Stores, Automotive - National Tire & Battery (NTB) - a.k.a. Sears 1996 Corvette received poor service at NTB store on Route 37, Tom's River, NJ

Posted on Tuesday, December 19th, 2000 at 4:52pm CST by f121a8e2

Company: Stores, Automotive - National Tire & Battery (NTB) - a.k.a. Sears 1996 Corvette received poor service at NTB store on Route 37, Tom's River, NJ

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Date: Monday, December 18, 2000 04:52 PM


I took my wife's 1996 Corvette to the NTB store on Route 37 in Tom's River, NJ because the left front tire kept going flat.

I would pump it up with one of those cigarette lighter air pumps, and three days later it would be almost flat again.

Since we had bought the tires from NTB less than a year ago and we had the Road side hazard warranty they are supposed to fix flats for free.

We dropped it off and told them the left front tire was losing air. We picked it up an hour or so later and my wife asked what they found.

They told her it had a bead leak and they replaced the valve stem. The left front tire seemed to stay up much better.

About a week after the tire was repaired, on a Saturday evening, we took the car on the highway for the first time.

At sixty miles per hour you had to hold the steering wheel with both hands because the front end was shaking so bad.

Also the "Service the Low Tire Pressure Warning System" light came on on the dash.

I theorized the front end was shaking because one of the front tires was badly out of balance and the light on the dash indicated to me something had happened to the air pressure sensor monted inside the tire.

I feared NTB might have knocked it lose from it's mounting ring when they broke down the bead. I pulled into the first service area I came to and checked the air pressure in the tires.

The left front tire was six pounds low, but this was the first time I had added air to that tire since it had been repaired. The following Monday, I took the car back to NTB immediately after work.

I arrived there shortly after 4p.m. I told them of the problem and what I theorized had happened.

They told me that couldn't be the case because their technician was highly experienced and he wouldn't do that. I asked them to break the tire down and take a look inside.

They said they couldn't because they only have one person who does Corvette tires and he left at 4p.m. I asked if he could stay a few minutes late the next night to check the problem, and they assured me he would.

The next night I arrived at 3:45p.m. and again was told the Corvette technician had already left.

I told them I was tired of the run around and I would take it to a dealer and they could just pay for the damage.

A week and a half later, I still had not had an opportunity to take the car to a dealer. However, my wife was having minor surgery at the hospital about a mile from the NTB store.

I had the day off from work so I took the opportunity to run to NTB while my wife was in surgery.

They brought the car in and I told the Corvette technician what I feared had happened. His response to me was "There are no air pressure sensors inside the tires".

I assured him there are and he again denied it. I said "Let's take off the left front tire, open it up and see." I then stayed in the shop to observe as he removed the tire from the wheel. Sure enough there was a sensor in there now crushed into many small pieces.

The technician then looked around inside and said this couldn't be tire he had worked on because there was no patch in it. He then went and told his manager he had not worked on that tire.

I went to the manager and asked him how he wanted to handle this problem.

He said he didn't have a problem because they had not worked on that tire. I assured him they had worked on that tire because that was the tire we had told them had the problem.

He said they must have fixed the wrong tire because that one didn't have a patch in it.

I told him it wouldn't have a patch in it if they had fixed a bead leak and replaced the valve stem like they originally told us.

And also I asked him why the problem went away if they had fixed the wrong tire.

His response was "We never touched that tire and you can't prove we did."

He then went on to tell me those aren't even their tires.

As of this posting they are still refusing to take responsibility for their mistake.


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