherboard. I looked on pricewatch and checked around. Computix out of Anaheim, California seemed to have one that would work for me. I called them on a monday or tuesday and they took my credit card and said I would have it in a few days. A WEEK LATER (to go from California to Oregon), I still did not have it. I waited another 2 days. Nothing. Finally, I called and spoke to Paul who had sold it to me. Paul claimed the order form was right in front of him (a total lie I'm sure), and that it should have been shipped out. I EXPLICITEDLY ordered an AT motherboard, socket 7, supporting a 133 chip, with an Intel chipset. He agreed to overnight it to me at their expense. The next day (10 days after the original order), I finally got it. It was NOT what I ordered. It had a VIA chipset which I said I did NOT want. I asked for an RMA. Paul said he would call me back with one later on that day. He also said he would ship the right board overnight. He never called me back with the RMA. I called the following day to see if the right board had been shipped. After being passed around to 3 different people, the shipping person finally admitted it never went out. Two days later I called back and asked why I never received an RMA. Paul wouldn't take my call and another RUDE person took my call. He said they never cross ship. I told him I didn't care, I wanted to return this one, it has been nearly 2 weeks, and I want the right motherboard shipped to me. After he developed an attitude, Stuart said to return the wrong one with an RMA of Paul, and he would ship the right motherboard 2 day UPS. He said they would pay the shipping since they screwed up twice. I told him it is their responsibility to pay it, and I have no obligation to pay the shipping. Stuart tried to be humorous about the whole thing and I told him I didn't find him the least bit funny. I told him I wanted the motherboard overnighted, but he said he would not ship it that way. I called back a few minutes later, talked to someone else, and said if the motherboard is not shipped overnight, I wanted a full refund THAT DAY. The next day I called for a tracking number. Paul answered this time. I told him I never get calls back, to which he replied "uh oh" as if he didn't care. They FINALLY sent me the right board, 2 WEEKS later. It was defective. I called back, asked if this was the last one they had. Paul, CLEARLY not wanting to deal with me, said "return it and we will give you a full refund." I told him:

1) Your right, you WILL give me a FULL refund and you WILL do it NOW.

2) I will never, never, ever buy from you liars ever again.

3) I will do my best to spread the word what dishonest liars you people are, and do my best to help you lose as much business as I possibly can. I had to call 3 more times before they finally gave me the refund. It took me a week to get it. Several months ago I saw that they no longer advertise on pricewatch. I also did a search for them on yahoo in the yellow pages. They don't come up. I certainly hope they went out of business. Final word: COMPUTIX FROM ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA are dishonest liars who do NOT do what they say they will, tell you one thing and do another, and don't care in the least about complaints. They do as they please. A word to all of you consumers: IF these losers are still in business, you WILL get screwed if you use them.


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