Daewoo - 2000 Daewoo Nubira CDX wagon - broken timing belt - damage to pistons and valves

Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by ebfc6b8c

Product: 2000 Nubira CDX wagon

Company: Daewoo

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

We own a 2000 Daewoo Nubira CDX wagon. We have had problems with the vehicle and Daewoo in general since buying the car new.

Now the car has been off the road for the past three weeks with a broken timing belt and subsequent damage to the pistons and valves. (This does not seem to be an uncommon problem with Daewoos.)

We are being told that it could easily be in excess of two months before our car is back on the road and in the meantime, no replacement car, no reimbursement of tow truck expenses, etc., due to Daewoo filing bankruptcy.

I have spoken to a lawyer who suggested we try to locate other Daewoo owners experiencing similar problems with a view to joining forces in a lawsuit. Anyone with any information or similar problems, please let me know. Lindsey


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2886655a, 2008-01-21, 01:56PM CST

My name is travis bender and i live in sand coulee MT.I have a 2000 Daewoo Nubira my grandmother bought new and gave me last year with 67000 miles on it. 2 weeks ago my car blew the timing belt @ 1100rpm/10mph and now I am trying to figure out what to do. I have heard the valves most always break or bend as the timing belt breaks so $600 worth of valves are in order + the gaskets needed as well as 5-$600 in labor to rebuild the head(2 weeks out) is in order.There are several daewoos in the area that have the same problem but met with the same fate mine would have if I wasn't half-a-mechanic with friends & tools(junkyard). If there is a place for this car as well as others in a class-action lawsuit against Daewoo Corp. for an inferior product count me in!!! As for the timing belt I have a new one and would like feedback on what is the best way to tackle this w/out making myself more work. I'm all in!!!

27c641e6, 2008-04-15, 03:30PM CDT

If you would have performed the regular schduled maint. you would have changed the belt before it broke.

Its your fault nobody but you.

c2197f75, 2008-09-27, 05:28PM CDT

I have this same problem, I have 2000 Daewoo Nubira CDX wagon and it happen recently. I found that it cost me about 2000 dollars to send to the machine shop from daewoo dealer. I was expect for the part to be replacement and it possible to replacement that part of engine. I found out that the owner of car should replacement the timing belt every 72k miles.

2cd1dd21, 2009-06-20, 03:33PM CDT

I had the same problem. I was afraid to post negative news until I sold the car. Timing belt snapped early. Costed $2200. We sold the car after for $1800. OUCH. I checked Craigslist and found many others had the same problems!!!

998e379c, 2009-08-11, 09:51PM CDT


I've had the same problem with the 2000 deawoo nubira, the timing belt snapped and there were some other damages due to that, ive also had a few other problems with this vehicle but this is my only trasportation and my only choice so I have to stick with it. Although many problems I will keep this car due to no other choice,

4a00f18b, 2010-09-13, 12:36PM CDT

simular condition after a vist to the dealer just after they anounced bankrutcy. they repaired a recalll of a sensor it had 35900nmiles at the time had just finished paying off the wagon. shortly after the tension belt pully fell apart. at 36000 miles. i wondered if they had something to do with it.

07b8b2c5, 2010-09-30, 11:38PM CDT

the timeing belt broke on our daewoo at 67000 miles but other than that the car has been sound

Aderounmu S., 2013-03-21, 01:12AM CDT

Can someone help me,I had changed the timing belt of my Daewoo Nubira wagon five times since last two years I brought, and am tired of this, Is there any solution to this. PLEASE I need help, or any body with technical support or advise on this issue of breaking of timing belt.Daewoo cooperation please save your product.

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