AOL - AOL - given 'free service' not to cancel - when it came time to cancel experienced problems

Posted on Tuesday, August 27th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by eded80dc

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I was promised 3 months service free of charge from AOL if I would not discontinue their service. This was on 2-21-02. Bob Chatman of AOL told me I could also get another 2 months of free service at AOL if I would transfer my long distance telephone service to Sprint. He then transferred me to Sprint after I agreed to stay with AOL.

With 5 months of free service, I would not be billed $23.90 per month until 7-20-02.On 5-28-02, AOL charged my account $23.90. On 6-14-02 AOL told me they only gave me 2 months free service. I spoke with Kassamin at AOL. I called Sprint and was told that they had my E-Mail account number incorrect and therefore I was not given my free month at AOL. Now they tell me I was to only receive 1 month free service at AOL and would have to wait 6 months for another free month.

They lied as did AOL.On 6-14-02 India, a supervisir told me that she would give me 1 free month on top of what I was supposed to get at AOL because of all the trouble I had experienced.On 7-3-02, I called Sprint to see if they had straightened everything out. Guess What? They had not. I was told by Ismelda Leon of Sprint that they were not able to give me credit from their end.

I would have to type in Sprint Credit and then my billing number through my computer to AOL. I did this and it was accepted. I checked my account with AOL on 8-24-02 to see if Sprint and AOL had my account straight. I found out that AOL had just charged my account $47.80 for 2 months service. I called Sprint and found out from Terry Criggers, Supervisor, that Sprint had notified AOL on 4-10-02 of my 1 month of free service. Not the 2 months that I had been promised.

I made my 5th call to AOL on 8-24-02 and talked to a so called Supervisor who said his name was CHARLIE. He would not furnish me a last name. He was belligerent and did not want to hear what I wanted to say about what I had been promised by AOL. He told me that I could not have typed in my billing number from Sprint to AOL because it does not work that way.

He even told me that I could not get any free time from Sprint until after 3 months of service with Sprint. He also told me that he had never heard of 3 months of free service from AOL. They did not promise me 3 months. He did not appear at all interested in checking with Bob Chatman and told me he was not going to give me anymore free time. He said this was in my file that I was not to be given any more free time. I asked him what he would say when called upon to answer to his superiors .

He then laughed. I wrote to AOL and received a form letter that did not have anything to do with what I had related. I told them about the attitude of CHARLIE and mentioned that I had also spoken with a MURPHY , this same date, who was also hard to deal with. I have spent hours back and forth with AOL and SPRINT. AOL still owes me a months free service because they applied my free month from SPRINT during April, 2002 when I was on a free month from AOL.

Both AOL and SPRINT lied about what they were providing. They are not trustworthy. CHARLIE has an attitude that does not warrant being allowed to deal with the public. I would not recommend anyone believe what AOL or Sprint tells them about free service.

To deal with either one of them is almost impossible. The hours it takes is not worth any savings if they lie to you and charge your account when they should not.




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