1995 Oldsmobile Aurora from Hurd Buick in Johnston, RI - unhappy with service

Posted on Monday, August 5th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 1859d8fe

Company: 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora from Hurd Buick in Johnston, RI - unhappy with service

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RE: 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora from Hurd Buick in Johnston, RI - unhappy with service

I recently bought a used 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora from Hurd Buick in Johnston, RI. When I was in the process of purchasing the vehicle there was no warranty sticker in the window of the vehicle which is required by RI state law. Because of this I had to rely on the word of the salesman when I was told by him that the warranty was 30 days 1000 miles bumper to bumper.

When I returned the vehicle for service on several items, I was told that the warranty was only for power train and several of my complaints were cosmetic or considered trim items and not power train. These were not covered.

After I reluctantly bowed to that assumption, I asked about several items that should have been included in the power train warranty such as two computer messages of EGR valve defective and spark module defective, and also an overheating problem in traffic during warm weather, I was told that the car wasn’t overheating (It’s supposedly designed to run hot?) and that the spark module was fine and the EGR valve only needed cleaning. After contacting another dealership qualified in Oldsmobile Aurora’s, it was suggested that I replace the thermostat and flush the coolant system, as the car was not designed to run hot. Also I was told that the EGR valve should have been replaced, not cleaned and that the spark module should have been replaced also. It was explained to me that if the computer gave those messages, cleaning and ignoring the messages just delayed the inevitable. When I contacted the dealership on several occasions, I was told to speak to a service advisor assigned to my account.

Unfortunately several messages left for him were never returned. I then had the car serviced for the flush and thermostat which gave no relief to the problem. I have since been told that the only likely causes of the overheating left were either a clogged radiator, or an oil leak which suspiciously became evident right around the period of time that the warranty ran out. What I am looking for is for the dealership to stand up and take responsibility for those items brought to their attention on the matters of the EGR valve, the spark module, and the overheating. Therefore replacing and repairing the aforementioned items. I give complaints.com my permission to e-mail Hurd Chevrolet Buick Inc., and notify them of this posting. Giving them the option to make this right. I also request that they contact THEIR attorney to get my current phone number to contact me, as she has been contacted by me in this matter with no response. The owner, Chris Hurd can be contacted at the following address: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_67998# Thank you. Michael Phillips


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