1990 Toyota Tercel failed smog emissions testing - trouble with efforts to get car repaired

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Company: 1990 Toyota Tercel failed smog emissions testing - trouble with efforts to get car repaired

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RE: 1990 Toyota Tercel failed smog emissions testing - trouble with efforts to get car repaired

Dear Nevada Consumers Affairs Division,

Below you will see a copy of letter sent to the Better Business Bureau. Todays date is August 27, 2002. Please read it and I would appreciate a reply for you regarding this matter.


Gail M. Dewey August 19, 2002

Dear Better Business Bureau,

The reason I am writing you is I need your advise and help. I have lived in Clark County for 38 years. I am a senior citizen who is caught between a rock and hard stone and do not know where to turn. My 1990 Toyota Tercel was due for registration on July 31.2002.

My husband took the car to get smog on July 15, 2002, the car failed smog so my husband took car to Newby's Auto center to see what had to be done in order for car to pass smog for registration.

Mr. Conley Newby told my husband that it needed a new carburetor and that would do the job. My husband okayed the job and the car was left at Newby's on July 15 for repair. Three(3) weeks and one(1) day later we went to pick up car on August 7, 2002, and they stated it would not pass smog. All the time they had the car they never once called us as promised not one (1) phone call.

Every other day I would call and they would always have an excuse it was not ready. On August 7.2002 we picked up the car with a bill of $1,039.06 and car would not pass smog but had a new rebuilt carburetor in the car.

Immediately after picking up the car we took it to Desert Toyota of Las Vegas for smog check. Dean Stark advised us that my car needed a valve job to pass smog I okayed the work and left car said car would be done the middle of next week. The car was done and ready on August 14, 2002, but would not pass smog

and a total owed by us of $1,650.00.

Dean Stark advised us to take car back to Newby's for carburetor exchange as the one Newby's put in car was leaking internally and not allowing car to pass smog.

Newby's took the car in back into their possession on August 15, 2002 at 8:30 AM they said they would have car fixed (carburetor) in two(2) days.

August 17, 2002 at 8:00am we went to pick up my car and car is not at the location we dropped it off, Newby's said it was downtown at Carburetor Doctor......1408 S. 3rd St. (Nolen) 385-2989. I called down there and talked to Nolan regarding my car and he said he is waiting for the okay from Conley at Newby's for authorization to repair the carburetor that theres missing parts that he needs and for me to call Mr. Conley.

I called Mr. Conley and he was very rude and told me to call Toyota about the missing parts. I called Toyota and they know nothing about the missing parts.

As you can see I need help. I have no car and I'm out all this money. I would like an apology from both these companys, my car back and the money spent. I have a letter and form and reciepts all in an enevlope waiting to be mailed tomorrow by United States Postal Services. Would appreciate your prompt regards to this e-mail. Your help is greatly appreciated. Sincerely,

Gail M. Dewey


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