Six Flags Enchanted Village Wild Waves Park, Federal Way, WA - dirty conditions, several concerns

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Company: Six Flags Enchanted Village Wild Waves Park, Federal Way, WA - dirty conditions, several concerns

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RE: Six Flags Enchanted Village Wild Waves Park, Federal Way, WA - dirty conditions, several concerns

This is a complaint regarding the park noted above located in Federal Way, Wsahington. My family of 5, 2 adults and kids ages 9, 7 and 5, recently visited your Wild Waves Enchanted Village Park on Sunday, August 18th. We had several areas of concerns and complaints that we would like to address: The first concern, and by far the most important is that of the cleanliness of the park. I do understand that the cleaning of a water park differs from that of other amusement parks, and the labor needed to keep the park clean and sanitary would be much greater. The conditions on the day of our visit were far beyond normal, in our opinions. The smell of mold and mildew on the ramps leading up to the “green” slides was horrible. The floors were black and filthy and looked to have not been cleaned in a long time.

The stairs leading to the Python slide were particularly awful. Black “mold” looking substances were think in the corners. Those stairs could not have been cleaned recently at all as we were there when the park opened and they were in this condition on our first time down the slides. The bathrooms were unspeakable. With the floors being black and thick around the stalls. The smell was awful. The mold and mildew smell was very apparent. We did see a worker in there “cleaning” but she was only replacing the toilet paper rolls. The areas where the tables and umbrellas were set up, was nauseating.

The smell of garbage was staggering. We started creating routes around this area just to avoid it. It seems reasonable to me, to think that these areas would be pressure washed with some sort of “bleach” solution on a daily if not every other day basis. This was certainly not the case. Mold is a huge heath concern to me and I think it should be to the water park as well. The conditions were very unsanitary and the mold and mildew gives me particular concern for my children’s health. The second concern I had for the day was the lack of lifeguards on duty.

My family loved the slides that you ride down on either a double or single tube (the red, yellow, purple or blue slides). After reaching the top of the stairs for the four slides, there was only one lifeguard on duty at the top, to help everyone get down the slides. This concern is not so much that of safety, but of efficiency.

The lines were extremely long and with only one lifeguard up there, to help everyone going down the four slides, people were often waiting several minutes before being told they could go down the slide. The other riders on that slide were well out of the way and out of the water by the time the second rider started


The young man on duty, when we were riding the slide, seemed overwhelmed and stressed out doing this job all by himself. A further note about these slides was the garbage from the lifeguards throughout the day strewn about on the ground overflowing from a ripped plastic garbage bag - very unsightly. The third issue is that of attractions not being open. Upon entrance into the park there was a sign stating those attractions that would not be open for the day. It listed only the “Falling Star” as the ride that would not be open. However, when we went into the park there were three tube water slides directly underneath the speed slides that were never opened. At around 5:00pm I asked a close by lifeguard if they were to be opened that day and she said, “No, not enough lifeguards showed up today!” Well we paid for the use of those slides

and never got to ride them. Fourth, the ride height restrictions were very inconsistent. While riding in the Enchanted Village we encountered several rides that had no rhyme or reason to the height restrictions. One such ride is the bumper cars. A child under 48” was not even allowed to ride with an adult. However, on the Gold Rush Roller Coaster, a ride that goes very fast making very sharp turns, a child 42” or taller is allowed to ride. I did not allow my child, who is 44” to ride that ride for safety reasons.

However, as I did ride the Bumper Cars, I would have certainly allowed him to ride with me on that attraction. Again, on the very secure “Hangliding” ride where you lay flat on your stomach and go relatively slowly in a circular pattern, you have to be 48” in height, yet over at the swings which go fairly fast you only have to be 42” in height. This is very inconsistent and leads to a lot of frustration on the part of the parent and the child. Fifth, the situation of rental tubes, if you want to pay extra, is ridiculous. The idea that I have to pay $11.00 ($3.00 of which is refundable) to get a tube to ride a ride in a park that I have already paid admission to, seems ludicrous. We of course chose not to purchase the tube rental as with five of us, we would have

incurred an extra $40.00 cost, and in turn waited in extremely long lines for the limited green tubes to ride the slides.

It seems to me that in all fairness, to the families who have already paid the high price of admission, that more green tubes should be made available and that the “tube rental” situation should be done away with. The lines for the Konga River were so long, waiting for tubes to become available, that some people waited in line for over an hour. We of course did not wait in the line and therefore never got to ride the “river ride”. Sixth, the Hook’s Lagoon area is promoted as an area for smaller children to enjoy. However, when a couple that visited the park with us, took their child, 41” in height to the area, he went down a water slide and into the water below that was over his head. As the lifeguard at the top did not say anything to the parent or tell her of any height restrictions in this area, she of course assumed it was safe to send him ahead of her. So he did go first, and when arriving at the bottom was unable to touch and a lifeguard had to assist him out of the water. It was a horrible situation for the parent who followed behind. Lisa Eells

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you know it is very hard to take care a park. are u the park and water police

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