1995 Toyota Avalon with 100,000 miles - engine is gelled or sludged

Posted on Saturday, August 24th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by da722536

Company: 1995 Toyota Avalon with 100,000 miles - engine is gelled or sludged

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RE: 1995 Toyota Avalon with 100,000 miles - engine is gelled or sludged

August 20, 2002 I have a 1995 Toyota Avalon with 100,000 miles which retails at $9765 on Kelly Blue Book Used Car Retail Report on August 20, 2002. The engine is gelled or sludged as a result of a Toyota defect according to Gene Mylie (Leith Toyota) and Boyce McCaskill (former Leith Mechanic). Gene says I may get another year or I may get a week out of it. I have proof of regular oil changes. The vehicle is at Leith so I have been dealing with them. Their original estimate was $2000 to $3000. I asked them to look into paying some portion of that and they contacted Steve Carlson, regional representative of Southeast Toyota. Steve agreed to pay half of the cost of repair under their Special Policy Adjustment for engine gelling on Avalons.

When Gene informed me of this decision, I agreed. Two days later the estimate went from $2-$3 thou to $9200. This meant my half would be $4600 and Steve would pay $4600. I don’t agree to that. The huge discrepancy was explained as being due to Toyota requiring every part be replaced by Toyota parts and no part being cleaned or repaired…only replaced. I went to Shawn Wytek in Sales at Leith to see what he would give me for the vehicle as is. He had it valued at $3800 as is. I feel that Toyota has taken roughly $6000 dollars from my family ($9765 value minus $3800 value now with defect). I am very upset about this. There is a very reasonable solution that would be mutually beneficial to me and Toyota. But it requires both Service (a local service manager, a regional representative of SE Toyota, and possibly a California 1-800-331-4331 representative) and Sales (either Leith Sales VP, Fred Anderson Sales VP, or Toyota of Durham Sales VP) assistance. I have been unable to coordinate this effort and am looking to you for help. Wytek says it is worth $3800 as is and Carlson is willing to pay $4600 to repair it That total is $8400 and is acceptable to me (although it’s $1400 below KBB value). Toyota would then keep my car to sell ( I turn over title) and Toyota could make some money off of it. I would then take the $8400 and apply it to a new 2002 Camry (not an Avalon because of the engine sludging problem). Toyota could make a little off of that. This will work. But I need someone of power to coordinate it. No one gets hurt. Please put this letter in the hands of someone who will take care of it. I will continue to call until we work this out. I don’t have the heart to drag all of us through the mud over something that could satisfy both parties. The latest is that Leith Toyota wants to wash its hands completely from dealing with this Avalon. This came after I provided proof of regular oil changes and offered to accept the $4600 (Steve Carlson proposal to pay 1/2 of the $9200 estimate) and the $3800 as is quote (Shawn General Sales Manager). They suddenly started threatening to charge me storage fees for leaving my vehicle in their Service area. I just think Leith Toyota is fraudulently avoiding the engine sludging problem that is being seen on the internet for 1995 and 1997 Avalons. Please help me! Thank you, Larry Bryant

Wendell, NC 27591


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