KIA - 2002 KIA Sportage 4WD/4DR 5spd - terrible sounds coming from the clutch and drive train

Posted on Friday, August 15th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 5bfe0caa

Product: 2002 KIA Sportage 4WD/4DR 5spd

Company: KIA

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We bought our Sportage on March 21, 2003 from Hanson Motors in Olympia, WA. It had 76 miles on it when we drove it off the lot. We even opted for most of the options that were available bringing our price to almost $20,000. We now have a $20,000 piece of crap.

It all started after putting about a thousand miles on it; it started making this sound like the entire drive train was about to disintegrate, each time you engage or disengage the clutch. For the last three months, I have spent more time in the KIA Service Department than I have at home. In the beginning they said they couldn't hear anything (when you disengage/engage the clutch, people from two blocks away turn to look, I'm not kidding) and that if I felt that it was a continuing problem to bring it back and they would take another look at it.

By the end of the week I was back and again, this time with a grinding coming from the transmission/transfer case all through first gear, and again they found nothing. Infact, this last time, about three weeks ago, they kept my Sportage for an entire week and even ordered parts, then they returned it to me telling me that they found nothing and refused to use the ordered parts on my vehicle. What the heck is the warranty for if they won't let you use it?

By this time I was so angry that I couldn't see straight. I went out into the parking lot and sat in my parking spot and made the noise for a few minutes, gaining the attention of every salesman in the area. Without informing them that this was one of there vehicles, they all insisted that I had a defective vehicle and that I should possibly check into having it fixed, you should have seen there faces when I informed them that we bought it from them only a few months ago!

Finally I decided to go back inside the dealership and have the owner of the lot come out and listen to my Sportage (he was already indirectly involved in all of this anyway). He did listen, he did drive it, and he did promise me that the problem would be taken care of in one way or another. He even had the district service rep drive it, who then said that this was a normal issue with KIA Sportages that have a manual transmission that occurs after the "break-in period". My response? The car was misrepresented so that it could be sold, and we were the suckers who fell for it. The owner of the dealership, a Mr. Vince Hanson, did not follow through with his promise that it would be fixed one way or another.

When I told him that we would go public with the entire ordeal, including contacting the BBB, he insisted that he would by back the Sportage by paying off the entirety of the loan, and that we could pick another vehicle off the lot that is comparable. For two days we tried to find another vehicle on the lot, but each time we came up with a vehicle, he found a way to make the monthly payment go up at least another $130, even on vehicles that cost less than the Sportage, except for one. He kept trying to get us to purchase one certain vehicle, a KIA Spectra, with an automatic transmission. Hello, if the Sportage wasn't powerless enough, try driving the Spectra.

I went around the block to make them happy and then told them where they could put it. How is the Spectra comparable to the Sportage, car to SUV? We are trying to work with the dealership and holding off on reporting to the BBB, but they are making it very difficult.

We just want them to do what is right. If anyone has any ideas, please, don't hesitate to tell us.

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c2beccdb, 2011-02-03, 01:38PM CST

It took me a long time and a lot of money to fix this issue. I changed u joint, spider bearings, wheel bearings etc.

And yet it was so simple to fix.

Your problem is your 4 wheel drive is trying to engage. it can ruin your car.

go to warn hubs and buy hubs for your kia. they can be plain or fancy. then take to a mech., and tell him to disconect the automatic 4 wheel drive and install the warn hubs. this is a common problem but will fix it for ever.

i have had no sounds or problems since. although i have to get out and turn the hubs but i used to do it anyway in my jeep. they just have not gotten the automatic 4 wheel right yet.

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