Plumbing Express, Alexandria, VA - refuse to re-attache drain pipe under sink - poor service

Posted on Friday, August 9th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 9307856a

Company: Plumbing Express, Alexandria, VA - refuse to re-attache drain pipe under sink - poor service

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RE: Plumbing Express, Alexandria, VA - refuse to re-attache drain pipe under sink - poor service

Plumbing Express (the one I used) is located in Alexandria, Virginia. (They have many other locations on the east coast and in Georgia.)

I just wanted to let people know about the company I used to re-pipe my house. I had polybutelene pipes, which tend to leak and I wanted to have them replaced with copper. The company I retained is called Plumbing Express. Its a big company with a large in-house staff of support people - overly heavy with those types. I was not impressed with the tradespeople working for the company. The company did respond to some of my complaints but they refused to reattach a drain pipe under my kitchen sink and that is what drove me to write to you. After they did the re-pipe job, the drain pipe was unscrewed from the sink. And I knew it had not been that way before the pipes were replaced. So I asked them to reattach it. I didn't anticipate any problem with that. Instead, they denied having done it and refused to reattach it for me. They did a very poor job of patching the holes in my ceiling that were made to get at the pipes the first time. I came home and saw a very messy drywall job. They also failed to clean up after themselves and left a lot

of drywall mud on the kitchen/dining room floor. They did agree to do the ceiling again. It looks better but is still not completely flat in a couple of places, and the paint is lighter. They had said they would repaint the entire ceiling to get it to match more closely

but I don't think they did. They also did not clean up after themselves this time. They did agree to give me a $150 credit due to my dissatisfaction with the ceiling. And a $25 credit due to the mess. Not nothing but not enough to pay for repainting it. Don't believe the stuff you hear if you call them on their tape - they are quite messy and they required a re-do to get the job to look half-way right. I also had them paint the whole wall upstairs because the place that was

painted showed. They did do that. The price was $400 higher than my next lower bid. They charged $4200 for a 1500 square foot town-house with 1 and 1/2 baths. I wish I had gone with the other company! And encourage you not to use Plumbing Express. Their big selling point is a long warranty but, as friends pointed out, if something is going to go wrong with your pipes, it probably happen right away. The warranty on the best copper pipe (which I got) is 40 years, except in "corrosive conditions". Can you believe they wouldn't reattach the pipe?!


96a50e26, 2008-06-13, 10:18AM CDT

Dear Consumers:

After discovering this post, we repeatedly attempted to contact the author in order to investigate their claims and rectify any legitimate complaints, but we have received no response. is of no help either, as they will not identify the person by name or address.

Therefore, we can only assume the below post was made by a competitor, as any reasonable consumer would respond to an offer by the owner of the company (me) to look into their claims and make amends if the claims were true.

Plumbing Express has performed over 46,500 repipes, and this anonymous post is absolutely not indicative of our performance, as the vast majority of our clients are satisfied or very satisfied according to feedback that we get from surveys sent to every client. We are not perfect, but we try to improve everyday as a result, we are confident that we consistently deliver the highest level of service that can be found in the construction industry.

Thank you for considering the possibility that Plumbing Express is actually a decent company that cares about its clients.


John B Ellis


Plumbing Express

N. HM M., 2012-11-17, 08:56PM CST

Dear Mr. Ellis:

Actually I tend to agree with the customer above. I have had a similar problem and have tried to contact you directly to no avail. I have spoken to two of your managers that have refused to help.

I had re pipe work done by your company over a week ago, and what I received instead was leaky faucets where it needed to be replaced, holes under sinks that have been left un patched when the contract clearly stated that you would patch and paint the holes. They scratched my bamboo flooring that I have pictures of and so do the two sales people that I dealt with as well as damages to my door frames. I have text messages from your sales people stating that they would fix the damages, but upon discovering the cost to repair/replace the floor they have decided against it. This was not the service I was promised, and had never planned to spend extra money for damages done by your workers. I am asking that your company Plumbing Express take responsibility and remedy the damages caused by your workers. THIS IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!

If your company Plumbing Express does indeed care about its customers as you stated above, than you should stand by those words and do the right thing by fixing what was damaged by your own employees. If you decide to do the right thing, I will be happy to post a comment stating that you did. I will eagerly await for you to contact me.

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