Dodge - 2002 Dodge Durango - transmission quit shifting and broke down during rush-hour traffic

Posted on Friday, August 15th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by d2c0b0c4

Product: 2002 Dodge Durango

Company: Dodge

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

We have a leased 2002 Dodge Durango. This vehicle has left my two small children, my wife and I in several dangerous situations due to mechanical problems. Most recently we were stranded in two different parts of the country several hundred miles from home as a result of the same transmission problems.

The transmission quit shifting and broke down without warning in the heart of rush hour traffic in a large downtown city almost causing serious accidents and injury. Our family was left stranded in a terrible metropolitan downtown city that was very dangerous and crime ridden. We incurred increased expenses and had to stay the night in this terrible area while the Dodge dealer fixed the transmission.

Three days later in another part of the country several hundred miles from our home, the exact same thing happened. Again, this left us stranded on the side of the interstate with more Dodge Durango transmission mechanical problems, increased expenses, etc. This is a new Dodge Durango that we leased. It has less than 27k miles on it. The dangerous mechanical problems this vehicle continues to have is terrible. What is worse is that we do not get any help from Daimler Chrysler on this issue other than to tell us to continue bringing it to the dealer for repair. We can't get in touch with a live person on any of the 800 numbers because they are all automated.

This leased vehicle is a lemon. It is unsafe and dangerous. It is poory manufactured and we are afraid to even drive it. I can't believe a company such as Daimler Chrysler does not take ownership of such problems and stand behind their service and products. Not to continue sending their lease customers to the dealership service center, but to replace the problematic completely. As a result of this, you have almost certainly lost me as a future customer, and I'll urge others to look elsewhere for their auto needs. Here's what I would like to see you do to provide resolution: 1. Allow us to terminate our lease effective immediately, or 2. Provide us with an immediate new replacement lease vehicle for the remainder of our lease term. John in Michigan


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