AOL - AOL - cancelled free trial - then later charged for service - taken advantage of by AOL

Posted on Friday, August 30th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by eda65a9f

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

After trying a free trial of aol we decided against subscribing to the service. our son several months later clicked on the icon we hadn't been able to remove from our start up menu and the next month we received a credit card bill showing aol had billed us for a month's service.

When we called aol they said that the service had been logged on to for five minutes and that the monthly bill stood and that we were now considered members again since we had used the service.

We thought all was okay and cleared up. now this month again we received a bill on our credit card from aol. it seems that our call came after the July billing date and we were again charged the full month's bill even though there had been no usage at all that month.

Aol informed us that if you're a member you pay whether you use the service or not and that they do not prorate their bills. this to me does not seem like an equitable solution since i have essentially been charged over $46 for 5 min. usage of an internet service when from my viewpoint i was never a member and would not have intentionally used the service anyway.

Yes business is business, but it is practices such as this that go against fair treatment of the individual consumer. it is being faced with these little "cheats" through our lives that make us distrust big business.

No one will ever again be given my credit card number so that they may take advantage of me.



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