1998 Mazda Protege - Don Kemp Ford Lincoln Mercury, Orillia, Canada - upset with service

Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 4e88f577

Company: 1998 Mazda Protege - Don Kemp Ford Lincoln Mercury, Orillia, Canada - upset with service

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RE: 1998 Mazda Protege - Don Kemp Ford Lincoln Mercury, Orillia, Canada - upset with service

My wife purchased a used 1998 Mazda Protege from Don Kemp Ford Lincoln Mercury a Ford dealer in Orillia. I know that the dealers are independantly owned but this issue is very disturbing. We purchased the car in April, but prior to that my wife told the sales rep about her concern of the brakes, how it seemed the car would keep going even after her foot was to the floor.

Knowing that both my five year old daughter and my wife would be in the car, I told them to look at the brakes, and we would pay extra to have them fixed. They told us the mechanics had looked at the brakes, and could find nothing wrong with them.

About one (1) month later we brough the car back and told the sales rep that the brakes were still not working right, that my wife had almost ended up in the ditch, because the car kept going after she had braked. They took the car out into their small parking lot, tested it and told us they didn't find any problems, even though we felt there was something wrong, but it fell on deaf ears .

This week, Monday, my wife took the car to a service station to have the oil changed and to check the brakes. It turns out there was a problem. When we pushed the brake pedal the car would slow but continued to roll. We were told that the brakes had never been serviced , that we had 40% in front and 50% in the back but the problem was that the sliders were rusted and the calipers were not gripping to the rotors so the car would not stop properly.

My wife asked if the wear on the calipers could have happened in the four (4) months since she'd had the car. Considering she'd only travelled 2500 kms. in the four months, the mechanic thought not.

We called the dealer and argued with the sells rep telling him what the mechanics had told us. He didn't seem to understand what I told him, arguing with me and when I said I would bring the car down to show him the difference in braking since the repair, and take a strip off him, he told me that I was a xxx and he would punch my face in if I did come down, and then hung up on me.

Again, when I purchased the car I told him to make sure the brakes were not just o.k. but in good working order, and if not to please fix them and I would pay extra.

What kind of people does Ford have representing their company. I may have uesd fowl language, but it was out of frustration and certainly not to the point of having the sales rep threaten me by punching me in the face . Safety is important to me and to the people around me .

Is customer service job one? I don't think so! Now I have a bill of $382.00 for a brake job that John Kemp Ford assured me and my wife didn't need to be done. If the job had been done correctly the first time I wouldn't be sitting here making this complaint, but these people didn't care and it appears Ford only cares about selling cars. Remember, it's customers that pay their wages!

Besides wanting reimbursement for a brake job that should have been done before my wife picked up the keys to her new car (but that would have been money out of the dealerships pocket), I also expect an apology from the sales rep. His handling of this situation was totally uncalled for! Aime Lesperance


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