Walter E. Smithe - Walter E. Smithe - purchased furniture with Smithe Kote - warranty is only for damaged area and not the entire piece of furniture

Posted on Friday, August 23rd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

Company: Walter E. Smithe

Category: Furniture

We purchased 5000.00 worth of furniture from the company in 1999. At the time we also purchased the Smithe Kote that guarantees against spills on the fabric. They will recover the piece at no charge to you.

What they neglect to tell you is they will ONLY recover the damaged area and NOT the entire piece.

We called after a spill and were concerned that the fabric was turning colors and we'd be voiding the Smithe Kote, because it says to call immediately if it begins to turn white. We did. They set up service for a man to come out and try to clean it.

He arrives squirts something on it and begins scrubbing with the equivalent of a "grill" brush. My husband about goes through the roof because it says do NOT scrub with a brush. Prior to him coming we could have possibly "lived" with the stain if we had known recovering meant ONLY the arm and the BOTTOM of the cushion.

So off our couch goes and when it is returned my husband goes to sit on it and you'd think the frame was going to break it creaked SO loud and the springs also creaked which were supposed to be replaced.....

So we call and are told oh well we do NOT guarantee dye lots and they never called from the factory that it was outside their "acceptable" match. Not to dog men, but is it a man making the decision who lives in an apartment with 2 other men because that is the ONLY way it could be acceptable.

The cushions can NEVER be flipped again because they do not match. We could have thrown a chenille throw over the arm and lived with it but now it is unacceptable.

So they will give us a 40% discount to recover all 3 pieces to the tune of $1200. more. Well I am NOT paying to have a couch recovered that they ruined in the first place. If ONLY we'd taken pictures prior to the cleaning incident.

And the warranty department cannot "really" give me the numbers on the fabric and I should call my original designer who is only in 3 days a week.....who I left a message for saying I am NOT paying to have my couch recovered and if she cannot make the decision than she needs to give me the name of someone higher up the food chain who can, because she never mentioned that the Smithe Kote was up to their discretion and not the customers.

They are NOT customer orientated and if this is not resolved to my liking I will NEVER buy anything there again or recommend them to another person. Unbelievable.


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