Jeep Liberty Limited - 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited - failure of drivers side seat back frame

Posted on Sunday, August 10th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 7f1066f1

Product: 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited

Company: Jeep Liberty Limited

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In June of 2001 my wife and I bought a new 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited. After about ten thousand miles I noticed a slight squeak in the seat back whenever I moved or the vehicle hit a bump. This squeak gradually got louder and extremely annoying and was accompanied by a slight twisting to the right of the seat back. I eventually grew so tired of the squeaking and the ache in my back that I took it in to the dealer.

They said that the frame of the seat back had broken (apparently one of the welds of the frame) and that the seat back was on back order. Several weeks later they received the new seat back and it was installed. Several thousand miles later I noticed that the NEW seat back had begun to do the same thing. Upon taking it back to the dealer I was informed that they would need to take it apart to inspect before ordering a new one, even though it was clearly the same problem.

They found the frame to be broken again and I was again informed that the seat back was on backorder. They did a temporary fix using rivets to hold the frame together. I was also told that a Chrysler engineer would be taking a look at it to determine if it truly was defective. That engineer never showed up. While waiting for the new seat I sent a complaint to Chrysler that this was the third seat back I was to be putting in the vehicle and that most cars go through their lives with only the one.

I asked what guarantee I had that this would not happen again out of warranty, forcing me to pay for a new and likely costly seat back. I then went on to complain about the lousy service of my dealership and the clear abuse of my vehicle by the lot techs (a whole other issue). I received a response a few days later that in short said, Sorry about your luck. We won't guarantee anything after warranty. Your seat is on the way (not a direct quote).

Upon receiving that response, I called the dealer to tell them that they could install the new seat but I wanted to keep the old one in case this happened again out of warranty I would have a seat back that had been "repaired" (if you can call it that). You'd think I had just asked them to give me a new car by their response. I was told that

there was no way they were going to let me have the old BROKEN seat. Needless to say I did not return to that dealer and I told them they could send the seat back to wherever they got it because I would never be coming back for them to work on my vehicle.

Now at 30,000 miles my rigged seat back has begun to fail and I am forced to go to another dealer further away to have the work done and face the possibility that the new seat back will also fail after 10,000 more miles. Incidentally the dealership that I dealt with and had other complaints about as well was Jake Sweeney Chrysler/Jeep in Cincinnati at 85 West Kemper Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246.

If anyone else has had this problem or thinks the lemon law might apply here. Thanks, Robert H.

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93f4ce93, 2009-07-18, 05:45AM CDT

I know this is old, but figured i would comment on it, since it comes up on a search and others could learn from it.

I bought a 2002 liberty used, excellent condition, except after drive a day or so, noticed the seat uncomfortable and it squeaked..

Neighbor lady must have thought i was nuts, newer looking vehicle in the driveway and I'm pulling the drivers seat out.. spread a large blanket out on the driveway and commenced to disassemble the seat.. once apart..

I found 5 broken / cracked areas.. main bottom seat frame cracked cleanly in 1/2 and bent down. and 4 brackets cracked in 1/2.. two of them around a large permanent rivet.

I happen to have a welder.. covered the seat back with a canvas tarp, re-aligned and clamped each piece and welded it up.. its like a new seat again.

I expect i will have to do this again, because the first seat failed,so it may do it again.. next time i will reinforce the framing.. But in a nutshell.. I can't understand why a company like Jeep would put seats so under rated into a vehicle that potentially be hitting bumps and taking jars..

My Liberty is in excellent condition except for this, whoever owned it prior to me took really good care of it, This is a serious flaw in design and frankly, how the cracks (broken brackets) are, could lead to a serious outcome.. ie.. seat leaving its foundation on a quick stop...

Most people don't know of this because its all hidden, and only complain the seat is uncomfortable ... My belief is its uncomfortable due to ITS BROKEN INSIDE...

If Jeep wants to refute this claim.. they can look at my seat and all the weldments inside...WHERE THEIR DESIGN FAILED.

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