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Posted on Wednesday, August 16th, 2000 at 4:38pm CDT by 3fd37531

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Date: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 04:38 PM


My complaint is in regards to promises made to my parents by the Western Horizon Resort people out of Gunnison, Co. My parents were members of American Adventures and are (were) permanently located at their Rockport, TX location.

This location was purchased by Western Horizons recently. Their CEO came down and gave a speach to the residents and told them that they were all new members of Western Horizon (mom has this on tape). Then, when mom offered to pre-pay a five year lease (because everyone was leaving the park and she did not want to) Western Horizons jumped at the opportunity and gave mom a resounding "Yes" and told her they would draw up the lease.

Well, wouldn't you know that they wrote her a letter telling her that they would not honor that verbal contract because she was not a member of Western Horizon!!!!! They also said because my dad got a little lound with the new management so, therefore, he is considered a problem.

Well, dad is deaf! He speaks loudly anyway! They did not listen to anything they had to say and told mom that they would "consider" a six month extension of the lease, but only 30 days prior to the expiration of the current lease!

What that really means is that they would drag out their "consideration" until the lease was over and then evict them immediately (which has already happened to the previous managers of the location). Well, as you can guess, my parents are elderly and unable to move in 24 hours (the length of time given previous managment)!

The location that mom and dad have is heaven sent. It was what they were looking for for their retirement. They have been there several years now and have built it up to be quite beautiful. Now these guys come in and put an end to a beautiful dream and I am quite disgruntled.

I would really like to hear from other people who have experienced such problems with these people. I've heard that they are experiencing some of the same treatment in a new location in New York. I could be wrong, but I am looking into it.

I am also trying to look into other states where Western Horizon does business (mostly west coast). Best thing to do is get all the complainers together! That way we make a bigger noise! Thanks for listening. . .I have alot more to say, but this is not the forum.


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da012328, 2007-11-28, 02:52PM CST

I too have a complain about Western Horizon Resorts. About the upkeep of one of their resorts. Specifically the Colorado River Oasis in Ehrenberg, Arizona. I complained about the condition of the roads (gravel)and landscaping. Complained about the condition of the lighting, the pool and the boat ramp. That the rent has been increase and no improvements to show for it. Their response was that all monies received from membership and rentals are put back into the resort. That they have toured the resort and found the resort well kept. That they have not received any complants recently or in the past. Obviously our complaints to management are not flowed to upper management. My neighbors have just approched me for money to buy gravel to re gravel the roads because the present management refuses to do so. One of my neighbors has cleared some steps that were a hazard to climb and the steps leading to the beach area are a safety hazard.

247efe1b, 2008-03-24, 08:15AM CDT

My husband and I have also 'been taken' by W-Horizons. We were told that at any time we wanted to sell our membership, they'd buy it back. I have written several letters, and not once have they EVER replied. All they want is my yearly dues, but do not have resorts in Texas anymore. We have been going around and around with them for the past 4 years...they do not care.

There are more problems and facts to this saga.

We are interested in a class-action suit. We need to all get together and fight this company.

1ab802c7, 2008-03-24, 08:39AM CDT

Here is a third complaint against Western Horizons, my home camp ground at Lake Conroe was sold off to developers, we were moved to "Castaways on Lake Conroe" which was a much less desireable location. Now we are being told we have to make a choice of another home campground, not in Texas or move permanently to Castaways and pay their dues... I have a paid in full memebership... I think it is time for legal action! Larry Harbuck [email protected]

3bb1b5f7, 2008-04-04, 03:55PM CDT

Western Horizon has sold out the Conroe, TX location to Castaways and has now pulled out totally. Castaways is run down, poor gravel roads and rotten buildings. It is my understanding pulling out from the location is a breach of contract. I am also trying to make a bigger noise and assist others in getting what they paid for. Is there another webiste you have found complains, comments or blogs? Many elderly are being taken advantage of again!

fa9b6466, 2008-06-13, 06:53PM CDT

I too have a complaint against BMR, one of the resorts of Western Horizions. When we bought our membership, we were furnished a copy of the rules and regulations. It did NOT state that the cabin and boat rental was for 10 years, now the management tells me and furnishes me with a (1/01/97) copy that I've never seen and tells me that was in effect when we bought the membership, on 5/24/97. Nothing I signed(checked was a 3 lifetimes membership)said it was limited to 10 years. This is out and out FRAUD and I do plan to proceed through the legal system!!!

bb717135, 2008-09-16, 10:42PM CDT

We purchased a lifetime membership in Western Horizons in 2003, only to have them move it to Castaways in 2005, not equal in amenities, etc. We detailed the violations and "requested" they return our $7,000 for breaching the contract. Again in 2008 they violated the contract by eliminating a resort in the vicinity of Conroe. We again "requested" they return our money for violating the contract. We are in the process of more than requesting and wish we had gotten the names and addresses of some of the people we met so that we could communicate and get a class-action claim going, or at least encourage those members to take action. We are from Austin TX, but from what I have read, it's the same all over the states. Good luck to all of you--and take action if you can.

304026a6, 2008-09-20, 03:05PM CDT

I have just found out my Home Park in Rockport TX has been sold. Yesterday we pulled into Abita Springs LA and found this has been sold. We had membership in Thousand Trails when we visited Rockport and they told us Western Horizon was buying out many of the Thousand Trails Parks and as we had both Eastern and Western Thousand Trails they had a Full-timer who would buy our contract which would cover the cost of their contract. They lied.

6d96caf8, 2010-02-24, 04:48PM CST

One of the WHr members has to be a lawyer who can take on a class action suir. How do we find him/her?

dfc89a0d, 2010-08-01, 04:08PM CDT

Romona Canyon new? NOT! It's old, worn out, bug infested and pitiful. The fire never reach the resort so it's the same old typical unmaintained WHR resort.

We decided this Spring to use one of our free cabin weeks at Romona Canyon while we checked out San Diego and vicinity. What a mistake that was! The park model unit they placed us in was old, dirty and the first night we discovered it was infested with Cockroaches. That's right....Cockroaches. I got up in the middle of the night and they were everywhere, sink, bathroom, walls kitchen counters...everywhere.

The bathroom toilet also leaked and ran all night every 15 minutes.

We complained (of course we did) and they sent a maintenance guy in when we left for the day. The next night, same thing. We asked to be moved but no, they sent the guy in the next day as well. next night, better but still not perfect. Since we didn't seem to have much choice since we had no other place to stay (we flew down and had a rental car) we toughed it out.

Next time I'll spend the money and stay in a Hotel.

NEVER again will we stay in a cabin of part model in a WHR.

Larry & Linda

f4575025, 2010-09-21, 05:40PM CDT

I understand there is a class action lawsuit against Western Horizons. Is this true??? I am an unhappy member!!

e09546de, 2011-01-05, 11:42AM CST

I am finding out that my $6.00 a night locked in rate really does not apply. My next stay is going to cost me $40.00 a night. Whats up with this.

ba0857fa, 2011-04-15, 03:54AM CDT

I am in Michigan, was stupid and put in for a time share, within a week realized it was not what was needed for us - my fiance was diagnosed with cancer and we would not be able to use the facility. They would not let us out of the contract, even though we had to move to Florida for treatments for him. Now 5 years later, we are being sued for $10,000 2x as much as the initial fee do to compounded interest, even though all cards, and materials were return to WHR and we have never used the facility

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