AOL - AOL - unable to download software, but charged for service - double billing - poor experiences

Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 385dadfd

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

Hi, My complaint is AOL. 2 times they cheated me. **1st:** I downloaded AOL when I bought my new computer 2-3 years ago, Kept getting error, not completed. and so on . Could never get it to work. I erased it and downloaded from a disc. It worked and in the meantime came up with another screen name I wanted to use, well guess what? AOL charged me twice a month for about a year and dummy me usually just pay my credit card bill without hardly a glance, well I finally seen it after about $200.00 gone down the drain.

I called and ask, why am I being charged twice a month for? They say: you have 2 accounts. I ask: hows that I only have one screen name. They were charging me for the first one I had chosen and the program didn't even work, they never sent an e-mail notice, nothing and I never had but one sign on name. NO REFUNDS, I got 1 lousy free month for that.**2nd.** I have a three year old son, plays on comp.

He was under his screen name one day several months ago and I guess on the kiddie site, AOL pops up one of their windows to add an extra account. Guess what, he pushed it and about that time I re-entered the room. Oh no. I called AOL and told them what happened, kinda laughed about it with the so called worker. Any way, they e-mailed me and said I had a new account, I e-mailed them back and cancelled again. Never thought no more about it.

Here we go again. I have paid close to $200.00 again before noticing them billing twice on my card statement. Called them begged to talk to manager. No, shes busy.......I said did you guys not make a note that I called soon as this happened? No record.

All we can do is give you one free month, I said your kidding right? No, OK 2 free months.. I told her repeatedly, but I called and the woman I talked to said: no problem, we have canceled it, (same day as it was so easily created) e-mailed them also, still I got: We have no record of that. What is wrong with these people?

I am so disgusted with AOL. She said, Ill be sure to cancel the babies account, I told her: Are you sure because that's exactly what the last person said several months ago. AOL I hope you enjoy the money that you took that should be spent on my baby boy. We all need to get a class action law-suit going. Patty


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