1-800 Flowers - 1-800 Flowers / Travel Values Plus - upset with purchase experience - unauthorized charge

Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 8ced98a9

Company: 1-800 Flowers

Category: Stores, Shopping

I would advise you to immediately contact legal counsel concerning charges to credit card information obtained from a partner's site without the authorization of the cardholder. it is illegal to do so. I purchased flowers from 1800flowers.com. i was offered a coupon for $10 in return for allowing 1800flowers.com to transfer my information to you. your illegal action results from the fact that you did NOT divulge that you would charge my credit card as a condition of providing the coupon. in a post-agreement notice, you state that i AUTHORIZED your site to charge my credit card. this is a patent falsehood. nowhere do you indicate that this is a requirement for the coupon until after one has "clicked" on the corresponding button. I authorized 1800flowers.com to charge flowers to my credit card. the only thing i authorized you was to have 1800flowers TRANSFER my information. in addition, pursuant to your agreement attached herein below, the transfer is for processing of the coupon, not for processing of a payment to your company. i NEVER authorized you to charge my credit card. your post-agreement terms state that you will AUTOMATICALLY charge my credit card unless you receive negative feedback from me. this is illegal. the fact that you will not process the charge for 3 months and only if you do not receive feedback from me stating that i am not "100% satisfied," does not change the result: this action is refered to as slamming and is completely illegal. i have copied 1800flowers on this message and will cease immediately to do business with that company. i will also provide information to the authorities on your business practices and that of 1800flowers.com. to this effect, i have copied the investigations department of the federal communications commission and the arizona attorney general's office. i also filed a formal complaint with the ftc, consumer protection agency, fbi nw3c and government internet fraud complaint center. i am also planning on contacting media, messageboards and any other means at my disposal to alert non-suspecting customers of your underhanded business practices. finally, you may NOT use my credit card or any other information you received from 1800flowers.com for any purpose whatsoever. rest assured that i will take immediate action if you do! remove me immediately from all your mailing lists. very sincerely, john m. wilson

attorney at law

national law center


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