AOL - AOL - account cancellation nightmare

Posted on Friday, August 30th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by c14cb1bf

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

In the past year or two I had created 2 AOL accounts using the same checking account via a check debit card. I had moved frequently so I was uncertain of exactly what master screen names were assigned to the accounts (as some may know they are very odd and cryptic) or the origin of where exactly I was at the time I created them.

I practically forgot about the AOL accounts (because I hardly used them) until I closed my bank account and started receiving, from my former bank, bills paid out to AOL and that they (the bank) want reimbursement.

When I spoke to my old bank that my account with them was no more, they said there is nothing they could do until I cancelled the AOL accounts. I made 2 calls, 3 e-mails, and 2 faxes to AOL to cancel the accounts. AOL's response was that they won't let me close the accounts because I can't provide them with certain information they "need" because of my "security" ?!

The last letter I received from AOL said that actions were taken concerning the accounts, but what actions that were taken I don't know because they are still giving me the run-around because they are still insisting on more "vital" information to let me know what they even did.

To sum it up, AOL will not let me close the accounts I created with my former bank, then collect from my old bank, who then in turn send me bills for the unwanted services complete with threats to turn me in to collections for non-payment. My former bank is equally guilty in what is nothing less than extortion.

I've read in other complaints about AOL continuing to bill consumers despite the consumers desires to want none of AOL's business, and it seems to me that maybe this extra income generated by these activities only helps to artificially enhance AOL's profit earnings.

Needless to say I'm infuriated and very stressed-out, so I'm meeting with my attorney this afternoon. This is one "little guy" who isn't going to roll over for big business who have loss sight of the fact that they exist for the consumer, not us for them. I hope others do the same.


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