A Plus General Contracting - A Plus General Contracting, Hackettstown, NJ - $ 7,500 deposit lost - can't get refund - no work performed

Posted on Friday, August 23rd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by dc63cbe5

Company: A Plus General Contracting

Category: Building, Construction

Please examine the following series of events: On May 21, 2002 I entered a contract with Tim Denehan of A PLUS General Contracting. I was seeking to have the front porch of my home remodeled. The agreed upon price for Mr. Denehan's services was $22,000. Mr. Denehan required $7,500.00 deposit before he would begin any work. On May 21, 2002, I gave Mr. Denehan a check for $7,500.00 which was cashed by Mr. Denehan on May 24, 2002. Mr. Denehan and I agreed that the construction would begin by June 28, 2002. As of June 28, 2002 the work had not begun. I continuously placed calls to the office of A Plus General Contracting office. I was constantly given different excuses by his secretary as to why the work had not been started. I was told that the workers were in an accident and some were on vacation.

Finally, a week later I received a call from Mr. Denehan, who stated that he would not be able to begin the work for another three weeks due to some of his workers being out sick. Therefore, we agreed the work would begin during the week of July 15-19. Mr. Denehan told me that he would return my money if he was unable to start work by July 19, 2002. On July 22, 2002, I called Mr. Denehan's office. I left a message requesting that he refund my money. Mr. Denehan returned my call on the afternoon of the 22nd. He used profanity and spoke to me as if I was annoying him or asking him to do me a favor.

He told me that some of his workers were in an accident and the others were on vacation. He also told me that he was having problems obtaining permits from the City of East Orange. He requested that I give him until July 26, 2002. He assured me that he would have the permits by then. Once again Mr. Denehan assured me that if he could not obtain the permits by July 26, 2002 that he would return my money in full. On July 29, 2002. I spoke to Mr. Denehan requesting that he return my $7,500.00. Again, Mr. Denehan became agitated yelling and using profanity. He told me, "I am not giving you your money back. Take me to court- I will beat you in court" On August 1, 2002, I contacted the City of East Orange. I was told that Mr. Denehan did not apply for a permit until July 23, 2002. I was told that the City of East Orange contacted him on July 30, 2002 and advised him that he was denied a permit because of inadequate and missing information. Mr. Denehan has not returned their call or sent the City follow-up information regarding the permits. To date, I have not heard from Mr. Denehan in regards to refunding my money. It has been three months since I gave Mr. Denehan a deposit. It is obvious that Mr. Denehan has no intentions of doing this work or returning my deposit. I am in the process of trying to find another contractor to do the job but I am out of $7,500.00 deposit to start again. As a consumer we are placed in a position that we are not given any protection.

We must give deposits before receiving services and have no way of regaining our money once we have been victimized. The State of N.J. does not require these contractors to have licenses or insurance. These contractors are listed in the Yellow pages. One is left to assume that they are honest and reliable. Although I am have followed as many safety tips as possible I've still been victimized. I hope others do not become victimized as I was.

I also hope that Mr. Denehan is not making his living by scamming innocent citizens who he gains the trust of. I would hate to know this is how he makes his living. I am a hard working individual who works around the clock for the Narcotics Division to support my large family. Any direction , resources or assistance that you can give me with the recovery of my money and not allowing this to happen to anyone else in the future is greatly appreciated. A Plus General Contracting is located at 470 Schooley's Mt. Road, Hackettstown, N.J. 07840 Manager and owner Tim Denehan 201-200-0040/ 973-591-0519/ 908-684-0708

Respectfully Submitted, Titus

Thanks for your time and attention in this matter.


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