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Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by fe9c0dde

Company: Safari Animal Care Center

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I bought a puppy from the Safari Animal Care Center and was told that it was healthy. I took the word of the client rep because she was so nice. Plus she told me the vet inspects all puppies and this one was healthy. When I took my puppy back to that center for the FREE puppy exam a week and a half later, I told the vet I noticed some cracking noises from the back legs, plus the dog had problems jumping, etc.

He said the dog has luxating patellas and not to worry the dog does not seem to to have any problems. He said maybe in the future surgery would be needed. I told him I was told the dog was healthy. He said it is. But it is not from what a second opinion vet said. He said I will give you your money back and I will take the dog back or if in the puppy needs any surgery before it is one he will do it for free.

After that I am on my own. I was already attached to the dog after taking him home. I questioned him about the dog's history and who examined it when they got the dog. He ignored my questions and walked out of the room. He got very defensive and rude with me. I was talking to one of the vet techs and she said a lot of the dogs they get have knee or hip problems, I told her if that is the case they need to dislcose that before the person even thinks of taking that dog home.

The problem I have this this vet is that he should not be selling dogs with problems and not telling the buyer until they bring the dog back in for a puppy exam. By then the person is attached to it. He is just using this free stuff to cover up how he really is.

He does not love animals or even care for them if he is contributing to the production on poorly breed dogs!!! It also bothers me that he travels around the US doing seminars on customer satisfaction and animal care, etc... He is worried about making money and not the well being of animals.


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9ddc419c, 2009-09-24, 11:57PM CDT

I used to work their and they really do inspect the puppies before putting them out to be sold. ya the vet is kind of money hungry so i am not trying to defend him at all. but before we even purchased the puppy from the breeder we would do a complete inspection just so we wouldn't have any type of problems. some dogs/puppies don't start showing signs or start developing problems until later down the road. your puppy did show signs of any problems until a week after. im guessing you got a dauchsund which majority have leg/hip problems. its in the breed.

d30584fb, 2010-08-29, 03:49PM CDT

Most small breed dogs have luxating patellas and it is something they are genetically predisposed to getting, no matter where you get the dog. They recommend repairing these when they get a bit older because the puppy or adult dog can damage the cruciate ligament durring play or jumping, etc. This is something you should have done your research on before buying the breed. It is a very common thing to have. I do not agree with the way the situation was handled on Safari's part but they are known for this. Btw, I do not work at this facility nor do I recommend this facility. I DO, however, work as an veterinary technician in and around the area. Sorry if this is harsh.

ee6275a3, 2013-12-11, 08:41AM CST

Hmm. I am a long time client of Safari. I am outraged at this review. As with humans, animals can have underlying medical issues that do not appear straight out of the birth canal. They mask their symptoms, so again it is hard to "guarantee" an animal will have no issues in his/her life. This comment is very ignorant in my opinion. As for the accusations of "money hungry", I am assuming that stems from the fact that this doctor and his staff believe strongly in preventative tests and diagnosing the illness before treating the symptoms (a common practice among veterinarians due to the flack they get from running tests to properly diagnose a pet...clients wanting to take the "cheap" route.) Here is the truth, you purchased an animal not a lamp. If you were not prepared to take care of it or the medical issues that may arise, you should have purchased the lamp. Perhaps you would have been happier if Safari offered an "extended warranty" with your purchase? Get a grip and if you are so "attached" take care of your new baby, if not, give him/her to someone who won't care the cost to give it a long, healthy, life....and get a lamp....

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