Auto Service, Purcell's Western State Tires (Goodyear), Yuma, AZ poor service

Posted on Thursday, December 28th, 2000 at 8:38pm CST by 2bd5e43a

Company: Auto Service, Purcell's Western State Tires (Goodyear), Yuma, AZ poor service

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Date: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 08:38 PM

In Oct 00, I bought 4 new tires Regatta II P235 75R15 which all 4 tires turned out bad because they were out-of-round.

I went to the tire dealer (PURCELL'S WESTERN STATE TIRES (GOODYEAR) in YUMA, AZ) and the tires were rebalanced. Still the car continued to shake, so I took the vehicle to another tire dealer to check out and that is when I was told the tires were out-of-round.

They told me that this poses an immediate danger to anyone driving the vehicle. I took the receipt indicating the problem back to Purcell's Tires who then agreed the tires were bad.

The tires were replaced, but the the car continued to shake.

Again the tires were rebalanced, but I managed to take the mechanic who looked at the tires aside and asked him if the tires were out-of-round.

He acknowleded they were, so I approached the counter and was told, "That mechanic doesn't know a round tire from an out-of-round tire, he's new and doesn't know much."

So why the *&* was he looking at my tires and other tires as well. Seems Purcell's Tires did not take an interest in safety.

I did get my money back from a third party, but don't hestitate to always get a second check because like PURCELL'S WESTERN STATE TIRES(GOODYEAR) in YUMA AZ safety must be last on the list.


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