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Company: 1996 Mazda 626ES from Len Stoler Ford in Owings Mills, Maryland

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RE: 1996 Mazda 626ES from Len Stoler Ford in Owings Mills, Maryland

October 23, 2000

To Whom it May Concern:

I purchased my 1996 Mazda 626ES from Len Stoler Ford in Owings Mills, Maryland, in February of 1999.

When I test drove the car the engine light was on, an I was told it was an oxygen sensor, that was subsequently repaired one week after I purchased the car.

I was told by my warranty company National Auto Care (NAC) that Len Stoler called in this claim and it was covered.

During the week of August 13, 2000 I had the oil changed at the Owings Mills Shell service station.

On September 3, 2000 my oil light came on, I stopped at Pep Boys and bought two quarts of oil. I drove home and the oil light came on again.

The next morning I tried to drive to Owings Mills Shell because they were the last people to work on my car. After two minutes out of my driveway the car cut off.

I pulled over and it would not start. The car was towed to the Owings Mills Shell on September 6, 2000. After their diagnosis was complete the concluded that the "oil-sending unit" was broken which caused the oil to leak out.

After further review they found that a camshaft was broken as well. Shell suggested that I have the car towed to Len Stoler, where I bought it from, to avoid the deductible on my warranty.

On September 8, 2000, my car was towed to Len Stoler Ford in Owings Mills. I told Mike Bromwell, the Service Representative, the symptoms and I also told him there was something wrong with engine.

After Len Stoler's diagnosis I was told by Mr. Bromwell that I had a bad distributor, bad wires and spark plugs. I needed to change my timing belt and the oil-sending unit was broke.

I asked him was there anything wrong with the engine and he said they checked the engine and nothing was wrong with the engine.

I authorized them to change the distributor and replace the spark plugs.

On September 11, 2000, Mr. Bromwell called me to say that the car won't start after $1,700.00 of repairs covered by the warranty company (NAC).

During the week they realized that a cam shaft is seized and they need my permission to take the engine apart for the warranty company to inspect the cam.

If the warranty company, National Auto Care, (NAC) find that they won't cover the problem then the engine being taken apart would be at my expense.

Wanting to resolve the issue, I authorized them to take the engine apart. Three weeks have past and NAC needs to come out to inspect the car after the engine had been dissembled.

In the meantime I have no car to drive to work.

Therefore, I lost time from work ($18.00/hour plus .30 cents per mile). I also rented a care for 5 days, 3 from Len Stoler, and 2 from a Towson Rent-a-Wreck, of which the NAC will only cover 2 days and Len Stoler covered 1 day.

After several calls to NAC and Len Stoler, no one would give me a rental car to drive, although my car had been tied up for 4 weeks. On September 29, 2000, Mr. Bromwell tells me that the Vice President pf NAC came out to see the damage and denied the claim because the car ran low on oil.

On October 3, 2000 I spoke with the Vice President at NAC and he further denied the claim on the grounds that the car ran low on oil.

In summary, I can't say who to point the finger at, Shell could have broken the oil-sending unit during the oil change, but if so, they should have noticed the leak. Len Stoler gave an incorrect diagnosis and had the warranty company NAC, pay for $1700 worth of repairs that did not get the car running.

The warranty company although I paid for my warranty 3 years or when my car reached 100,000 miles, has been of no help at all. "If a covered part broke which caused something else to fail, that failure should be covered as well".

My car is my livelihood, and this situation has caused a major inconvenience in my life and family.

Any assistance you can give me to help settle this matter amicably would greatly appreciated.


Damon M. Roundtree

6800 Bonnie Ridge Drive

Baltimore MD 21209



Cc: MVA - Maryland

Dick Gelfman- WJZ Consumer Protection Division

Len Stoler

Mazda Corporation

Better Business Bureau


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