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Posted on Wednesday, December 20th, 2000 at 12:00am CST by 914aafa4

Company: Pampers

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My son has worn the Pampers diapers since birth.

He now is at a size 3. I recently bought a "promotional package" of size 3 Pampers that had the upcoming "custom-fit" diapers.

They asked, on a postcard inside the package, to try these new custom-fit diapers and fill out the questionnaire (if you like the new style) and mail in by a certain date to receive coupons.

I did just that, telling them how much I loved the new style.

I didn't expect to receive coupons because the date had since passed.

My complaint is that the size 3 "custom-fit" diapers are NOWHERE to be found.

Upon calling Pampers three different times and emailing on four occasions, each time the representatives told me to try this and that stores (Babies R Us, Walgreen's,, several grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, and several more).

I either went to, called, or visited the online site for these stores, and not one of the stores carried the size three. Pampers told me to ask some of them to order, that they bought directly from Pampers.

ALL stores that supposedly order directly from Pampers told me they COULD NOT order the size 3 because they weren't on their inventory list to order. Upon calling Pampers for the final time and giving them this information, they said they were "sorry they can't help further."

They offered coupons to purchase Pampers, the diapers I CANNOT FIND AT ANY STORE. One representative even told me to try size 4, a diaper that's designed for a child 7-15 lbs larger than mine!

I find it hard to believe that Pampers could not contact my local stores (the ones that order directly) and help me get the particular diapers in my son's size.

From the first phone call and email, I was blown off.

I know what diapers NOT to get from now on, and not because I can't find them.

Very discouraged,


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f0c3ae14, 2013-09-27, 10:03AM CDT

i bought pampers 5 active baby and it is reject

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