Communication Publishing - Books - The Secret of Free Money, Communication Publishing, New York City, NY - by Sean Young book of limited value, it only contains a catalog of various organizations that loan money

Posted on Friday, December 1st, 2000 at 11:31am CST by e485c868

Product: The Secret of Free Money

Company: Communication Publishing

Category: Books

The book is of extremely limited value as it is simply a catalog of various organizations that loan money, none of which are "secret" (e.g., student loan orgs).

I returned the book promptly requesting a refund per the "satisfaction guaranteed" advertized, but have not received a refund or even the courtesy of a reply in six months.

I don't recommend doing business with Mr. Young.


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1e237928, 2007-11-28, 12:58PM CST

I too,ordered this "Book" $BILLION SOURCES,Check CLEARED over a month ago,I have yet to of recieved it? Makes me wonder do I start a B.B.B.Complaint? As I see a "Review" by someone disclaiming the book's validity!!That its a misrepresentation of "CLAIMS".I could also file a complaint with the State Atty's.Office too.I've had to do so against another Co. that really misrepresented claims,yhey TOO were out of New York,N.Y. Whats up with this State??!!Ya know? I hope Comm. Pub. sees this "comment" as I have NO E-mail add./or Phone # for them??!

922d9980, 2007-12-27, 11:18PM CST

I sent a check for $24.95 for this book on 10/17/07 as of now I have received nothihg and feel that I have ripped off. This type of publishing business is very bad for all

books and magazines as I will never send money up front and order this stuff again. Thank you, The Wolfmann.

6affb956, 2008-02-15, 09:25AM CST

I am so stupid for not doing this sooner, checking the internet for this guy. I too sent a check over a month ago, the check has cleared and still no book. If anyone finds out how to get ahold of this guy, could you please post it so maybe some of us can get retribution too. Never again till I do my footwork. The only consilation is it was only $30 not $300, but still, on a limited income, like I am, it still hurts. Now the hard part, telling my husband what a fool I was. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

6b48c4c3, 2008-02-18, 04:28PM CST

This IS a Scam! i am currently disputing the charge with my bank Someone should really start a lawsuit on him. i guess "the secret of free money" is for him by swindling us out of ours

283edd4c, 2008-04-28, 06:58PM CDT

i have sent in the amount it called for and have not received anything as of yet.there should be something that we can do to these people that pull this kind of stuff. yes there needs be a law suit started on people like this .

f183b69d, 2008-05-11, 10:06AM CDT

Duh! You think! Of course the secrete of free money is every one just gives it to him. Interested in volume #2. I'll give you a discount seeing you didn't get the 1st 1.

f183b69d, 2008-05-11, 10:08AM CDT

Duh! You think! Of course the secrete of free money is every one just gives it to him. Interested in volume #2? I'll give you a discount seeing you didn't get the 1st 1. Just $49'95 & you can get volume #3 absolutely free! What a deal!

4191c968, 2008-06-04, 11:41AM CDT

All of us need to file a compliant with the New York Attorney General's Office and the US Postal Service.

I file claims today 06/04/08

59a2ff1b, 2008-07-15, 07:38PM CDT

I got suckered by this too. I have managed to find the following information on them:

Communications Publishing

244 5TH Ave

New York, NY 10001-7604

Phone: (212) 340-1038

Good luck though, every time I have called, the voice mailbox is always full.

I hope this is helpful in some way.

257c638b, 2008-09-05, 09:54AM CDT

I also got scammed with this offer. I have never received the information and when trying to call them the mailbox is full. I have even tried emailing and no response. This guy is truely a scammer and someone needs to stop him from selling something that does not exist.

d22b3126, 2009-01-23, 02:28PM CST

I am sorry this happened to all of you...

I am very, VERY glad I googled this JERK. I hope someone gets a hold of him where it hurts. Has anyone called the BBB in NY?

May I also suggest RipoffReport.Com

fdb5b03e, 2009-02-04, 03:06PM CST

I ordered book on1/13/09 and still have not received it. I googled the company and found all the complaints. Wish I had done this first. I am 71 and on a limited income. This guy must have never heard of "Mortal Sin" Well he will when he stands before Our Lord unless he makes things right with all the people he has ripped off. I have a good friend in New York who is going to go to the address one of you found and see what this individual is all about. He will not want to mess with Chuck! My friend said as-soon-as he has gone to the address he will go to the police and find out how I should proceed! Someone like this may have scammed God only knows how many people.

7903c161, 2009-07-31, 10:18PM CDT

I ordered this book also, and still have not recieved it... If you get a order form in the mail don't order it! What a waste of $25.00, it cost him more to mail out of the information.

8f8ba5f4, 2010-01-07, 06:16PM CST

I ordered this "Black Book Of Secret Money, Giveaways & Windfalls" Plus the 12 Top-Secret Million Dollar Bonus Reports on 9-19-2009 and sent the check which has cleared! I am still waiting for everything.I guess that I have been ripped off again! I will contact the BBB...


f0d5f362, 2010-02-25, 12:28PM CST

I also ordered this book,and this was presented as easy access to Grants,same guy though,Steve Young,I wish I had researched this goof first,but Ill learn a valuable but cheap lesson from this cause the way the government monitors and regulates these scammers online,its hopeless to think any of us will ever receive what we have lost,not to mention Steve Young will continue making money illegitimately as well

133ef5bc, 2010-03-20, 02:28PM CDT

I sent my check in without checking this website first and my check has been cleared for weeks now and still no book as well. But now after reading everyones post it looks as if it doesn't matter. Please contact me if anyone successfully gets their money back. Thanks.

Kevin Mahoney

[email protected]

b9f2b3ef, 2010-03-24, 11:51AM CDT

I never ordered anything, but yet I get a charge on my debit card. How does that work? And also, I am demanding to know why I am getting this charge, when I didn't order anything. I would also appreciate a phone number for this company.

7016e1f9, 2010-05-07, 04:47PM CDT

Did any of you think about takng your conplanes to the B.B.B. And getting your money back.

45dcaa5e, 2010-05-10, 05:36PM CDT

This outfit is selling 3 or 4 maybe more books/booklet...on money matters also selling the mailing lists from it's order list of names and address'.

Never mailed Billion Sources book which was payed for. NO way my phone for getting a talk with...voice run around.

Save your money...this place is a rip-off and not worth the price even if you do get your book or booklet.

263c3a4f, 2010-06-21, 09:06PM CDT

I to sent this sob 24.95 on 5-24-10 and have yet to receive anything. I am looking into this with my attorney as we speak. I will find Mr. Young and and let every one know how to contact him. This sounds like a class action law suit

7e16e12c, 2010-07-17, 04:50PM CDT

My brother also ordered the book, poor guy he even struggled to come up with the $29.00 for this book and has not received the book, he was devestated when I read him the complaints againt Communication Publishing (Mr. Young), all of you should get together and sue this SOB.

48903361, 2010-08-11, 07:31PM CDT

I order it also and got ripped to. To good to be true. He's a bum.


Gerald C.

ba05d163, 2010-08-27, 08:47PM CDT


90fc9084, 2010-10-21, 05:16AM CDT

My name is Paul and I to had the displeasure of dealing with this company . Believe me , when I say that the is like a lot of you consumers are learning. When it comes to getting loans, needing sure fire way of getting an easy fix for your money solutions.


can honestly say that I never went as far as to get a phone number on Mr Young. But, however I would also not recommend that anyone do business with this character.

3b500506, 2011-03-01, 03:49AM CST

Well he got me too. Well at least it was only $24.95. Mathew Lesco has a simular set of books out. I'll have to google him. I'll just right it off. My bad.

4822d644, 2011-03-14, 04:14PM CDT

I would LOVE to know how to find this person's phone number. I have not received my information yet and it had been over a month.

5861e101, 2011-10-26, 06:45PM CDT

I also had ordered the book. Nothing worked. I didn't get any money from any where. I was supposed to get bonus reports. I never got them. Now they are sending me more propagand about free money and more bonus reports. What a joke. I wish i could get my money back.Mr. Young. This is only a gimmick. You are the only only getting free money.. Judith Jorge..

953712f5, 2012-01-05, 12:14PM CST

I ordered "the Secret Book of Free Money" 12/13/2011. No book has been

sent to me as of Jan 5, 2012. Please

send me a refund for $29.99 since it appears that no publication is forth coming. Cornelius C Braxton

1511 Wildwood Drive

Hampton, Va 23666

2714baaa, 2012-02-04, 02:59PM CST

I ordered the book one month ago and have heard nothing. I will try to stop payment of my check.

4892f537, 2012-02-06, 03:03PM CST

I understand everything you are saying but I would still like to order the book The Secert Book of Free Money if I could find out where to order it from.

24af6b7d, 2012-04-10, 02:10PM CDT

I also ordered the book a month ago and heard nothing. Sent Mr. Young a money order for $24.95. (I would't advise doing it!) Am planning on contacting the Better Business Bureau to put a stop to this scam!

ef35ce94, 2012-06-08, 04:15PM CDT

I ordered the book from Mr. Stephen Young, Founder and President of Communications Publishing, a couple of months ago and have yet to receive it. I've read here that the book has no value at all. If so, Mr. Young, please refund my money now since there is a 30 day trial period. I have no desire to read it if it is as they say it is. To write where one can borrow money and represent it as getting free money is nothing short of fraud. Save yourself and myself shipping cost and just refund my money. If I don't receive it in the next week or so I will turn it over to our and your District Attorney to look into it. I'm sure they will be interested in these undesirable comments being read here. Thanks, T. J. Turner

026dc5e2, 2012-06-18, 01:03PM CDT

I ordered the book "$Billlions $Sources" on 5-18-2012. The check cleared on 5-24-2012. As of 6-18-2012, I have not received anything.

Gary A., 2013-01-17, 10:14AM CST

My brother, Ray Aumock, passed away 10JUL2012.

Please remove his name and address from your distribution operations and all other means

of communication. Regardds, G.Aumock

judy e., 2013-06-04, 02:44PM CDT

You can go to the library and read Lesco's book for free

ida b., 2013-06-26, 10:33AM CDT

well he got me to I order a book on april 4th 2013 have not received anything as of this date.

David S., 2013-08-03, 08:22PM CDT

Here's a wild idea! Contact the ny state attorney general and all of you band together and file a class action suit. There are a multitude of agencies who will gladly represent you on contingency(no win no pay)and the state ag can tell you how to get a list of them licensed by the state for this purpose.They can not and will not recommend any one but the licensing is public information that they must provide to the public.Good luck and remember to interview and verify several agencies before choosing one to represent you.

66b70632, 2014-02-27, 12:57PM CST

you need to contact the state of new york attorneys office and file a complaint. also file complaint with consumer trade and protection office your state as well as new york. these agency can shut down these scamming business. file a law suit in small claims court may be first. you may have to file in your state and in state of new york. take action, they took your money with a promise or guarantee and cant make contact to follow thru on promise and guarantee. may we all get justice served!

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